“the reality of our industry’s economics: flat or declining government reimbursement rates coupled with rising costs.”: ObamaCare ACA death spiral, December 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in December 2017:

Israel based drugs pusher Teva Pharmaceuticals confirmed leaked reports that 14-thousand of its employees, including thousands in the U.S., are about to be laid off.  Investors loved the news and drove up Teva stock prices.

More proof ‘Mericans are druggies; opioid related hospital deaths quadrupled from 1993 to 2014: “Mortality among opioid-driven hospitalizations increased from 0.43 percent before 2000 to 2.02 percent in 2014, an average increase of 0.12 percentage points per year relative to the mortality of hospitalizations due to other drugs—which was unchanged.”

California: Medical device maker AMF Support Surfaces issued a shutdown WARN for its Riverside ops, 72 jobs gone by September 2018.  PharMerica forced to shutdown operations across The Golden State, more than 2-hundred jobs gone the day before Xmas due to PharMerica being taken over by KKR and Walgreens!  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Loma Linda University Medical Center from shutting down, 94 jobs gone by the end of February 2018.  Boston Scientific issued a mass layoff WARN for its Valencia operations, 289 jobs gone by the end of February 2018!  Strategic Medical Ventures eliminated 110 jobs right after Xmas!  Delta Dental laying off 51 people in Rancho Cordova, by the end of January 2018, no reason given according to local news media. More layoffs with Molina Healthcare, this time 60 people in Long Beach suddenly let go.  Newark based drugs pusher Depomed eliminating 328 jobs as it outsources pain killer meds production to a Massachusetts based drugs pusher, as well as move its HQ to another state in 2018!  The city of Los Angeles investigating Avanir Pharmaceuticals for possible violations of federal and state drugs marketing laws. In San Diego, Dart NeuroScience shutting down, 265 jobs gone by February 2018!  It turns out that Dart NeuroScience was being funded by the owner, who could no longer afford to do so.  Scripps Health warned of massive layoffs in 2018, saying “We’ve got to shift our organizational structures around to be able to deal with the new world of health care delivery, find ways of lowering our costs significantly. If we don’t, we will not be able to compete.”  After only three years the Coarsegold and Prather Medical Clinics suddenly shutdown for economic reasons, a pissed-off patient said “I was so shocked, saddened, but mostly mad, when I heard the news of the closure of Coarsegold Medical Clinic Monday morning. I was told by a staff member that they received their ‘closure’ letters Monday morning when they got to work. The sudden closure provides patients with a very short number of days to find a new provider, and what happens to our medical records? Two clinic closures a year apart will force more retired folks to have to move away or put way too many of us onto an already heavily trafficked Highway 41. We sure didn’t move all the way up here 20 years ago to be in this situation. This community deserves better medical facilities than we have now. We used to have an 24 hour urgent care center, we used to have a decent medical clinic.”

Connecticut: Towne Park at Yale-New Haven Hospital issued a mass layoff WARN, 195 jobs gone by the end of February 2018!

Florida:  Family Preservation Services eliminating 249 jobs statewide by February 2018! 

Idaho: Your Health Idaho reports a 10% drop in ObamaCare-ACA enrollments for 2018, compared to 2017, despite an extended sign-up timeline and federal taxpayer subsidies.  In eastern Idaho, 15 doctors are taking a chance and building their own clinics in two locations, accusing the current healthcare system of failing the local population.   Healthcare is still so bad in Idaho prisons that one prisoner had to almost kill himself to get treatment for a flesh eating infection. He’s still alive but his leg was amputated. 

Illinois: Meda Pharmaceuticals issued a shutdown WARN for its operations in Decatur, 80 jobs gone by June 2018 due to consolidations.  South Shore Hospital slashed pay by 10% for the majority of workers, and warned of massive layoffs due to $6-million USD in unpaid Medicaid bills going back to the implementation of ObamaCare-ACA!  Xanitos/AMITA Medical Hospital eliminating 133 jobs by March 2018, due to loss of contracts!  Cigna HealthSpring eliminating 75 Chicago jobs in January 2018.

Iowa: Easterseals laid off 31 people in Des Moines. Healthcare manager Telligen laid off 28 people in West Des Moines.

Massachusetts: The state of RomneyCare is now admitting that by pushing everybody onto healthcare insurance it’s actually costing people more money, not less!  In response to this revelation the exalted lawmakers are pushing a bill that would require drug sellers to tell customers that it would be cheaper to pay with cash than with insurance!   Kindred Living shutting down its Needham nursing home location by March 2018, affecting hundreds of patients and hundreds of employees according to local  news media!

Minnesota: Non-profit, taxpayer owned Winona Health suddenly laid off 17 people, and shutdown 25 vacant positions, and will not fill future vacancies created by retirements.

Missouri: Kindred Healthcare shutting down its Kansas City hospital, 115 jobs gone in January 2018!

Montana: Due to crashing state tax revenues the state Department of Health canceled contracts with four non-profits which help disabled people, affecting 2-thousand-7-hundred Montanans.

New Jersey:  Virtua suddenly laid off 50 people, saying “The healthcare industry is in the midst of significant transformation, both regionally and across the country. Uncertainty resulting from ongoing changes will continue to have a significant impact on health care institutions.”  Fidelity Care eliminating 147 jobs in February 2018! The Medicines Company eliminating 18 jobs in February 2018.

New York: Maimonides Medical Center eliminating 2-hundred jobs due to “the reality of our industry’s economics: flat or declining government reimbursement rates coupled with rising costs.”  Care Connect Insurance issued a shutdown WARN for East Hills, at least 42 jobs gone starting in January 2018.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care & Rehabilitation-Langone Health from issuing a shutdown WARN, 286 nursing home jobs gone by June 2018!  Drugs maker Pfizer issued a shutdown WARN for its Rouses Point operation.

Oklahoma: The state Department of Health suddenly laid off 37 people, plus an additional 161 jobs being eliminated by March 2018, claiming the taxpayer funded jobs are redundant!

Oregon: Non-profit FamilyCare Health issued a WARN saying 322 employees will become unemployed by the end of January 2018, blaming lack of payments by Oregon Health Plan-Medicaid!

Pennsylvania: Middletown Community Health Center shutting down in February 2018. The Puerto Rico based owner of nursing home Village of Laurel Run now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, undisclosed number of employees suddenly laid off,  some employees haven’t been paid for weeks, more than $2-million USD in rent hasn’t been paid!  Six months of unanticipated revenue losses are being blamed on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements being put on hold.

South Carolina: Drugs pusher Merck shutting down its Charlotte location, at least 50 jobs gone by June 2018.

Texas:  East Houston Regional Medical Center shutdown due to damage by Hurricane Harvey.  Dallas based Tenet Healthcare eliminating 1-thousand-3-hundred jobs across several states, in 2018! Tenet reported it lost $366-million USD in its 3rd quarter of 2017.  Aperion Biologics now chapter 7 bankrupt dead.

Washington: Bio-tech drugs pusher PhaseRX bankrupt busted only 19 months after its $18.5-million USD Initial Public Offering.   The bankruptcy is blamed on massive debt financing (like issuing stocks?).

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral November 2017: “SEVERAL SYSTEM AND CONTROL FAILURES”