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MI-6 admits the war in Iraq was about Oil for the British Empire, everything else is just lies, lies, lies

“The overall plan would need to be like an onion, each layer concealing the one below.”-Richard Dearlove, former SIS (MI-6) chief

When it comes to the long history of Iraq and the British Empire it’s always been about the oil.

The United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI-6, aka SIS-4) has revealed documents that show that the British interest in the invasion of Iraq was all about controlling the oil.

The report appears in the U.K. newspaper The Daily Mail.  SIS officers and the Blair administration discussed ways to “new security in oil supplies” by invading Iraq.  The British Empire first took over Iraq after World War 1, for the purpose of surrounding Russia in what’s called the Great Game (which many think is still going on), and mainly to develop Iraq’s oil fields.  Invading Iraq in the 21st century gave the U.K. another chance at controlling that oil.

The SIS documents also show that Richard Dearlove, then boss of the intelligence service, was concerned about the legality of the invasion. He wanted the input of “Government law officers to provide assurances of legality (there has been a serious problem here).”

If you need more proof that the U.K. was in the Iraq invasion for the oil, just compare how many oil contracts went to U.S. companies, to how many went to British companies.


British intellegence officer says Tony Blair, and others, lied about the reasons for war with Iraq

“I am writing to comment on the position taken by Alastair Campbell during his evidence to you … when he stated that the purpose of the dossier was not to make a case for war; I and those involved in its production saw it exactly as that, and that was the direction we were given.”-Major General Michael Laurie, British military intelligence official

General Laurie says that Campell, and then U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, lied to the Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq war inquiry) when they testified that their Iraq dossier was not a case for war.  Laurie says he and other intelligence officials were directed to specifically make the Iraq dossier a case for war against Iraq.

Laurie says that Air Marshal Joe French, a Blair administration official,  continued to pressure  intelligence officials to produce a report that would justify war with Iraq.  He says Air Marshal French was getting frustrated by lack of evidence to justify war: “We could find no evidence of planes, missiles or equipment that related to WMD, generally concluding that they must have been dismantled, buried or taken abroad. There has probably never been a greater detailed scrutiny of every piece of ground in any country.”

Nakba protesters swelling in London

I was trying to update this around 07:00 mountain time, when the page went blank. I couldn’t get back on no matter what I tried.   I was updating to say that I watched, live, a group of Hasidic Jews join the Pro-Palestinian protesters.  You had Pro-Palestinians on one side of the street, with Pro-Israelis on the other, separated by bobbies.  The live reporter was making it clear that the Hasidic Jews were demonstrating with the Pro-Palestine group.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, and anti-Palestinian protesters are building in numbers on the streets of London, U.K.

Police are trying to keep the opposing groups separated.

Scotland the Brave: New Scottish government demands independance from British Empire

The Scottish National Party now controls the Edinburgh Parliament.  They dominated in the recent elections. Now Scotland’s Prime Minister, Alex Salmond, has presented Westminster with a bill for Scotland’s independence.

Salmond ran on a campaign promise to push for Scottish independence, however, the bad economy might be more important to the Scottish people: “They want job security. They want Scotland to be able to be more accountable for its finances that is raises.”-Humza Yousaf, Member of the Scottish Parliament

Yousaf says there are several issues the Scottish want to deal with, but first they need to gain some “economic teeth”.

The Scottish demand for independence challenges U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s campaign promise to keep the Kingdom united.


Lack of Death Drugs Forcing executioners to use drugs for animals and epileptics

“We oppose the death penalty in all cases and are clear that British drugs should not be used to carry out lethal injections.”-Vince Cable, British Business Secretary

Mississippi has joined the growing list of U.S. states forced to use drugs used to put down animals, to execute prisoners.  Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina have also begun using pentobarbitol.

The United Kingdom has already banned drugs sent to the U.S. for lethal injections.  Germany is pushing the European Union to do the same: “We have to make sure that no drugs from Germany or the EU will be used to carry out executions.”-Markus Loening, German Human Rights Commissioner

U.S. prisons can’t get their usual death drug, thiopentol sodium, because the only U.S. maker of the drug stopped making it in January.

Amnesty International says the only countries using lethal injections are China and the United States.

But prisons could also see a shortage of pentobarbitol, because the only FDA approved maker of it, Lundbeck, has publicly denounced its use for lethal injection in humans: “Lundbeck does not condone the use of [pentobarbitol] or any other product for capital punishment.”

Lundbeck officials say they have already sent letters of complaint to the states that are now using their drug to kill prisoners.  Lundbeck will now look at ways to blockade access to their drug by prisons.


Not only are the rich getting richer in the U.S., but in the U.K.

A study published by The Sunday Times shows that while the average Brit is struggling with a bad economy and government cut backs, the rich in the United Kingdom just get richer.

The Sunday Times “Rich List” says 1,000 of the richest Brits, not only kept their wealth, but actually increased it.  In fact, the number of British billionaires has increased to 73, up from 53 the previous year.

40 of the top billionaires were born in the U.K., but many British billionaires are from other countries.  Lakshi Mittal retains the number one spot, he’s Indian born and got rich in the steel industry.  Russian born Alisher Usmanov is now in the number two spot.  Chinese born Xiuli Hawken is the newest female billionaire, she got rich turning underground bunkers into shopping malls.

Keep in mind that money does not grow on trees, meaning there is not enough to go around for everyone, otherwise it would be valueless.  Knowing that, it should be obvious to people where the money is going.  The rich can only get richer because they are taking as much of the limited money/wealth supply as they can.  There is less for everyone else.


British bobbies (police) could have the power to charge, just skip arrest go directly to jail

In a move to save government money, some British officials want to put the power of the courts in the hands of the police.

British Home Secretary Theresa May,  says the plan could save the U.K. 2.5 million hours of bobby time, equating to huge savings of money for the government.  The way she wants to do that is to allow bobbies to skip the patrolling, detaining and arresting phase of police work, and allow the cops to simply charge the suspects, like a hybrid police/prosecutor.

It would apply to minor offenses, but the radical changes go beyond allowing police to act as street prosecutor.  Anybody wanting to file a complaint about the legal system would have to deal directly with a bobby.  The intent of forcing people to deal directly with police, with legal issues, is to reduce court costs for the government. May admits this would put a lot more power with the police, and is a definite move towards a police state: “We will take a different approach, we will trust the police.”

Officials with the British Shadow government  (yes, such a thing, aka Shadow Cabinet or Shadow Front Bench) say this will not only put a lot more power in police hands, but with a lot less police officers.  Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper (May’s counterpart) says that May plans to fire thousands of bobbies under the police/prosecutor plan.  The result of giving police the power to act as prosecutor, and then cutting police staff, will greatly increase the work load of the bobby.  Cooper says this will act as a double whamming for security; people will feel even more threatened by the power of police, and and the cops will be stretched thin.

Closing Japan nuke plant will have direct affect on British nuke plant

The closing of Hamaoka nuclear plant in Japan, because of the danger of a massive earthquake, is having direct affect on a British nuclear plant.

Sellafield MOX plant, in north west England, supplies Hamaoka with the nuclear fuel it needs to make electricity.  Hamaoka uses MOX (mixed oxide) nuclear fuel, and Chubu Electric Power Company (operator of Hamaoka) has a contract with Sellafield as its only supplier.

On top of that the Hamaoka plant is the only user of MOX fuel from Sellafield.

Taxpayers in the United Kingdom shelled out 1.34 billion Pounds (U.S. $2.1 billion) for the Sellafield MOX plant, and the British government wants to build another one.

British officials are scrambling to work with CEPCo officials to figure out how to fulfill their contract.  Maybe the Brits can start selling MOX to the Iranians?

Most “Americans” will NOT watch royal wedding, U.S. media all over it, proof U.S. media controled by British Empire

A CNN poll said 75% of U.S. citizens will not watch the royal wedding.  ABC’s own online poll currently shows (as I write this) 427 are not “excited about the royal wedding”, 185 said yes they were “excited”.

Here in eastern Idaho a local TV station (KIFI, Idaho Falls) did their own local poll, the results: 54% said they will NOT watch the royal wedding, 15% answered “what royal wedding”?

Yet U.S. media is going to spend most of the day covering a foreign event.  In fact CNN, apparently in hopes of getting more favorable results, tried a new poll: still, 62% said “Not at all” interested in the royal wedding.

This is the United States, not the United Kingdom, or any other part of the commonwealth/empire (at least officially).  We are anti-royalty, anti-monarchy, we fought a Revolution against the British (today’s United Kingdom) for that reason (as well as unfair taxation).

Why is the U.S. media so bent on covering a foreign spectacle?  Lets see, Fox News is really owned by commonwealther/imperialist Australian Rupert Murdoch.  He only got U.S. citizenship to placate U.S. laws that said only U.S. citizens could own TV stations.  He became a U.S. citizen one year before he created Fox.  And he’s bought out many other U.S. media venues, including the Wall Street Journal.

Murdoch is in regular communication with the evil British Empire: “…were in regular communication……there is nothing unusual in the prime minister talking to Rupert Murdoch.”-Former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s official spokesman

Is Fox News going to cover the royal wedding? You bet!  When are the loyal viewers of Fox, who think they’re true blue conservative Americans, going to wake up and realize that their precious Fox News is run by a red coat limey Imperialist!

Will ABC (American Broadcasting Company, not to be confused with Australian Broadcasting Corporation), NBC and CBS cover the wedding? Yes!

Our own mainstream media conducts polls that show most Americans don’t care about a so called royal wedding, yet our mainstream media is going to blast us with royal wedding crap. That should tell you who they really work for, and who their true target audience is!