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Marines guilty of endemic violence! Ghosts of my father & grandfather!

11 NOV 2017 (04:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Aban 1396/21 Safar 1439/23 Xin-Hai 4715

Couple of U.S. Marines found guilty of crimes; a Drill Instructor, and a General!

On 10 NOV 2017, a military jury found a Iraq occupation vet, and Drill Instructor (DI), guilty of punching, kicking and choking U.S. Muslim recruits in his charge, one of those U.S. Muslims killed  himself.  The DI was reduced down in rank to private, lost his pay and will spend ten years in a military prison: “Felix was accused in more than three dozen criminal counts of being a central figure in an abusive group of drill instructors at Parris Island that came to light after the March 2016 suicide of one of the three Muslim-American recruits Felix targeted.”-Associated Press

Does anybody remember the U.S. Marines Afghanistan pissing contest, back in 2011?

Now-retired USMC General James Amos found guilty of ‘Unlawful Command Influence’ (UCI) regarding the incident, and as a result the conviction of a Marine sniper involved in the Afghan urinating case has been thrown out.  The court ruled that General Amos used his authority to illegally influence events surrounding the case, and to focus the investigation unfairly on one particular sniper.  Investigations into the UCI by General Amos also included his chief legal adviser, and a Major who resigned from the USMC.

The UCI case against James Amos is considered unprecedented in USMC history.  But USMC violence is not unprecedented, its endemic.

My paternal grandfather is a prime example of a hardcore Marine whose only response to difficult situations, real or imagined, is to fight your way through.

O.G. Hutchins  spent 30+ years in the USMC, serving in World War Two, Korea and Vietnam.  He also served as a DI and recruiter.  He was so hardcore that after his forced retirement he furnished his bedroom in his Jackson, Mississippi, home with wall and foot lockers, a hammock for the bed, and a huge Marine Corps flag covering one wall.

O.G. Hutchins, 30+ years hardcore Marine

O.G. Hutchins, 30+ years hardcore Marine

I remember one night in a drunken rage he broke a bowl made from walnut shells and began crying about it, saying it was made by one of his buddies in Vietnam.  The next morning he accused me of breaking it, and my father had to intervene to stop hm from beating me.

This wasn’t the first time my father stood up to his father.  In the 1950s, while my grandfather was stationed at Yermo, in California, my father tried to protect his mother from being beaten and got beat himself.  My grandmother could take being beaten by my grandfather, but seeing her son get beat was too much for her. She not only got a divorce but got a California arrest warrant issued for my grandfather.  The Marine Corp protected him from arrest by shipping him outside The Golden State (which was typical back then).

But my father is guilty of being an abuser as well, yes he was a Marine.  My father was a USMC BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) gunner for two years, before transferring to the U.S. Air Force in the early 1960s (you could do that then).  Strangely, after the mid-1970s incident where my grandfather wanted to beat me for his breaking of his Vietnam buddies’ bowl, my father started abusing me whenever he got drunk. This lasted until the early 1980s when he tried to do it in front of some of my high-school friends.  He grabbed me by the neck, made a fist with his free hand, and ordered me to call him ‘sir’.  I looked him in the eyes, then looked at my friends, then back at my father and said “No.” and added “Go ahead.”  Realizing there were witnesses he angrily backed off.

For a few years my mother didn’t believe me about my father’s abuse, until one day he did it in front of her.  I believe that’s what finally lead her to divorce him, she began to fear him and claimed during the divorce trial that he threatened to kill her.  She told me afterwards that she stayed in the marriage for as long as she did because she thought he loved his children, until he tried beating me in front of her.  I have a sister and brother, but for some reason I was the only one he was abusing (as far as I know, I don’t communicate with my siblings), what used to be called a Whipping Boy.

It was after my parents’ divorce that paternal grandmother revealed the abuse at the hands of my grandfather.   While my father and grandfather were both Marines there’s a major difference between them; my grandfather was honest about who he was, my father was a coward.  My grandfather openly told people how he felt about them, how he hated ‘blacks’, how he hated Asians more than blacks, how he hated anybody who wasn’t a Marine (when I told him I joined the Army he cursed me, but later on after I got married and joined the Air Force he forgave me because he was happy at the chance of becoming a great grandfather).

O.G. Hutchins and fellow Marines somewhere in the Pacific

O.G. Hutchins and fellow Marines somewhere in the Pacific

My grandfather honestly told me how, during World War Two, they would murder Japanese PoWs (Prisoners of War) and get away with it by claiming the PoWs were trying to escape (its legal to kill PoWs if they’re attempting to escape).  They would unlock the PoW cage at night, and when the first prisoner opened the cage the Marines would open fire, on everybody in the cage.

O.G. Hutchins, tank commander M4 Sherman

O.G. Hutchins, tank commander M4 Sherman

He also told me how they would kill women and children, and then blame the Japanese.  There are plenty of reports of the U.S. military trying to help civilians on the islands they were capturing, one way was to drop leaflets telling civilians to surrender themselves to the U.S. forces.  My grandfather said many times, at night, civilians would approach their front lines and try to cross the barbed wire only to be shot down in a hail of bullets as everybody in the unit would ‘open up’ with everything they had.   He said in the morning all you’d see were the bodies old people, women and children hanging the wire.  But he was unphased because he was tired of pulling the bodies of his dead buddies from burned out tanks (he was a tank commander).  The reason why the civilians approached at night was because the Japanese army had orders to shoot any civilian that tried to surrender (the Japanese army was terrible at night operations), but the Marine Corps reported that the civilians were being used as human shields by the Japanese army to probe U.S. defenses.

My grandfather had similar stories about Korea and Vietnam.  He was brutally honest.  My father was the opposite, a bold faced liar.  He was still a ‘racist’, hated a lot of religions (he was raised Lutheran), would complain about government corruption yet as a civil servant joyously took part in ripping off taxpayers (he would actually brag to me about the latest gadget he acquired from the Air Force, without the Air Force knowing about it, or put in for every taxpayer funded education convention when he was a member of the Hesperia school board).  My ‘black’ hating father could convince ‘blacks’ in church that he was ‘on their side’.  At home my father would yell about corporate executives and politicians ruining the country, but then in public, when confronting them he suddenly became the biggest ass-kisser I ever saw!  I think one reason my father started abusing me was because even as a child I was calling him out on his dishonesty (especially on government corruption and his civil service ‘crimes’, and his lies to black church members).  My grandfather would never do that, instead he would risk getting arrested for assaulting people for being ‘in violation’ of his personal beliefs, he admitted to me that the reason he became a Marine was to get away from what he saw as a ‘corrupt’ civilian world.

While my father and grandfather were polar opposites regarding living an honest life, they were both Marines and both dealt with stressful situations with violence, because that’s how a Marine is made. Or is it?  Is it possible that the United States Marine Corps attracts people who are already violent?  It should be noted that even before O.G. Hutchins joined the Marines in the late 1930s he had a history of violence, even being shunned by the larger Hutchins clan of Mississippi because of it.  Education could be a factor, my grandfather made it through only junior-high, as a result he could never find decent paying work, even back then.   My father was always a high achiever; an Eagle Scout, high scoring high-school graduate and a ‘letterman’, even getting an Associates Degree from Victor Valley College while working at Edwards AFB in the 1970s.  Yet my poorly educated grandfather was the honest one, my high achieving father was a liar.

A couple of years before my grandfather’s death he had been barred from every VFW (Veterans Foreign Wars) post in the Jackson area, for causing fights (and he was in his late 60s/early 70s). He openly hated anybody who “wasn’t a Marine” or wasn’t ‘white’, at least I can respect him for living his brutal life openly and honestly, especially since the highest academic education level he achieved was junior-high.

Unit Citations, O.G. Hutchins:  “The officers and enlisted men of the First Marine Division, Reinforced…..1942…..forced landing assaults….on Tulagi, Gavutu, Tanambogo, Florida and Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands….”

“…extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces at Peleliu and Ngesebus…September 15 to 29, 1944.”

“…extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces…Okinawa Shima, Ryukyu Islands…..1945.”

“…for outstanding and heroic performance….  ….September 1950, the First Marine Division…..recaptured Inchon City.”  

“For extraordinary heroism in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea….October 1950.” 

“For extraordinary heroism….against enemy aggressor forces in the Chosin reservoir and Koto-ri area…..December 1950.”

“For extraordinary heroism….in Korea….April…May…June…September 1951.”

“For extraordinary heroism….against the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong forces in the Republic of Vietnam from 8 March 1965 to 15 September 1967……   Third Marine Division (Reinforced)…”




2012:  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, U.S. generals and even Obama facing investigation and War Crimes trials by International Criminal Courts 



Bush Jr & Blair found Guilty of War Crimes by International Court!


Vehicle ID: M1A1 ‘Day at the Range’ with the USMC

USMC 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division, Twentynine Palms, California.  Busting wheel hubs & track, humping rounds (note: the 120mm round has a shell casing made of clear combustible plastic, the grey color is the explosive charge), mine/lane clearing and finally some live fire from the ‘tracks':

Kit bashers note that USMC M1A1s have features not found on U.S. Army M1A1s.


Russia delivers C-130 simulator to U.S. Marines in Japan!

08 August 2016 (15:14 UTC-07 Tango 01) 18 Mordad 1395/04 Dhu I-Qa’da 1437/06 Bing-Shen 4714

“We don’t do many jobs like this. It’s a great opportunity for our crew to carry some cargo for MCAS Iwakuni.”-Sergei Nenashev, radio operator of the Russian operated An-124

If Russia is the ‘bad guy’ to the United States, then why are U.S. tax dollars being paid to Russian companies to make deliveries to U.S. military personnel?

A large Antonov 124 transport plane delivered a KC-130J simulator to the USMC at Air Station Iwakuni in Japan.  It’s part of Obama’s plan to dominate East Asia: “This simulator delivery is part of a larger project of standing up the Operation Training Complex.  When completed, it will be the largest flight simulator training complex in the Marine Corps and nearly the largest in Asia, providing training to our Navy and Marine Corps aviators.”-Tyler VandenBerg, engineer on MCAS Iwakuni


NAZI-land & Military crimes: 8 U.S. soldiers murdered a fellow soldier in Afghanistan, tried to make it look like suicide, second case of ethnic cleansing within the U.S. military in Afghanistan

Danny Chen, a 19 year old infantryman assigned to Company C, 3rd Battalion of 25th Infantry Division, in Afghanistan, died on October 3, 2011.  Initial reports said he shot himself in the head.

Now the U.S. Army has charged eight U.S. soldiers in connection with Chen’s death: 1st Lt Daniel J. Schwartz, Staff Sgt Blaine G. Dugas, Staff Sgt Andrew J. Van Bockel, Sgt Adam M. Holcomb, Sgt Jeffrey T. Hurst, Sgt Travis F. Carden, Spc Thomas P. Curtis and Spc Ryan J. Offutt.

They are charged with dereliction of duty, maltreatment, involuntary manslaughter, assault consummated by battery, and reckless endangerment.

But get this, the U.S. Army would never had investigated if it wasn’t for Chen’s hometown of Chinatown, in New York City! The Asian community demanded the Army investigate.

The U.S. Army investigators discovered that Chen was subjected to physical abuse and ethnic slurs, because he’s ethnically Chinese.

This is the second such case. The first involved the death of Harry Lew, a U.S. Marine from California.  Lew was subjected to brutal hazing in Afghanistan.  The USMC quietly court martialed Lew’s attackers in October of this year.    

World War 3: Australia, Japan and United States to form new military pact

Japan’s Defense Minister Yasuo Ichikawa, and Australia’s Ambassador to Japan Bruce Miller, have publicly expressed a desire to form a new military pact involving the United States.

Japan already has military pacts with the U.S., and with Australia.  Japanese officials say it is only natural that all three should join into one single pact.

Recently U.S. President Barack Obama announced a pact with Australia that involves basing up to 2,500 U.S. Marines there.

Military analysts say the real reason for military pacts between Japan, Australia and the U.S., is the growing fear of the growing power of China.

World War 3: U.S. Congress refuses Japan’s demand to get U.S. Marines off Okinawa

The U.S. Senate and House have rejected funding for moving the USMC off Okinawa and onto Guam.

For decades the people on Okinawa have complained of criminal activity by U.S. Marines, including rape and murder. The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2012 does not include the needed $150 million for the move.

U.S. and Japanese officials tried to convince Okinawans to allow the U.S. Marines to move from Futenma, Okinawa, to Nago, Okinawa.  Okinawans basically said Hell No!  They want the USMC off Okinawa, no more compromise.


World War 3: Peaceprize winner, Obama, sending thousands of U.S. Marines to Australia. Prep for war with China, or trying to save money?

“With my visit to the region I am making it clear that the United States is stepping up its commitment to the entire Asia-Pacific region.  But the second message I’m trying to send is that we are here to stay. This is a region of huge strategic importance to us.  Even as we make a whole host of important fiscal decisions back home, this is right up there at the top of my priority list.  And we’re going to make sure that we are able to fulfill our leadership role in the Asia-Pacific region.”-Barack Obama, Noble peace prize winner & President of the United States

After nearly four years as President of the United States, Barack Obama finally makes an official visit to Australia, where he announced the deployment of 2,500 Marines!

U.S. officials claim it’s partly at the request of the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.  Foreign policy analysts say it’s really about surrounding China with U.S. forces, in preparation for war.

Currently the U.S. and dozens of Asian/Pacific countries have been discussing the creation of a TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership, or free trade zone).  China has been deliberately left out of those TPP negotiations.  In fact, many of the governments of the smaller Asian countries are pushing for the TPP as a way of protecting themselves, economically, from China.

Another possibility is that the U.S. Department of Defense is trying to cut costs, shutting down state side bases.  Part of this move, to send the USMC to Australia, includes training of U.S. military pilots in Australia, rather than the U.S.  Obama said U.S. forces will jointly train with their Australian counterparts.

The important thing is that this is definitely an overt move of expansion on the part of the struggling U.S. Empire: “…the first long-term expansion of the American military presence in the Pacific since the end of the Vietnam War.”– New York Times


Japan tells U.S. get your Marines out of Okinawa

“There is no change in our policy to carry out the Japan/U.S. accord steadily.”-Yukio Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary

On May 12, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, said Japan will stick to the plan.  This after U.S. Congressman reneged on a promise to move a USMC base on Okinawa.

For decades the people of Okinawa have wanted the removal of the Futenma Air Station.  One of the reasons has been the crimes, including rape, committed by U.S. Marines and sailors.  In 2006 the U.S. and Japan signed an agreement to move the air station.

One option was to merge the Marine Corps Air Station with the USAF Kadena base, also on Okinawa.  But even that plan is being questioned by U.S. Congressman.  The main issue is money, apparently the United States doesn’t have enough money to move an air base.

U.S. to begin withdrawing Marines from Okinawa

For decades Japanese living on Okinawa have demanded that U.S. forces leave.  They might be getting their wish.

Internal U.S. Marine Corps documents obtained by NHK revealed a plan to reduce the number of Marines by 8,000.  The Marines would be relocated to the U.S. territory of Guam.

It still leaves about 10,000 personnel at the Futenma Air Station on Okinawa, but, eventually the air base will be moved as well.  There is a meeting between U.S. and Japanese officials, to work out details, scheduled for June.