Housing Start Numbers BS say Contractors

According to a CNN report, despite housing construction start numbers being up, contractors says actual construction is flat.

The official Federal government housing start numbers only indicate the number of construction permits approved by local governments.  Contractors say that banks are refusing to finance most new construction.

“Remember a couple of weeks ago when they came […] Continue Reading…

French Strikers Kickin’ Ass, viva Nouvelle Révolution Française!

French strikes continue, should we dare call it Nouvelle Révolution Française?  Even French high school students are going head to head with riot police!  Today, the students have blockaded schools and set fire to cars.  Strikes actually started more than a month ago, and have only gotten bigger, viva les Français!

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Citi Makes Billions in Profits, Says Forclosure Process “Sound”.

Citigroup, one of the big banks involved in home foreclosures,  is reporting a $2.2 billion profit for the 3rd quarter.

In a Wall Street Journal article, Citigroup officials continue to claim they have done nothing wrong in the country’s foreclosure fiasco, and therefore will not stop seizing homes.   However, in a recent Bloomberg article, it […] Continue Reading…

Millions of French Continue Strike Against Government. Wake Up America!

For the forth day millions of French people are continuing a country wide strike against their own government.  Why?  Because their government wants to raise the retirement age from 60, to 62.

Millions of French workers striking over a two year increase in retirement, while Americans continue to take it in the rear with […] Continue Reading…

Idaho Higher Education a Must by 2018. Political Candidates Fail to Help Idaho Students

According to a Georgetown University study, Idaho will see an 61% increase in jobs requiring some level of higher education, by 2018.  Last night, during the Idaho gubernatorial debates, all three candidates, Gov. C. L. “Butch” Otter, Keith Allred and Jana Kemp, failed to explain how they would help Idahoans with college.

The candidates seemed […] Continue Reading…

Hoku Turning to China to Help Finish Pocatello Plant

13 October 2010

Hoku Corporation has taken on several millions of dollars in loans, from Chinese banks, in order to finish construction of their Pocatello, Idaho, polysilicon plant.   That’s according to information on Hoku’s website.

Also, Hoku has amended its construction contract with JH Kelly.  A result of delays due to Hoku having difficulty with funding […] Continue Reading…

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