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U.S. military leads the way to energy independence

09 JUL 2017 (16:20 UTC-07 Tango 06) 18 Tir 1396/14 Shawwal 1438/16 Ding Wei 4715

Video report showing U.S. Army and Air Force efforts to save taxpayer money by becoming more energy independent in Colorado:

Not just in Colorado, but the USAF is testing a hybrid electric and battery powered mobile dock system for C-5 maintenance at Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex in Georgia:  “…new mobile lift platform that is able to move and shift as maintainers move around an aircraft, eliminating the time required of traditional hard stands. Direct methanol fuel cells provide on-board battery charging, thereby enabling around-the-clock maintenance operations.”

November 2016: U.S. Army Harvesting Energy through Humping

June 2016: Massive Detrick Solar Array Only Fraction of Army’s Renewable Energy Capacity