“several system and control failures”: ObamaCare ACA Death Spiral, November 2017

Incomplete list of healthcare related layoffs and shutdowns, announced in November 2017:

Employees with Israel based drugs pusher Teva Pharmaceuticals reporting that ‘thousands’ of its U.S. employees are about to be laid off, Teva administrators refused to answer questions from the news media.

Israel based, but U.S. stock market listed, Protalix BioTherapeutics eliminating 50 jobs due to decreasing Israeli taxpayer funding.

Internet based WebMD laid off about 170 people after being taken over by vulture capitalist KKR-Internet Brands!

Arizona: Insurance company United Healthcare eliminating 381 military Tricare jobs after Xmas, due to expired taxpayer funded contract!

Arkansas: Drugs maker Cantrell Drug Company now chapter 11 bankrupt busted, blaming government regulations.

California:  Pacific Alliance Medical Center issued a shutdown WARN for Los Angeles, 685 jobs gone a week before Xmas!  Medicare-Medicaid manager SynerMed eliminating 626 jobs in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, in January 2018, possibly due to “several system and control failures within medical management and other departments.”!  Avanir Pharmaceuticals issued a layoff WARN, 73 jobs gone by mid-January 2018.  Actelion Pharmaceuticals issued a layoff WARN, 34 jobs gone by the end of February 2018.  Less than a month after shutting down, ‘crisis consultants’ are working to bring Tulare Regional Medical Center back from the dead, starting with job application/interviews at the end of November.  Amgen eliminating 121 drug research jobs after Xmas, in the name of “efficiency” Genentech eliminating 128 drug making jobs after Xmas, blaming increased competition!  It was revealed that Orchard Hospital suddenly laid off an undisclosed number of employees at the end of October, due to lack of money.  Despite massive layoffs across the U.S., Long Beach based Molina Healthcare reported it lost $97-million USD in its 3rd quarter, and even issued a WARN saying 44 jobs in Long Beach will go away after Xmas. 

Connecticut: Conduent State Healthcare eliminating 102 jobs by mid-January 2018!   Bristol Myers Squibb conducting another round of layoffs, this time 29 people in Wallingford jobless sometime after Xmas.  Blair Manor Nursing Home and Ellis Manor Nursing Home both issued WARNs, an undisclosed number of jobs being eliminated starting in January 2018.

Delaware: UnitedHealth eliminating 138 jobs after Xmas, due to losing the contract to manage the state’s Medicaid program!

Florida:  After 14 years GulfCoast Surgery Center now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to as much as $10-million USD in debts, and only $50-thousand, or less, in assets.  Diabetic supply companies Arriva Medical and American Medical Supplies both shutting down their Florida operations, 182 jobs gone after Xmas, possibly in connection with both companies being taken-over by Abbott Laboratories!

Georgia: Washington County Regional Medical Center suddenly laid off 27 people as a result of a new management contract with a Utah based company.

Idaho State Journal Pic

Idaho: One month after issuing a mass-layoff WARN, the SafeHaven care center in Pocatello mysteriously burned to the ground.  The residents were evacuated, but the building is a $2-million USD loss.  Fire inspectors say the fire was not arson, but are calling for a review of national fire code.  The fire started in the attic of the building, apparently in an area where no fire sprinkler system was required under current national fire code. Last month SafeHaven issued a WARN saying 117 people in Pocatello were losing their jobs!   

Illinois: Cook County Health and Hospitals System eliminating 34 jobs as part of much bigger county-wide layoffs (321 in total)!  It’s been revealed that state taxpayers owe billions of dollars to healthcare providers, and currently state administrators are putting taxpayers even deeper into debt by getting loans to pay-off about $9-billion USD in unpaid Medicaid bills! 

Indiana: Dearborn County Hospital laid off 25 people and shutdown 36 vacant jobs due to “Changes in healthcare related to advances in technology, a shift toward outpatient procedures, shorter lengths of stay and numerous other factors…”  Drugs maker Eli Lilly revealed that in September more than 2-thousand-3-hundred employees accepted bribes to voluntarily quit (buyouts)!

Iowa: AmeriHealth Caritas eliminating 4-hundred jobs as part of its exit from Iowa’s Medicaid program!  Community Support Advocates issued a WARN, 26 jobs in Des Moines gone by mid-December.

Kentucky: Louisville based health insurance company Humana eliminating 2-thousand-7-hundred jobs across the U.S.!  This is on top of the 1-thousand-5-hundred employees who voluntarily quit (buyouts) in September!

Massachusetts: Harrington HealthCare System suddenly laid off 23 people right before Thanksgiving, due to an $8.2-million USD loss. 

Michigan: Taxpayer funded Brookhaven Medical Facility shutting down after Xmas due to lack of county taxpayer funding to fill the growing multi-million dollar debt hole.  Now former Michigan State University and U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar pled guilty to multiple charges of sex crimes.

Mississippi: University of Mississippi Medical Center shutdown its Madison wellness center, saying the rent was too high.

Missouri: Saint Louis based SSM Health eliminating more than 3-hundred jobs across four states!

New Jersey: God powerless to stop ‘his’ Saint Peter’s University Hospital from suddenly eliminated 108 jobs in order to “remain competitive”!  In Branchburg, ImClone Systems eliminating 77 jobs in January 2018.

North Carolina: Rite Aid shutting down its nearly four decades old drug pushing operation in Marion, ten jobs gone in January 2018 supposedly due to not being able to afford to renew the lease.  The evil Carlyle Group owned, and now schizophrenic, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) laid off 12 InfoTech employees, and is laying off an undisclosed number of HR employees, as part of off-shoring of jobs to an unnamed European location, while at the same time claims to be hiring “hundreds” of new employees.

North Dakota: The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board got 154-thousand U.S. tax dollars to enroll people in North Dakota’s ObamaCare ACA, but for some unexplained reason signed up only 67 people!

Ohio:  OhioHealth eliminating 19 jobs as part of its consolidation of child therapy programs.

Rhode Island: Providence based Care New England lost $47-million USD for its fiscal year 2017, which ended in September.

South Carolina: AnMed Health suddenly laid off 94 people and shutdown 65 vacant jobs, blaming mandatory investments into digital records keeping!

South Dakota: The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board got 200-thousand U.S. tax dollars to enroll people in South Dakota’s ObamaCare ACA, but for some unexplained reason signed up only one person!

Washington DC:  It’s been revealed that at least 16 groups (aka ‘navigators’) claiming to help people sign-up for ObamaCare ACA got paid big taxpayer bucks for enrolling less than 1-hundred people, at a cost to taxpayers of $5-thousand USD per sign-up!

West Virginia: Mylan Pharmaceuticals suddenly laid off an additional 3-hundred people as part of its ongoing “restructuring” operations announced last year!

ObamaCare (ACA) death spiral October 2017:“BUSINESS AS USUAL.”