Libyan embassy in Japan raises Rebel flag, Rebel flag clue that monarchy could return to Libya

The Libyan embassy in Japan has replaced the all green flag with the flag of the rebels.  Japanese media say the embassy staff reported that the government of Libya had changed.

The flag of the rebels is also the old flag of the Kingdom of Libya, which lasted from 1951-969.  The Kingdom of Libya fell because the king was so greedy that most of the oil wealth went to him (as well as European countries) while many Libyan’s suffered.  Some accounts show that Libyan’s suffered more under the king, than under Gaddafi.

During the time of the Kingdom, the United Kingdom was the main developer and controller of Libya’s oil.  The United Kingdom is currently one of the NATO members bombing the crap out of Libya.

The United States also maintained a huge air base, called Wheeler Air Base, in the Kingdom of Libya.

The rebel’s use of the flag of the old Kingdom of Libya suggests that this is just an attempt by Europe and the United States to regain control in North Africa.  After all, even the U.S. Marine Corps hymn mentions attacking Tripoli in the past.