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Maria: Vermont Militia deployed to Virgin Islands!

This is what hurricane Irma did to the only hospital on Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Vermont National Guard medical personnel deployed to the U.S. Virgin Islands on 16 SEP 2017, originally to support Hurricane Irma recovery efforts, but now to help with Hurricane Maria recovery:

U.S. Army & Air Force medical personnel provide medical care to people on U.S. Virgin Islands

What Economic Recovery? Full time employment down In Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Maine and Vermont

A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while part time employment is going up, it’s being offset by a drop in full time employment!

The top five states for increased part time work are Montana, Oregon, Maine, Vermont and Idaho.  Montana leads the country with a 39% increase in part time work.

In Idaho there was an average of about 515,000 people with full time jobs in 2007. In 2010 that number dropped to 445,000.  At the same time, in 2010 the number of part time jobs increased 35%. 

As far as full time wages go, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average full time pay in Idaho, in 2010, was $666 per week.  That’s a piddly 4.6% increase from 2007, and it’s one of the smallest increases in the entire United States!

Occupy America: Police harass newspaper videographer following suicide of war veteran who joined the OWS protests

“Get out of here, now!”-James Trieb, Burlington Detective

In Burlington, Vermont, a local newspaper videographer revealed that the local police tried to stop his coverage of the suicide of a war veteran at the Occupy Burlington demonstrations.

The newspaper’s editor said it was a public news event that justified being covered: “It occurred in a public place where there has been a lot of controversy.”-Michael Townsend, Free Press Executive Editor

The video of the incident is posted on the newspaper’s website.


Occupy America: People, including war veteran, shot and killed at protests

On November 10, in two separate incidents, two people were shot and killed during protests on the east and west coasts of the United States.

On the west coast, in Oakland, California, what appears to be a gang shooting took the life of a man who might have used the protest to try an hide from his killers.  Occupy Oakland demonstrators claim the man was not part of the protest.

On the east coast, in Burlington, Vermont, a 35 year old War on Terror veteran shot and killed himself as a form of protest.  Occupy Burlington demonstrators say the man told them of the government’s failure to help him with a condition he developed due to his military service: “This person has clearly needed more help than we were capable of giving him here at this park.”Emily Reynolds, University of Vermont student

Back in Oakland, paranoid city officials are ignorantly blaming the possible gang shooting on the Occupy protestors: “I have been very vocal on the fact that this cannot continue. I think fear has become a reality. They should pack up and leave, if not, we should take whatever action is necessary.”Ignacio De La Fuente, Oakland City Councilman

In Burlington, the veteran’s protest by suicide has encouraged more people to openly protest.  It’s also encouraged the Burlington police to get violent: “We’re dealing with a large group of people. We have stuff available. We have to.”-Andi Higbee, Deputy Police Chief

Burlington media says up until the veteran’s suicide local officials had been tolerant of the Occupy protest.  That has changed, and the mayor of Burlington is even using the suicide to mount an anti-gun campaign: “We need to reflect on guns in Vermont.”-Bob Kiss, Burlington mayor

Vermont set to Protest GOP leader

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, will not get a warm welcome when he speaks in Vermont on Wednesday.

Vermont Unions plan to protest Priebus, because they see him as the architect of Wisconsin’s anti-collective bargaining rights bill.  The protest will be in solidarity with Wisconsin’s Unions.

Priebus is speaking at a $100 per plate dinner, to raise money for the Vermont GOP.