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Xenophobic British women attack Iranian woman

An Iranian foreign exchange student, attending school in the United Kingdom, was attacked on April 13, by four British women.  The British women said they attacked her because she would not remove her hijab (head covering).

“If it turns out that the incident has been a racial attack and the Iranian student has been assaulted because of her nationality, Iran will show reaction.”-Mahmoud Mollabashi, Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology




Just how much do we rely on Petroleum? No ink, no bleach, no tape, no Shonen Jump

You wouldn’t believe how much we use petroleum products (oil & natural gas) in our everyday lives. The people of Japan are finding out the hard way.

The 11 March 2011 quake/tsunami has resulted in several petroleum plants closing down, due to damage and power cuts. Those plants turn oil and natural gas into everyday products.

How would you like disposable diapers with no tape to seal it shut? Unicharm Corporation discontinued production of special tape used to wrap diapers because of a lack of the chemical needed to make the tape.

Are you one of those people who just have to have your whites their whitest when doing the laundry? No bleach. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co has stopped production at its Kashima factory, because of lack of electricity.

Love your Manga? The publisher of mangas including Shonen Jump, is delaying publication because there’s no ink. Maruzen Petrochemical Co stopped production of Diisobutylene, a chemical product used to make ink. Amazingly Maruzen is the only producer of Diisobutylene in Japan, so bye, bye Manga.

China to build bigger Navy, it’s the New Cold War baby!

In a report issued by the Chinese Navy, it is clear they expect some kind of military confrontation in the future, with the United States.

The report was released March 31.  It calls for increasing China’s ability to present a strategic deterrent and launch counterattacks at sea.  The report is also clear about who they think they might have to launch counterattacks against: The United States.

Their reasoning is that the United States is reinforcing its regional military alliances, and increasing its involvement in Asian security affairs.

Chinese military officials are hoping their government will increase spending on more high tech weaponry. Welcome to the New Cold War.

Iran sells refined gas to Afghanistan for the first time, nice to see other countries making money off our wars

“We have exported a 1,000-ton cargo of gasoline to Afghanistan this (Iranian year), and we are amidst negotiations to export the second and third cargoes to the country,”-Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Alireza Zeiqami

Ironically, Iran’s refined gas industry has gotten a boost from U.S. and European economic sanctions. So much so that Iran is negotiating new contracts with surrounding countries.

The latest sanctions against Iran forbids companies from selling refined gas to Iran.  As a result Iran increased its own fuel refining, and found out that its neighbors, like Afghanistan, wanted to buy it.

Iranian Oil Minister Massoud Mir-Kazzemi said their fuel refining has increased so much that that Iran no longer needs foreign imports.  So much for sanctions.

By the way, does anyone like the idea that were throwing billions of U.S. dollars down the drain in Afghanistan, while other countries make money off Afghanistan?  Where did Afghanistan get the money to buy the Iranian gas?

Two faced Obama wants Gaddafi out, but says we’re not trying to bomb him, after we try to bomb him

Almost from day one of the so called revolution in Libya, President Obama said “It’s time for Gaddafi to go.”   He didn’t say that about Mubarak, not for several weeks of the Egyptian Revolution anyway.

Obama has said many times he wanted Gaddafi out.  Then Gaddafi’s compound is bombed by coalition forces, and the official statement from coalition leaders is that they were not trying to bomb Gaddafi. That’s one dumb smart bomb then.

Here is what Obama said today: “Now, I also have stated that it is U.S. policy that Gadhafi needs to go.” President Obama has basically admitted that trying to get rid of Gaddafi IS what he’s trying to do.   Obama then goes on to admit that UNSCR 1973 does not allow him to do that: “But when it comes to the military action, we are doing so in support of U.N. Resolution 1973 that specifically talks about humanitarian efforts, and we are going to make sure we stick to that mandate.”

Obama also says he’s hoping that other “tools” will be used to allow the Libyan people to kick Gaddafi out.  Remember, UNSCR 1973 is supposed to be about protecting peaceful civilians, not regime change.   Lies. lies and more lies!

Arab League regrets supporting UN resolution against Libya. Emergency meeting called

“What we want is civilians’ protection not shelling more civilians.” said Amr Moussa, the head of the Arab League.

Moussa said international military actions have gone beyond any so called no fly zone, and are actually causing more civilian deaths.  This is exactly what critics of the resolution warned of.

French president Sarkozy worked hard to convince the Arab League to support a so called no fly zone. When you read the historic resolution it is clear that it is more than a no fly zone, because it authorizes any/all military action.

The Arab League will now hold an emergency meeting.  This will affect the military action against Libya because several Arab League members are supposed to be taking part in that action.

Russia says attacking Libya will validate WMDs for extremists

Alexei Arbatov, the head of the International Security Center of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said attacking Libya will prove that obtaining WMDs is necessary to keep from being attacked by the West.

“An attack against Libya would be a gift for all violators of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. If Libya becomes an object of a military operation, it will lead some countries to believe that no one would think of threatening Gaddhafi with a military operation now if he had not voluntarily given up his nuclear program several years ago.”

In order to receive financing from western countries, and gain favor from western governments,  Gaddafi revealed his WMD program and allowed international inspection and dismantlement of that program.  That’s why President Bush Jr removed Gaddafi from the terrorist list.  Now the West is about to attack him.

Arbatov says “This will lead Iran, Syria, and some other countries violating the non-proliferation regime to make a new powerful step towards obtaining nuclear weapons.”

Iran may act to stop Sunni Arab invasion of Shia Bahrain

“The Saudi’s should know for a fact that Tehran will use all the power and potentials at its disposal to halt the oppression of the people of Bahrain.”said Iranian lawmaker Hossein Naqavi.

Majority Sunni Arab countries invaded majority Shia Arab Bahrain, in order to protect the Sunni rulers there from the Shia revolution.  Iran and Bahrain are majority Shia Muslim countries.

Iran has asked the UN to take action.  The United Nations, pushed by France, U.K. & U.S.,  has authorized military force against Libya, supposedly to protect the revolutionaries there.

A Bahraini women, who is Sunni, is supporting the Shia rebels; “The government is making this a sectarian issue. I see the way my [Shia] friends are treated and I came here to show solidarity.”

The headquarters of the U.S. 5th Fleet is in Bahrain.