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Stop your bitchin’!: USAF introduces you to their Female Sniper!

At Fort Bliss, near El Paso, Texas, the U.S. Air Force runs a sniper school which boasts the only female sniper instructor in the U.S.    She might be cute but stay out of her crosshairs, she considers her killing skill “talent”:



California Shooting CRAFT INTERNATIONAL False Flag Op! News media continually described black GMC, innocents in black Ford sacrificed! Witnesses swear shooters were 3 men!

08 December 2015 (10:35 UTC-07 Tango 01)/17 Azar 1394/25 Safar 1437/27 Wu Zi 4713

“…just one in a long string of false flag events that I am afraid to say are not over. We’ll probably be seeing several more before the end of the year, because of the events that are going on in the world, specifically with the NATO being implicated in the buying of oil from DAIISH and other events…”-Steven D Kelley, former NSA/CIA contractor

In the immediate aftermath of the 02 December Inland Regional Center shootings in San Bernardino, California, all mainstreamer news sources were being told by the FBI and local police that basically nobody saw it coming, then yesterday the FBI came out and stated that the couple police murdered had been radicalized “for some time”.

And it could be outright murder by cop of that couple, why? Because they were driving in a black Ford Expedition, not the black GMC Yukon that I heard every California TV stations repeatedly describe all afternoon!  I even heard several California TV newscasters question why the suspected shooters were still driving around in the area hours after the Inland Regional Center shooting went down.

Police even admitted they targeted the couple because the man had left the Inland Regional Center holiday party upset after getting in an argument with co-workers.  He and his immigrant wife were set up, murdered by the very perpetrators of the shooting, it’s called being a patsie!  Not only does the couple’s Ford Expedition not match what the local mainstreamer news was describing for hours on end, but the couple does not match witness after witness testimony that the shooters were at least three men!

Witness after witness interviewed by local SoCal TV news said there were three shooters, all men.  One woman, interviewed after the cops murdered the two people (a man and a woman) in the Ford Expedition (at that time the media was still calling it a GMC Yukon), swore that it was three men doing the shooting at the Inland Regional Center.  The live reporter asked her if she was sure, based on what cops were saying at that point, and she stated the shooters were “Three athletically built males.” 

Then there’s the man who said his wife called him from the Center and said “A man dressed in black was shooting into the first floor of the building.”   This was while other relatives of people inside the Inland Regional Center said “two men were walking the hallways shooting”.

Then there’s Jose Rosa who said he was driving on the street where cops blasted what we now know is a Ford Expedition.  He said he was forced to stop, it sounded like the cops didn’t expect him to be there, but he said he saw a “man dressed like an officer” exit the black SUV.  Many witnesses described the three male shooters as being dressed in black and/or tan uniforms.

“The people that were on the scene and saw this happen also reported that three tall white men wearing black shirts, khaki pants and tanned combat boots were actually the shooters. The description is almost exactly what the gentlemen from Craft International, the mercenary organization that was involved in so many other false flags, actually look like. This seems to be their standard uniform. The people that are being implicated, the couple, first of all if they were planning something, if they were radicalized as this is being said, and clearly the NSA, the FBI will be right on the top of these people all the time, but rather than stopping them from doing something, they were nurtured to be used for this exact purpose. I do not suspect that these people have anything to do with the actual shooting. I suspect that these were patsies. Obviously, the United States is getting very very desperate; the government here is very desperate, they need to do something immediately to disarm the United States prior to a revolution, because the people here are waking up very fast, and they are ready to shut down this evil empire.”-Steven D Kelley, former NSA/CIA contractor

Chris Kyle, now dead? founder of Craft International

Craft International was founded by ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle.  In 2014 his wife sued Craft International for illegally using his image, after he was killed, to promote themselves.

“Kyle is in major trouble. He had just published a book, American Sniper, in which he had proven to have lied. Moreover, the lie was against a prominent individual, Jesse Ventura, who called him on the lies and ending up suing him for defamation. It was a clear case for Ventura: he was in the right, and he could prove it. That meant the damages could be big, far more than Kyle could possibly afford. Trial was set for August 1, 2013. Then, suddenly, people are to believe, the veteran sniper turns up dead, shot to death by an associate on a firing range.”– Did Craft International’s Chris Kyle Fake his Death?

Pic of Craft International mercenary planting backpack bomb at Boston Marathon, it’s definitely not a Chechen: 

Be aware that nobody was allowed into the area where the black Ford Expedition was blasted, not only during and after the police execution, but even before!  I saw several witness in the neighborhood tell local TV that police told everybody to stay away BEFORE THE MASSIVE GUNFIRE TARGETING THE FORD EXPEDITION BEGAN!  Even a newspaper reporter stated he was prevented from entering the area when the cops aimed their guns on him and order him to leave.

I’ve witnessed this type of False Flag tactic used by San Bernardino County Sheriff deputies before.  They seal off a neighborhood before perpetrating a crime.  In 1983 I was driving home from work after working several hours overtime at Edwards Air Force Base Bombing Range, it was almost midnight when I approached my residence in Hesperia, California.  Just two blocks from my street there was a couple of what looked to be hastily erected barricades, no signage no police visible, I drove around the barricades as there was no other way to get to my street.  Suddenly I was swarmed by San Bernardino County cop cars, with one deputy drawing his weapon and screaming like a drugged out speed freak.  Not once did he ask for my ID, he did not ask me to get out of my car, all he was freaked out about was that I had crossed the barricade.  He was literally screaming his head off, pointing his revolver at me.  I explained I was on my way home from work and even tried to show him my driver’s license to prove my address.  He screamed at me to get home and if he saw me again that night he would “shoot your sorry ass!”   And I’m not even ‘black’ or ‘Hispanic’!

This was the first of several incidents where I learned that the number one drugs dealer in San Bernardino County is the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department!  I had friends in Victorville and Hesperia who were into drug use and guess where they bought most of their drugs from?  San Bernardino County cops!  In one case we went to a house in Victorville, the deputy had his  taxpayer issued cop car parked in his driveway, he sold my friend a baggie of ganja right thought his bedroom window!  There were a lot of house parties back in the ’80s, and at one party I identified a man selling cocaine as a San Bernardino County deputy because I had encountered him before, when he was wearing his cop uniform. The amazing thing is nobody else at the party seemed upset that he was a cop.

In the mid 1990s, as a TV news producer at KYMA in Yuma, Arizona, I was constantly getting phone calls from people claiming to have evidence that cops were behind the massive drugs smuggling from Mexico.  I was particularly interested in the calls we constantly got from people in Mohave County, Arizona.  Dozens of calls from different people claiming their sons had been “recruited” by San Bernardino County (which borders Arizona’s Mohave County) deputies to act as drug informants only to have them arrested and imprisoned once they crossed into California!  In other words, teenagers in Arizona were being set up by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in California, given drugs to ‘traffick’ into California under the guise of being an undercover agent for ‘the good guys’ then being arrested by those good guys and having all their property stolen under the Criminal and Civil Forfeiture laws.  After asking my News Director, several times, about investigating these allegations I was finally brought into a closed door meeting where I was told “We in the news media don’t report such things.  We don’t give airtime to people in jail or even the man on the street when it comes to serious issues. Our only official sources are the government and corporate representatives.”  It was further explained that this unwritten policy was at the suggestion of news media attorneys who were trying to prevent lawsuits, or the FCC from shutting us down.  It’s also unwritten policy for local TV news to “make friends” with local law enforcement.

My last few weeks at KYMA, in 1996 before being transferred to KPVI in Pocatello, Idaho, was covering a mass shooting event.  That shooting involved two Yuma cops machine gunned to death, each one having a full clip of MAC10 rounds pumped into them while they were at the combined drug task force HQ.  Who was the shooter?  Another cop!  A cop who was setting himself up as THE drug lord of Algodones, Mexico!   The two cops he killed had been investigating the disappearance of guns, cash and drugs from their evidence vault, and the trail led to this undercover U.S. cop operating in Mexico.  An obvious question we in the local news media were not allowed to ask was how did this undercover cop know that he was being investigated, and how did he know who the investigating cops were?  The obvious answer is he was tipped off by fellow ‘bad cops’.  DON’T TELL ME THE COPS AND THE GOVERNMENT ARE ON OUR SIDE, THEY ARE THE PUPPET MASTERS OF DRUG DEALERS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES!  Drugs are the number one cause of mass shootings in United States! 

United Police States: 2 Idaho prisoners die in 1 day! Evil Mormon MTC & drugs involved? 

False Flag Proof: International ‘cash police’ says U.S. cash is King of Crime!

Police Cause Gun Violence: Cops charged with murder triples, former cop credits video evidence! 

False Flag: Obama says no signs of impending terrorist attack upon U.S., so get ready for it! 

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Obama orders new War on Drugs targeting legal prescription drug users & his own ObamaCare!

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