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Obama Legacy: China kicks America’s Ass in jobs for Africa!

19 March 2017 (15:58 UTC-07 Tango 06) 29 Esfand 1395/20 Jumada t-Tania 1438/22 Gui Mao 4715

“China ranks the 7th in terms of project numbers in Africa, but it created the most jobs, which is unexpected by many people.”-Jeremy Stevens, Standard Bank Group

During the last two years of the Obama regime China has become the number one creator of jobs on the African continent, despite billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent by the evil USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and USAfriCom (United States Africa Command).

At an economic meeting last week (in Kenya) it was revealed that in the past two years China has created nearly 30-thousand jobs in Africa!  Last year the U.S. based World Bank admitted that despite propaganda from the Obama regime, 93% of Chinese companies in Kenya are hiring Africans.  (interesting that China is doing so well in Barack Obama’s paternal homeland of Kenya)

Why is China so successful and the U.S. not?  Simple, China is spending its taxpayer’s money on creating jobs while the U.S. spends money on so called disaster relief and supposedly fighting ‘terrorism’.  At this past Friday’s economic meeting in Kenya African leaders stated that job creation is all they’re looking for from foreign investments. In other words they want butter, not guns.

But lets not put all the blame on Barack Obama, last week Donald Trump quietly banned one hundred Africans from attending a economic forum here in the U.S.  To add insult to injury, the economic forum was focusing on trade with Africa!

Kenya to drop U.S. dollar for Chinese Yuan

 Trump slashes financial aid to Kenya’s health sector in budget proposals





More of your taxes going out-of-country: U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster!

10 August 2016 (09:39 UTC-07 Tango 01) 20 Mordad 1395/06 Dhu I-Qa’da 1437/08 Bing-Shen 4714

Near Miami, Florida, there’s a warehouse full of food and even vehicles paid for with your tax dollars, but none of it’s for you!

This is a pic of USAID ops being directed through DoD’s U.S. AfriCom (Africa Command)

It’s USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) warehouse for Latin American countries.  But it’s not the only OFDA warehouse, the OFDA’s website boasts that during fiscal year 2015 your tax dollars were spent sending brand new products to 45 countries, including countries hit by wars instigated by the Obama-Bush regimes (like Iraq, Syria and Ukraine)!

In 2015, USAID-OFDA spent $717-million U.S. tax dollars on West African countries in the name of fighting ebola.   $303-million went to help refugees (supposedly) from Syria.  In total, USAID says its OFDA spent “more than $1.9 billion in assistance in FY 2015″, imagine if that money was spent here at home!

This video shows the Department of Defense’s U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom) inspecting the USAID-OFDA warehouse in Miami:

South Africa accuses Obama regime USAID of coup attempt!

USAID and Coca-Cola’s Africa Foundation spend millions on Nigerian Shadow Government?  

USAID global drug dealer?

World War 3 Afghanistan, 11 – 15 January 2015: U.S. created Islamic State proves Obama a bold face liar! Mujahideen vs Islamic State! World’s biggest money laundering pit? More proof corruption begins with the United States!

Ismail Khan, former Afghan minister of water and energy, is warning of rapidly growing Islamic State presence inside his country.  Khan says the U.S., U.K. and Saudi created Islamic State (aka Daesh) will result in a new world war.

Badghis Province: In Qadis District, a Madrasa was shutdown by government personnel and the headgear of the students and teachers were symbolically burned.

Farah Province: In Khak-e-Safid District, government administrators say Islamic State has established new terrorist training camps! Remember what Barack Obama recently said? “…the enduring commitment of the United States to the Afghan people and to a united, secure and sovereign Afghanistan that is never again used as a source of attacks…”-28 December 2014

Helmand Province:  Reports say the U.S., Saudi, U.K. created Islamic State has “officially” begun propaganda and combat operations for control of Sangin and Kajaki districts.  Government administrators say some Mujahideen have joined Islamic State, but they also confirmed that most Mujahideen are engaged in battles with the new Islamic State insurgents, so far 20 people killed!  In Nawzad District, a cop turned his government issued gun on the district governor and his own police chief, killing both.  Another cop and an Afghan National Army officer were wounded.  The renegade cop was killed.

Herat Province: Two security guards were convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison for raping a woman at the Herat Regional Hospital.  In Anjil District, a doctor at a clinic was assassinated with two bullets.  Police don’t know who did it or why.

Jowzjan Province:  More reports of cops raping children.  This time a five years old boy was raped, at least one cop has been arrested.  Back in December administrators in Kapisa Province reported that cops gang raped a girl, and the Afghan government admitted that cops are the number one rapists! 

Kabul Province:  In Kabul City, the National Football (soccer) head coach survived an assassination attempt.  He was stabbed in the head and back as he approached his home.  A report saying a bomb planted in a Toyota Corolla exploded, killing one person and wounding three.  Another report said the Corolla drove over a landmine.  The U.S. terror group known as United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is now spending untold taxpayer money on a new medical records system for Afghanistan.  USAID administrators announced the new Pilot Electronic Medical Records System at the same time they opened the taxpayer funded Indira Gandi Newborn Care Training Center in Kabul.

Khost Province: In Khost City (Matoon), the provincial police Education Officer was assassinated by remote detonated bomb.

Nangarhar Province: In Lal Pura District, government administrators report yet another coalition drone strike, eight people killed.

Paktia Province: Near Muqribkhil village, three people killed after they drove over a landmine.

Parwan Province: In Siyagard District, coalition forces launched an offensive five days ago.  It ended in failure.  Mujahideen report they’ve killed or wounded 26 coalition personnel and destroyed at least three vehicles.  A Mujahid was killed.

Zabul Province: Local news reports say about 500 Islamic State  “families” from Pakistan, Chechen Republic, Saudi Arabia and other countries have arrived in the districts of Khak Afghan, Dai Chopan and Arghandab.

The Indian government announced it will force its taxpayers to give Afghanistan $120-million USD for five new Small Development Projects.  News reports say since 2002 India has spent $2-billion to help Afghanistan ‘rebuild’ since the U.S. invasion.  Where in the hell is all that money going?  When you factor in all the taxpayer money from countries all over the World that have gone to Afghanistan its clear Afghanistan is the World’s biggest money laundering pit!

06-10-january-2015: afghans hate their new pro-obama president

The U.S. Air Force revealed they’ll be spending U.S. tax money training Afghan pilots at Columbus AFB, Mississippi, and Moody AFB, Georgia.  The Afghans will be trained to fly Coin (Counterinsurgency) aircraft paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

A retired Indiana (U.S.A.) Army National Guard lieutenant colonel reportedly pled guilty to corruption involving kickbacks from U.S. government contractors.  Reports say he’s the fourth U.S. military personnel to plead guilty to such charges.  He could be sentenced to five years in prison.

In Texas (U.S.A.) evil mobile home park managers evicted a disabled National Guard veteran for failure to pay “pet fees”.  The Iraq and Afghanistan occupation veteran said his dog is a necessary service dog and that charging standard pet fees to disabled people actually violates the federal Fair Housing laws: “If it’s happening to me, it’s going to happen to other people.”-David Palasek, wounded veteran evicted before Xmas

After being based on Bagram airbase for far longer than they expected, more than 300 air-militia-personnel of the Air National Guard’s 187th Fighter Wing (Alabama, U.S.A.) finally returned home.  Back in November I wrote they had returned, but the latest reports revealed they were held back for at least one month.

The Air National Guard’s 174th Attack Wing (New York U.S.A.) announced their war in Afghanistan is not over, they will continue to use MQ-9 Reaper drones to kill Afghans.

More than 150 militia-personnel of the Army National Guard’s 1450th Transportation Company (North Carolina U.S.A.) mobilized for deployment to Afghanistan.