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Pharma Phail: AntAcid drugs causing Stomach ‘Flu’?

12 January 2017 (11:25 UTC-07 Tango 06) 23 Dey 1395/13 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1438/15 Ji Chou 4714

“We found that taking PPIs increased the risk of hospitalization with infectious gastroenteritis by up to 70 percent because they significantly reduce the amount of acid made by stomach, which increases risk of infectious gastro…..   The elderly and those with chronic bowel problems are most at risk.”- Yingxi Chen, researcher

“They’re getting away with murder! Pharma. Pharma has a lot of lobbies, a lot of lobbyists and a lot of power.”-Donald Trump, President Elect United States, 11 January 2017

A suppressed study by Australian National University (ANU) concluded that pharmaceutical industry antacid (heartburn) drugs actually weaken your digestive system to the point you get sick with stomach ‘flu’ (gastroenteritis).

The anti-acids are also known as Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), they shutdown your stomach’s acid production, but the study found that your stomach acid was key to preventing you from getting sick to your stomach with infections.

The study was prompted by an increase in the Aussie working class missing more and more days of work due to stomach infections; now at 13-million ‘lost’ work days per year.  At least 20-million PPI prescriptions are issued every year in Australia!

Here’s the rub: The study was released in October of 2016, but only now is being reported by the main stream news media (which gets most of its advertising revenues from the pharma industry).

Conclusion. PPI use is associated with an increased risk of infectious gastroenteritis hospitalization with increasing risks among increasing doses. Clinicians should be aware of this potential association when considering PPI therapy, and use the lowest effective dose for patients with appropriate indications.”-Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors and the Risk of Hospitalization for Infectious Gastroenteritis,

There’s more reasons why Donald Trump said the pharma industry is “getting away with murder”, as this stomach infection study is not the only PPI study being suppressed by the pharma industry:


DrugWatch: PPI Heartburn Drugs May Increase Stroke Risk

Consumer Reports: “…people who regularly take these stomach soothers for extended periods face serious harms, including an increased risk of heart attack and dementia.”

Medscape: “The long-term consequences of chronic PPI use include the potential increased risk of hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia, Clostridium difficile infections, and pneumonia.”

Norovirus / Gastroenteritis: More deaths! Military veterans hit! U.S. judge says ‘stop blaming cruise ship passengers’! Scientist who discovered virus dies!

10 March 2014 (21:52 UTC-07 Tango 09 March 2014)/08 Jumada l-Ula 1435/19 Esfand 1392/10 Ding-Mao 4712

Australia:  In Victoria State, people are being warned of rising  gastroenteritis cases.  The majority are being blamed on eggs contaminated with salmonella.  In the past 20 years salmonella cases have increased 80% in the Land Down Under!  Campylobactera is up 20%.  Overall food related gastroenteritis cases up 75% from 2001 to 2011!  So much for advanced health care and food production systems.

Canada: In Nanaimo, British Columbia, reports that one hospital and at least six old folks homes hit with norovirus.  In Burlington, Ontario, a retirement home hit with norovirus.  Six people died, but officials don’t think norovirus was the direct cause: “The deaths were reported. We don’t have the cause of death. They all had underlying illnesses.”-Dimitra Kasimos, Halton Region Health Department

European Union:  A study confirms what I reported more than a  year ago; frozen strawberries contained norovirus!  Those strawberries came from China and hit Germany hard in the gut.  Read the Eurosurveillance report here.  In United Kingdom, P&O’s Oriana cruise ship is reported to have suffered a norovirus outbreak.  At least 57 passengers sick. Wards at three hospitals in Gloucestershire have been closed to visitors. These are the second outbreaks in the past month for two of those hospitals.  In Spain, health officials are calling for mass vaccinations against some of the causes of gastroenteritis.  This comes as Finnish scientist warn of rotavirus outbreaks.  There is no vaccine for norovirus.

Guyana: The people of Barima-Waini continue to deal with outbreaks of gastroenteritis.  It’s being blamed on the E coli bacteria.

Pakistan: Army health workers have reached the village of Mithi in Tharparkar District.  A long drought is being blamed on cases of gastroenteritis in the children.  Unfortunately 137 people have died in Tharparkar District, mostly children.

Florida U.S.A.:  The Department of Health Lee County reporting a nursing home hit by norovirus.  59 cases, the first for the county this year.

Georgia U.S.A.: 110 students sick at Cartersville High School.  Cartersville Elementary School also seeing increased student absences.

Massachusetts U.S.A.:  Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital officials reveal they’ve been dealing with a gastrointestinal outbreak for the past six days! At least 22 patients and three employees sick.

Minnesota U.S.A.:  130 kids sick over a three day period at Glyndon-Felton Elementary.  Other schools in the district reported absences as well.

Missouri U.S.A.: Half the Saint Charles Chill hockey team out sick, after eating at a charity event.

Nebraska U.S.A.:  The Department of Health and Human Services reports widespread cases of tummy bug.  Health officials are suggesting people go on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast).

New Jersey U.S.A.:  Princeton University reports an outbreak of gastroenteritis.  So far 65 students sick.

New York U.S.A.: A state supreme court judge, Thomas A. Dickerson, has written a long critic of hotels, cruise ships and other locations that see increased infections.  He concludes that the customers/passengers can not be blamed for the outbreaks, but cleaning standards by service industries are too lax. He cites many reports.

North Carolina U.S.A.:  143 students at Isaac Dickson Elementary School out sick, for at least two days!  Other schools in the district are on alert.  Mecklenburg County reports that at least six long term care facilities have been hit with outbreaks.

Ohio U.S.A.: The Hamilton County Public Health Department reports at least 62 people sick at a long term care facility.  Two people hospitalized.

Oregon U.S.A.: 125 veterans and 25 VA employees sick at the White City Veterans Affairs rehab center.  Police were called in to warn people as they entered the facility.

Texas U.S.A.: The Austin-Travis County Health and Human Services Department reports at least 12 outbreaks at long term care facilities.  The Bell County Health District reports increased ER visits due to norovirus, and at least three outbreaks at long term facilities.

Albert Z. Kapikian, the National Institutes of Health virologist who discovered norovirus in 1972, died on 24 February 2014.

Norovirus, Gastroenteritis: Idaho college shuts down! Nursing homes hit hard! Desperate cruise ships drop their prices! Restaurant gets hit twice in two weeks! Oregano is the cure?

19 February 2014 (19:51 UTC-07 Tango 18 February 2014)/18 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1435/30 Bahman 1392/20 Bing-Yin (1st month) 4712

Canada: In Ontario, the Brucelea Haven long term care home was hit with a gastroenteritis outbreak.  At least 144 people sick.  Officials say things are now “under control”.  The Sudbury District Health Unit reporting incrased outbreaks in daycare centers.

China: In Hong Kong, a confirmed norovirus outbreak reported on Lantau Island.  At least 27 people sick.  In Henan, a giant panda died of unknown gastroenteritis, at the Zhengzhou Zoo.  The public is suspicious because zoo officials originally denied the panda had died, saying she had been sent to mate.  People are demanding an investigation.

India: In the state of Orissa, three infants have died, and more than 50 children sick from an unknown gastroenteritis outbreak.  Health officials believe the water supply for two villages is the source.  The UN’s World Health organization reports that in 2008, 98-thousand children died from gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus.

European Union: In Spain, health officials are warning of increased gastroenteritis outbreaks. Hospitals are averaging two cases per day.  Officials are blaming climate change for causing food to degrade faster than normal.  They are advising people to avoid street food vendors.  In United Kingdom, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust closed the Alexandra Hospital to visitation due to norovirus outbreak.  Visitation is also restricted at the Worcestershire Royal and Kidderminster Treatment Centre.  New Cross Hospital restricting visitation due to an outbreaks in the women’s respiratory medical ward, the general medical ward and in the cardiology ward.  The Arrowe Park Hospital closed for new admissions. Stafford Hospital restricted visitation to their trauma and orthopaedic wards.

New Zealand: Public Health investigating an outbreak at the Waimea College.  At least 30 employees sick. The cause of the gastroenteritis is not known.

United States of America: Royal Caribbean has reportedly dropped their prices for Bahamas cruises to $32 USD per night.  This is due to crashing sales caused by repeated gastroenteritis outbreaks.

California, U.S.A.: In Santa Barbara, a nursing home dealing with an outbreak.  It was not made public, I found out because I have relatives in the nursing home.

Idaho, U.S.A.: In Ada County, the College of Western Idaho shutdown!  Their Black Eagle Business Park campus was actually evacuated!  In Kootenai County, 90 people got sick and one was hospitalized after outbreaks hit two nursing homes.

Michigan, U.S.A.: For some reason officials with the Rochester Community Schools tried to keep quite an outbreak at the Long Meadow Elementary school.

Nebraska, U.S.A.: Department of Health and Human Services revealing that dozens of nursing/assisted living homes are dealing with outbreaks.  DHHS officials suspect it’s being spread by visitors to the nursing homes.  (they don’t really know how it gets around, folks)

New York, U.S.A.: For the first time in 145 years, the Mohonk Mountain House shutdown due to confirmed norovirus outbreak.  At least 200 hotel customers and employees got sick.  Some customers are now suing.

Oregon, U.S.A.: In Bend, a gastroenteritis outbreak at the evil Deschutes County Jail.  At least 28 prisoners sick.

Texas, U.S.A.: In Sherman, the owners of a Mexican food restaurant say they voluntarily shutdown after six employees got sick.  However, the Grayson County Health Department says they are investigating reports that 40 people got sick after eating at the restaurant.

Washington, U.S.A.: In Seattle, a nursing home reporting an outbreak.  48 people got sick, and some were sent to the hospital.  This is the second time the nursing home was hit with a gastroenteritis outbreak.  In Bellingham, an Applebee’s restaurant was shutdown due to an outbreak.  The Whatcom County Health Department reported at least 56 customer complaints. This is the second outbreak at the same restaurant.  The first outbreak involved 15 employees back on 06-07 February.

The Journal of Applied Microbiology published a study by University of Arizona researchers, which says oils from the oregano herb (called carvacrol) can break down the outer layers of norovirus.

The first norovirus case occurred in 1968 in Norwalk, Ohio U.S.A. This is why it is sometimes called the Norwalk virus. However, the 1968 outbreak was not confirmed until 1972, when researchers were finally able to identify the virus. Ever since then, year after year, there are more and more cases, and stronger and stronger versions of the virus.

The U.S. CDC says norovirus accounts for as many as 800 deaths in the United States, every year.

Norovirus (aka Norwalk Virus), is a surface contact bug, meaning you pick it up by touching or eating it.  It is not influenza and there is still no vaccine for fast evolving RNA norovirus.  The only ‘treatment’ is to keep the sick person hydrated.

Exotic anti-biotic soaps can’t kill norovirus, or any other virus for that matter, because anti-biotics are only for bacteria.  Despite that, even hand ‘sanitizers’ made with alcohol can’t totally get rid of norovirus.   Guess what apparently works?  According to the U.S. CDC old fashioned hand soap is best.  Consumer Reports says to leave the soap on your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.  Also, in public restrooms use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and to open the door, do not touch surfaces with your bare hands after washing them.

Wash household surfaces with bleach.

The worse thing is that you can be infected and not have any symptoms.  An infected person can spread norovirus, yet not feel sick themselves. If you think you might be infected do not cook food for other people. People recovering from traditional symptoms of norovirus can continue spreading the bug for days after feeling better (some reports say weeks).