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“It’ll eat your eye out!” Don’t play at the amusement park!

02 DEC 2017 (03:54 UTC-07 Tango 06) 11 Azar 1396/13 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1439/15 Ren-Zi 4715

At a Pennsylvania amusement park people’s eye are apparently being eaten by a parasite!

A lawsuit filed against Kennywood Park claims that a man’s eye was eaten by microsporidia keratitis found in the water used in the park’s Raging Rapids ride.  The lawsuit says the man underwent “an extremely painful surgery where the parasite was scraped out of the eye with a surgical scalpel”.

State inspectors supposedly tested the water and found nothing wrong with it.


Norovirus / Tummy Bug update, 09 August 2013: Climate change being blamed! Government water supplier being blamed! 20 people dead!

“Bacterial gastroenteritis in young babies is a growing problem in the developed world and an increasing cause of infant death in the developing world. Current treatments involve antibiotics, with more than half of all babies in Europe receiving them in their first year. But antibiotic resistance is a growing problem. Antibiotics also disturb the balance of beneficial bacteria, reducing natural defences against infection.”-Institute of Food Research, United Kingdom

Despite fasting during the day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims are increasingly binge eating at night, and it’s making them sick.  Reports say that hospitals in the Persian Gulf states are reporting an increase in gastroenteritis cases: “It’s a combination of overeating or binge eating, and reduced immunity due to dehydration and bad sleeping habits.”-Rabee Harb, Kuwait‘s Royale Hayat Hospital

In Pennsylvania U.S.A., people are being told not to drink ‘organic’ milk from a local farm.  Officials with the Departments of Agriculture and Health believe it is contaminated with a bacteria called Campylobacter.   The farm has been ordered to stop selling the milk, however the farm owners have third party test results, based on samples of the very same milk tested by the state, that say their operation is clean: “The test result from our third-party lab came back this morning just ahead of (the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s) and it is negative for Campylobacter. But our third-party pathogen-free test does not really matter to the state.”-Edwin Shank, The Family Cow

In Tennessee U.S.A., 62 Robertson County school employees got sick on the same day.   The director of schools thinks they got sick from food served at a school wide teacher meeting, however, that meeting was on a Tuesday and the 62 employees got sick on a Friday.  Health officials are investigating.

In Oregon U.S.A., the Grant County Health Department suspects norovirus to be the cause of an outbreak in the city of John Day.  About two dozen people got sick after eating at a local restaurant.  In Baker City, reports that the city’s water supply was contaminated with the parasite cryptosporidium.   As many as 400 people sick.  One source says this ends the city’s track record of providing 100 years of clean water.

In Iowa U.S.A., state health officials have confirmed 358 cases of cryptosporidium, and 138 new possible cases.  For all of last year Iowa saw 328 cases.   Health officials are blaming it on public swimming pools, but they have not confirmed that hypotheses.

Interesting info on cryptosporidium, according to the U.S. CDC no U.S. city suffered from the parasite contamination until 1984!

The cyclospora parasite (not to be confused with cryptosporidium) outbreak has hit 504 people in 16 U.S. states.  The U.S. CDC still does not know the source.  Health officials with Nebraska and Iowa say they’ve traced the parasites to produce that came from a U.S. run farm in Mexico. The U.S. FDA is trying to confirm the claim. The California based owner of the farm swears their own testing shows their farm in Mexico is clean.

Russia is threatening to ban all Russians from going to Turkey for holiday.  Russian health officials say resort destinations, mainly targeted to Russians, are battling increasing cases of stomach bug infections.  The Russian government is accusing the Association of Tour Operators from not disclosing such health risk facts before selling vacations to Russians.  Last year 3.3 million Russian’s vacationed in Turkey.

In United Kingdom, the city of Hull had to close their East Park kiddie pool because of cryptosporidium.  And the mom of a teenaged boy who died from meningitis is raising public awareness.   Meningitis hits fast, like a tummy bug, and includes vomiting.  This can cause some doctors to misdiagnose it.  The other problem is that there are a growing number of varieties of it, current vaccines do not cover all variants.  Her son died from the rare Group Y meningococcal meningitis. In the empire’s colony of Northern Ireland, the Antrim Area Hospital is being harshly criticized after two years of dismal performance, including dozens of tummy bug cases and a child that died.  An investigation pointed out two major factors; the hospital was built to handle 30000 patients per year, but is actually handling as much as 72000.  And hospital staff are suffering from extreme low moral blamed on the overwhelming bureaucracy of the NHS.

A Swiss study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology blames heat waves for increased gastroenteritis (tummy bugs, stomach bugs, vomiting bugs).  The study basically says, for many people, high heat temps weaken the tummy: “This study ties heat stress to digestive symptoms supporting the observed seasonal variation in the clinical course of inflammatory bowel disease and suggests that microbial infections of the gut might be additionally influenced by climate changes.”

In the city of Anantnag, India, at least 250 people have been hospitalized with  gastroenteritis in the past five days, at least 300 people infected.  A local doctor blames the water on the outbreak: “Outbreak of gastroenteritis is possible only due to the consumption of contaminated water. There can be no other reason for it.”-Nasir Khan

The people getting sick agree with the doctor’s claims, but point out the water is being supplied by the government: “This all happened due to the impure and contaminated water supplied to the people by the PHE officials. The spring where from the water is supplied is without any cover allowing all the dusty and garbage into it. Besides outside laborers who work on brick kilns in the area also use the spring for all purposes including bathing and washing clothes.”-Riyaz Ahmad Magray

An arrogant unnamed government official with India’s PHE (Public Health Engineering) disputes both claims: “…there is no possibility of the outbreak due to water. The people seemed to have taken some juice leading to the outbreak of gastroenteritis…”

The Kasmir Times reports that the PHE has not inspected their water source since the outbreaks were first reported, about a week ago.

In the city of Mumbai, India, the number of gastroenteritis cases has increased by 123 since my last update.  City health officials say they seen a 36% increase in cases compared to the same time last year.  Some people blame it on water being supplied by PHE.

In the sate of Chhattisgarh, India, 20 people have died in several villages from gastroenteritis.  State health officials say they’ve dispatched four “combat” medic teams to the villages to find out what’s going on.  Cholera is suspected, due to recent flooding, and more deaths are expected.  One report noted that most of the dead are women.

In the state of Karnataka, India, two villages have been declared cholera areas.  This means water must be boiled, the sale of cut (picked/harvested/prepped for eating) fruits are banned, fairs and markets are banned, fried foods banned in hostels.

And in Bhopal, India, dogs are going down to a viral fever and diarrhea known as parvo.  In the city of Jehangirabad, 60% of dogs brought to veterinarians have parvo.  Parvo has a 90% kill rate in India.  Vets blame it on the rainy season.


Norovirus / Tummy Bug update, 02 August 2013: Airline flight from vomiting hell! 9 people dead, 150 sick in Canada! Hundreds sick at Washington campgrounds!

At least 26 people were quarantined in Australia after a gut wrenching flight from Chile.  Paramedics met the 747 when it landed in Sydney.  Health officials say the sick people were part of the same tour group.  Norovirus is suspected.  Also, in Wodonga The Grange old folks home was “locked down” for a week because of a major gastroenteritis outbreak.  Employees went to the local news media after officials with The Grange lied and said it was just a dozen people sick.  Turns out at least 70 residents and 12 employees were sick.  An unnamed employee said management didn’t even try to pick up the slack to compensate for the sick employees: “Work has increased tenfold. There has been no recognition from management. No one is saying we’re doing a great job. It’s a hard place to work at the moment.”

Nine people have died and 150 sickened after an outbreak at an old folks home in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!  Health officials suspect the deadly outbreak is caused by norovirus.

And just south, in the state of Washington, U.S.A., the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department is investigating an outbreak at a YMCA campground. About 80 people are sick with norovirus like symptoms.  And 120 people sickened at a Christian campground in Whatcom County!  Health officials are blaming norovirus. They say the outbreak actually started at the beginning of July, but for some reason is only now being made public. About one week ago they did warn residents to be careful as there were “clusters” of cases being reported.  In the same county, people reported tummy bug symptoms after a chile contest on Lummi Island.

The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease claims to have  discovered an antibody that can neutralize human norovirus.  Their study involved the use of immune cells of chimpanzees.

More bad news for plant eaters!  Recent parasite infections are being blamed on bagged salads!  In the United States the cyclospora outbreak has hit 16 states and at least 380 people!  In Iowa and Nebraska, health officials say they’ve traced the parasite to bagged salads.  At this point they’re not releasing the name of the brand of packaged salads.  You can only get sick by eating food or drink contaminated with the parasite.

In Arkansas U.S.A., another parasite has eaten the brain of a girl.  It’s called amoebic meningoencephalitis.  It’s a type of meningitis caused when an amoeba goes up your nose into your brain.  Officials think she got infected while swimming at Willow Springs Water Park.  One of the first signs is vomiting, which could cause people to think it’s a tummy bug.   The 12 years old girl has been placed in a medically induced coma.  If she survives she will be only the third person to do so.

Yogurt and flavored coffee lovers watch out, bugs are being used as food coloring in U.S. food products! According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, cochineal insects are being used to color flavored coffees and yogurts.  There are reports of people having allergic reactions, such as vomiting.  Starbucks announced last year they would stop using the red bugs in their strawberry flavored Frappuccino.  And you thought they were real strawberries.  Officials with Dannon yogurt says the U.S. FDA approved the use of the bugs as a substitute strawberry (carmine) coloring, so they are not going to stop using them!

And more bad news for plant eaters: A Washington U.S.A. woman and her 3 years old daughter were sick for seven months from oatmeal.  At first it was blamed on the standard tummy bug, turns out it was fungal mycotoxin poisoning.  It wasn’t doctors who figured it out, it was the suffering woman.  She was about to make her son a bowl of oatmeal, which he rarely ate, but she noticed he would get sick with similar symptoms when he ate it.  Upon closer inspection of the Western Family brand oatmeal container she found a clump of toxic mold in the oatmeal.

New Hampshire U.S.A., one man has been infected with two rare viruses, Jamestown Canyon virus and the Powassan virus.  Mosquitoes and ticks spread the disease.  The signs are sudden severe headache, fever, vomiting and paralysis.

And in Iowa U.S.A., health officials reporting at least 26 cases of infection from a rare form of salmonella.  Officials say this form of salmonella is related to poultry and is easily confused with the cyclospora parasite.   Also, Polk County Department of Public Health is reporting another parasite outbreak, this time cryptosporidium.  At least 68 cases so far.  You get it from contaminated drinking water or swimming pools.

Bad news for beef eaters: There are reports that the Lone Star Tick is making its way north, from the southern U.S. states.  The bad news is that apparently the bite of the Amblyomma americanum can render you allergic to beef!  Symptoms are vomiting, abdominal cramps, hives, anaphylaxis and death.

In the African country of Nigeria, reports of at least 104 cases of gastroenteritis.  Health officials blame poor hygiene.

In the new administrative district of Bandipora, in Jammu and Kashmir, India, at least 75 cases of gastroenteritis.  Apparently people are rising up in protest because government officials supplied them with contaminated water.  The angry people actually forced Public Health Engineering Department employees to drink the contaminated water!  Health officials are now telling people to boil the water.  In Mumbai city, 40 cases of cholera, and 2481 cases of gastroenteritis, were reported in July.

Pakistan reported a 39% increase in gastroenteritis, from December through January.  (they also reported a 90% increase in snake bites!)

Norovirus / Tummy Bug update, 24 July 2013: Rabies misdiagnosed as tummy bug, kills several! Fear forces family to remove stomachs!!! More reasons to be a meat eater!

In Maryland U.S.A., it’s been revealed that people who got organ transplants are dying from rabies.  The latest victim died in February this year.  The North Carolina man who donated his organs had been diagnosed with a tummy bug called ciguatera, from eating contaminated fish.  Turns out he had rabies, which can have symptoms similar to tummy bug.  Three organ recipients have been successfully treated for rabies.  A report says this is not the first time this has happened in the U.S. (at least three other documented cases where several people died), and issued a warning: “This transmission event provides an opportunity for enhancing rabies awareness and recognition and highlights the need for a modified approach to organ donor screening and recipient monitoring for infectious encephalitis.”-report co-authored by U.S. CDC, published in Journal of the American Medical Association

The U.S. CDC has confirmed that this year’s norovirus outbreaks are dominated by the GII.4 Sydney strain (as I wrote months ago).

In eight U.S. states at least 275 people are sick from a protozoa called cyclospora.  10 people hospitalized.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is trying to find the source.

In Washington U.S.A., the Seattle Parks and Recreation closed the Lincoln Park wading pool after children got sick.  They suspect norovirus.  Public pools are chlorinated, but the normal chlorine levels are not high enough to kill the new strains of tummy bugs.

In Massachusetts U.S.A., a family has removed their stomachs.  They have a genetic mutation known as CDH1.  It causes diffuse gastric cancer, which normally shows up when it reaches stage 4, meaning too late for treatment.  They’ve had several relatives die from it.  Stomach cancer is the number two cause of cancer death around the World.

In the U.S., the National Pork Board is investing $800000 USD to fight a killer pig virus called porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED).  It’s fatal for suckling pigs, and 346 cases have been confirmed in 14 states.  It’s been determined that it’s being spread when transporting pigs to markets or slaughter houses.  Right now the pork industry is being told to handle all pigs as if they were bio-hazards.  Pig meat is safe to eat when cooked properly.

Wisconsin U.S.A., reporting an invasion of Lone Star ticks, which cause ehrlichiosis.  The disease has symptoms similar to influenza and tummy bugs.  Health officials suspect the new ticks are surviving through the warmer winters.

In Canada, health officials are warning you to protect from insect bites, some of which cause tummy bug like symptoms.  Blood sucking insects spread diseases from human to human.

In Taranaki, New Zealand, cases of cryptosporidiosis are skyrocketing.  Last year they had none, this year 24 cases so far.  It usually spreads when a sick person swims in a public pool.  Treatment is the same for norovirus, drink plenty of water.

Health officials in Taiwan reporting that norovirus outbreaks are getting larger every year.  They’ve identified GII.4-2006b and GII.4-New Orleans.

In United Kingdom, more reasons to stay out of hospital.  The Royal Blackburn Hospital is apparently intentionally killing patients through neglect and harassment.  A old woman was admitted with tummy bug, but then died.  Her family says the staff ignored her, intentionally moved her to new rooms in the middle of the night, and she even wound up with injuries that she didn’t have when she went in.  The woman called the Royal Hospital “hell on earth”.  A government investigation backs up the family’s claim, saying the Royal Hospital has the highest death rates in the U.K.

Wards in the Royal Bolton Hospital and the Coronary Care Unit in U.K. have been closed.  It’s blamed on tummy bug, but hospital staff are not sure how many people are sick.

Health alarms are ringing in the U.K., after reports that the upcoming winter will see more delays in getting help at the hospital. It’s blamed on huge reductions in staff at Accident & Emergency (A&E) units across the U.K. due to funding cuts.   Also, a disease that can have tummy bug like symptoms being warned about.  It’s the killer coughing bug, called pertussis or whooping cough.  This year’s cases are up ten times from 2008.

In Scotland U.K., officials with Health Protection Scotland reporting massive increase in two or more linked cases of illnesses.  Cases of people being sick with more than two diseases at the same time is up 40% from last year.  Norovirus is the most prevalent co-infector, salmonella the second most prevalent.  68% of cases took place in nursing homes and 28% in hospitals.

U.K. news media have been circulating a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that says 50% of all tummy bugs are caused by raw fruit and veg!  It’s usually the fertilizers used on the plants, which can actually absorb the pathogens through their roots, meaning in some cases you can’t just wash it off ’cause it’s inside the plant.

In Russia, norovirus has been found in frozen raspberries from the Netherlands.  Russian officials are warning of norovirus infections of frozen berries from Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Pakistan reporting a tummy bug outbreak in Panjpai.  At least 67 people sick.  Several people died. In Punjab, a child died from tummy bug.  Health officials say the disease is being spread by the water supply, at least 200 people sick.

In Madhya Pradesh, India, at least ten people sick from cholera.  Government officials say it’s taking place in “unauthorized” communities, whose water source is contaminated.  In Maharashtra, 31 more students have been admitted to hospital. This is the place where elementary and junior high students were poisoned by their school lunch.  22 children have died so far.  It’s blamed on a deadly pesticide (which is banned in the U.S.) that somehow got into their food.  The school principal has been arrested after an employee said she was forced by him to serve the food even after she discovered the contamination.  Also, in the same state of Maharashtra, health officials are reporting increased cases of cholera, specifically in the city of Mumbai.  Officials there are concerned because they had no cases last year. Also they report increased cases of typhoid and hepatitis.


Norovirus / Tummy Bug update, 15 July 2013: Parasites! Fatal Pig virus! More reasons not to be a vegetarian!

In Rhode Island, and Massachusetts U.S.A., the Shigella Sonnei bacterium is striking down swimmers at local lake beaches.  Spring Lake and Wallum Lake have been mentioned.  Since 04 July there’s been about 140 cases reported.  The Spring Lake Beach was reopened because health officials could not find evidence of contamination.

In Wyoming U.S.A., officials at Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks say norovirus cases have returned to “normal levels”: “The spike we had was unusual, but having a few cases sprinkled [sprinkled ?] throughout the area during summer months is still within the realm of possibility.”-Jackie Skaggs, Grand Teton National Park

Also in Wyoming, the town of Hudson was hit with norovirus.  It was revealed that 30 people got sick back in May, after eating at the Svilar’s Bar and Dining Room.  The Wyoming Department of Health has yet to determine the source of infection.

In San Diego, California U.S.A., school officials were fearing a massive tummy bug outbreak after 22 elementary aged students began throwing up.  Turns out the dumb ass kids were chugging milk laced with salt, pepper, hot sauce and veggies!  18 students went to the hospital, but get this, some of those students didn’t take part in the stupid dare and were not sick at all: “When the first kids got sick, teachers asked if anybody else felt sick, and the hands started going up. Some of them were apparently having, sympathy pains.”-Jack Brandais, San Diego Unified School District

In Iowa U.S.A., more than 25 people have been infected with parasites.  It’s called Cyclospora, and health officials say it’s been awhile since they’ve seen such an outbreak (more than they’ve seen in the past 20 years!).  Apparently it’s contaminating produce, as health officials are telling people to wash even the packaged ‘pre-washed’ lettuce.

In Sweden, more than 2000 people in the city of Österund are sick with Cryptosporidium.  The parasite is contaminating the town’s water supply, as many as 9000 people could be infected.  Health officials are trying to find out how the parasite got in the water supply.  For now the residents must boil the water, for at least 15 minutes, before using.

Speaking of parasites, the royal family of the British Empire (along with all the lovers of Anglo royalty around the World) are concerned because the duchess of cambridge, Kate Middleton, is infected with a parasite that’s getting bigger everyday!  Maybe it’ll burst forth from her sternum like a commoner silicon based Xenomorph, and then consume the rest of the house of windsor only to become a queen itself, laying thousands of leathery eggs, turning the British Isles into a giant hive of Aliens!  David Icke did say the royal family was a bunch of alien reptiles.  Oh, she’s just pregnant?  Then what the hell is all the fuss about?!

In the United Kingdom, travelers are being advised to get travel health insurance.  From 2011 to 2012, 48% of travelers aged 18 to 24 years did not get such health insurance.  About 1600 ended up in a hospital in another country.  One Brit, who traveled to California, got sick with tummy bug, went into hospital, and returned to the U.K. with a bill of about $151,130 USD!!!

In Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, reports that the local hospital is full up due to winter time infections including tummy bugs.

As winter hits Australia, the Food Safety Information Council is warning of norovirus outbreaks: “Norovirus has been called the winter vomiting bug overseas as it spreads easily between people during winter…..Once norovirus is contracted a single infected person can easily spread it to many others, especially if they prepare food or drink.”

Also in Australia, medical wards at Ballarat Base Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Centre are closed because of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks.

In Durban, South Africa, reports that 1000 children are sick with rotavirus.  The National Institute for Communicable Diseases says outbreaks are on the increase, and they blame lack of vaccinations and bad hygiene.

In the U.S.A., the Kansas Department of Health and Environment revealed that there were several outbreaks of tummy bug in April and May.  More than 50 cases reported that involved a First Communion, a meat market, a couple of restaurants and a wedding rehearsal.

In Pennsylvania U.S.A., it’s been revealed that Lancaster County’s pig farms have been hit with a new pig killing virus.  It’s called porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), and it’s 100% fatal in suckling pigs.  It also retards growth in older pigs. Local Pennsylvania news reports say officials refuse to report how many cases there are.  There is no treatment for PED.  According to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, PED has hit pig farms in at least 16 states.

In Tennessee U.S.A., the Johnson City Medical Center is now using a robot named Gizmo, to zap microbes.  Like other germ killing robots used in Canada, Gizmo uses ultra violet light, 25000 times brighter than the sun, to break down DNA.

The United Nations Codex Alimentarius Commission adopted Strategic Plan 2014-2019.  They say it sets international standards to prevent food borne illness outbreaks caused by Hepatitis A, Norovirus, bacteria and protozoa.