East Idaho Wildfires 2012: More new fires on 11 July, fire near nuke reactor, Craters of the Moon

11 July 2012, yesterday’s Cox’s Well Fire, near Springfield (east of Craters of the Moon National Monument), is supposedly 100% contained, although the EIIFC website is still showing 70% containment. Lightning is blamed.

But now several other fires have sprung up, because of lightning. Reports said there was a fire southwest of Atomic City, and a fire near the EBR-1 nuclear reactor.

EBR-1, ancient nuclear reactor in the middle of nowhere eastern Idaho. Near Midway Fire, which started on 10 July.

New fires reported on 11 July, by the Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center (EIIFC), are;

Old Grade Fire: Near Arco, they expect to have it controlled by 20:00 hours.

Butte City #2 Fire: 186 acres, no estimate on containment.

Cedar Butte WSA Fire: 1,200 acres, no estimate on containment.

Knox Canyon Fire: 600 acres, no further info.

Smoke from Knox Canyon Fire. Pic taken about 8 miles south of Arimo, on the north side of the Malad Pass, facing west.

Rooster Rock Fire: Southwest of Pocatello, 2,500 acres, extra fire fighting help has been called in.

Power County Assist #2 Fire: Power County Fire Department on scene.

Massacre Fire: Southwest of American Falls, 475 acres, 3 buildings destroyed, now contained.

Air Tractor fire fighter takes off from Pocatello Airport, as Skycrane undergoes maintenance after a busy day, 11 July 2012.

There are still fires burning from days ago;

Midway Fire: Southeast of Experimental Breeder Reactor-1 (EBR-1). 5,000 acres, no estimation on containment.  Began 10 July.

Box Canyon Fire: 380 acres, 50% containment, northwest of EBR-1. Started 09 July.