“America’s most messed-up state”: U.S. government shenanigans, June 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for June 2017:

Alabama:  Taxpayers in the city of Oxford could become the new owners of the vacant Sears store in the Quintard Mall.  It was revealed that the Oxford city council already approved the purchase of the dead Sears, and then in anticipation of competition passed a new law restricting the number of yard sales cash strapped taxpaying residents can have (and requiring a yard sale permit)!

California:  In La Mesa, the Sun Valley Golf Course in the taxpayer owned MacArthur Park shutting down due to losing money since 2011, the city plans to revert the golf course to park space with jogging trails.  Riverside County laying off 32 people due to crashing code enforcement revenues.  The county lost a code enforcement contract with the city of Perris, which accounted for $1-million of the $3-million USD drop in collections of fines.  What this proves is that local governments rely heavily on having police write you a ticket!  Please note that some synonyms to the word ‘enforcement’ are ‘intimidation’ and ‘coercion’, meaning the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.  When the ‘Mafia’ does it its called ‘extortion’ and is considered a crime.

Georgia: Georgia Power announced it will shutdown all remaining 27 offices by the end of the year.  Tax-sucker General Dynamics shutting down operations at the Land War Net School in Fort Gordon, 122 jobs lost due to loss of contract!

Illinois:  Associated Press reporting that Sears Holdings will eliminate 4-hundred corporate level jobs!  Lampert’s goons swear these are not new job cuts, but cuts planned for last year.  Local news media reminded local taxpayers about the massive 2011 tax break deal ‘lawmakers’ gave Sears Holdings in order to prevent layoffs. CNN-Money declared Illinois to be “America’s most messed-up state”.

Minnesota:  Taxpayers in Minneapolis are about to become the new owners of an active Kmart location, but it’s more complicated than you think.  After several years and $8-million tax dollars already spent on the Nicollet Avenue South at Lake Street project the city has decided that the only way they can create a true intersection is to force Kmart to move, and the only way they can do that is to buy the property the Kmart sits on.  At this point nobody knows where the Kmart would move to (don’t be surprised if it’s shutdown).

New Jersey: The local economy is so bad that politicians want to legalize gambling on sports, and the federal Supreme Court is willing to pass judgement.  However, the biggest opponent to sports betting is organized sports.

New York:   Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority canceled its contract with Command Security, 34 jobs suddenly lost. American Racing and Entertainment shutting down its Vernon Downs due to lack of state level tax relief for the supposedly money losing casino: “We are hopeful that at the end of the day the Assembly will join the Senate in passing legislation that will help Vernon Downs keep its doors open. However, every day that we remain open, we simply lose more money and are forced to begin the process of closing Vernon Downs…  …we employ hundreds of local workers, we provide millions of dollars in taxes to the local community….”

North Carolina: 58 years old North Merck Volunteer Rescue Squad suddenly shutdown due to lack of taxpayer funding.  Tax collections are so low that ‘elected’ officials had to decide between the Rescue Squad or the Fire Department.

Ohio:  Sears finally shutting down its Westland Mall location, Columbus news media reported that the Westland Mall officially died in 2012 and that Sears was holding up redevelopment plans, revealing that by doing so Sears Holdings was forcing the mall owner to payout an estimated $400-thousand USD per year in property taxes on a vacant mall.  

Oregon: SureID updated its mass layoff WARN saying as many as 297 people will lose their jobs due to the company losing a tax-sucking U.S. Navy contract!

Pennsylvania: Prison contractor Aramark Correctional Services eliminated 127 jobs due to loss of contract with the city of Philadelphia!

Puerto Rico:  Residents of the U.S. territory voted to become the 51st State of the Union (97% in favor), although voter turnout was reported to be very low (only 23% of voters voted).  The bad local economy is a primary motivator for statehood: “I voted for statehood. Even if it’s still a long way off in the distance, it’s our only hope.”-Armando Abreu

Virginia:  In Norfolk, local news media reported that the British empire based U.S. tax-sucker BAE Systems layoffs killed more than the 3-hundred jobs officially reported, when you total the number of sub-contractor layoffs caused by BAE it’s actually about 1-thousand people who lost their jobs! 

Washington DC: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to get rid of 1-thousand-2-hundred employees by September!

Wisconsin:  Local taxpayers forced to spend money on the now vacant Sears Auto Center in Brookfield.  The Brookfield Common Council wants to spend $76-thousand-664-USD to find out if it’s worth it to build a conference center and hotel on the property

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification


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