History of Lies about Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plants TEPCO GE

There are several stories on the internet which show that TEPCO, operator of the Fukushima nuclear plants, and business partner of General Electric (who built most of the plants), has a long history of covering up mismanagement, accidents, and disasters.

GE’s close relationship with TEPCO, and the fact that GE has been involved with many of Japan’s nuclear plants, might be the real reason why U.S. officials are so quick to “help”.

Articles reporting TEPCO’s lies go back to 2002.  In fact it was a General Electric employee that revealed to the Japanese government, in 2002, that TEPCO was bullshitting them. But why has the Japanese government put up with it?  Could it have something to do with the connection to big and powerful GE?

Most of the cover ups involved earthquake safety violations. It is now clear that TEPCO never stopped that shady behavior.  In fact, in one case TEPCO was ordered to post on their website a list of “..Cases of Misconduct”.  (I wasn’t able to find it, but there is a disclaimer on the English site that says it doesn’t have everything that’s on the Japanese site)

The unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan, probably due to shady corporate operators, has French officials ordering immediate inspections of all nuclear plants in France.   Germany’ Angela Merkel, who’s political party is pro-nuclear power, is now going fourth with closing down nuclear plants in Germany.

The lesson here, as always, is that you can not trust corporate authorities, you can not trust government authorities who might be in the pockets of those corporate authorities.