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Idaho Mormon politician says you don’t need healthcare!

In May 2017,  god was completely powerless to stop ‘his’ mormon ‘elected’ U.S. congressman Raúl Rafael Labrador from stating “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.”

In a video taken in a church(?) where mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS) Labrador was taking ‘town hall’ questions from the public, he was asked many questions about the poor quality of healthcare for low income people in the United States.  Not only did Labrador claim the U.S. has the best healthcare in the world for poor people (proven to be false by the United Nations World Health Organization) but he added “Nobody dies because they don’t have access to healthcare.” 

I personally know somebody who died because she was refused access to healthcare, and she had insurance!  She was suffering from delusions and physical problems caused by her prescription meds.  She was the mother of my children, and my son and I took her to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for emergency help.  The ER staff told us they believed she was suffering as a result of addiction to her meds and under Idaho law they could and did refuse medical help.  They kept saying “she won’t die”, the next morning she was found dead in her mobile-home by the mobile-home park manager, and a nurse that admitted to me that she was personally concerned by her condition and for some reason was compelled to check on her that next morning.  My adult children tried to get legal help but were told that unless it was an “open and shut case” the laws in Idaho made it almost impossible to sue the healthcare industry.  Lawyers were willing to take the case if my children paid cash up front, but being a poor family that ain’t gonna happen.  So to all you ‘christians’ who say ‘nobody dies from lack of healthcare’ I say I hope there is a Hell and you burn in it forever!

In 2016, Kenneth Krell, director of Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, testified to state politicians that Idaho’s version of ObamaCare is being directly blamed for the deaths of 1-thousand Idahoans since 2013, by denying access to healthcare: “And I kept asking myself, how could this be? How, in a state like Idaho where we care about each other, could I be seeing deaths and really damaging illness on a nearly daily basis as a result of failure to expand Medicaid that cost tangible lives? It’s difficult to understand.” 

By the way, idiot mormon Labrador is hoping to be ‘elected’ the next govna of Idaho!






My Immigrant Idaho: Mormon farmers suffer under Trump’s illegals policy!

21 November 2016 (03:24 UTC-07 Tango 01) 01 Azar 1395/20 Safar 1438/22 Ji Hai 4714

“It would have to be a massive, military type effort. And then what?   ….Our dairy industry in Idaho depends on immigrant labor….”-John Thompson, Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, commenting on Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deport illegal immigrants

Right before the False Flag elections on 08 November 2016 (the official Electoral College elections take place on 19 December) it was revealed that Idaho’s businesses are employing an estimated 41-thousand undocumented (ie illegal) migrant workers.  Under Trump’s promised plan to deport illegals it’s estimated that Idaho agricultural industry alone would lose at least 25% of their illegal migrant workers (one estimate says 40% of Idaho’s ag workers are illegal).

I’ve written before that the true reason ‘christian’ lawmakers in Idaho are allowing illegal immigration is that thousands of U.S. citizens have fled The Gem State.  The southern Idaho Twin Falls area has long been ground zero for immigrants.

In June of this year, The Economist revealed that this goes back the end of the U.S. occupation of Vietnam, when Mormon-LDS dominated leaders began a immigrant farm labor program (as a False Flag program run by taxpayer funded College of Southern Idaho) under the guise of helping refugees from Southeast Asia.  Today that program has exploded to the point where federal agencies, and the United Nations, are directly involved.

The Twin Falls College of Southern Idaho Refugee operation has become so big that an Idaho Falls TV station drove three hours to Twin Falls to do a report about it.  KIFI reported “Many people don’t know that Idaho is a major refugee resettlement destination. There are centers in Boise and Twin Falls that welcome hundreds of refugees from all over the world each year.”   But their report wasn’t negative, KIFI’s report made it sound like most Twin Fallsians love the CSI Refugee Center job stealing program.

Right to Work (you over) governor Butch Otter giving praise at the Chobani alter

One of the largest employers in Twin Falls is immigrant founded Chobani Yogurt. Between his New York and Idaho yogurt operations the owner admits to employing at least 3-hundred immigrants.

But don’t think the U.S. citizens who call Twin Falls home support the covert College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center program.  The Refugee Center administrators admit that 3-hundred refugees are brought through Twin Falls every year, with most staying put.  What KIFI failed to report was that U.S. citizens living in Twin Falls, including agronomist Adrian Arp, are pissed and hope Donald Trump keeps his promise to get rid of illegal immigrants: “I think God is giving us another chance. I mean, seriously. You looked at all the odds. The Republican establishment. The crooked media. Despite it all, he was able to pull it off. And now we’ve got to hold his feet to the fire.”

Some pro-immigrant groups (please notice that most pro-immigrant groups support illegal immigration, not legal immigration) downplay the number of immigrants arriving in Idaho.  At this point more than 95-thousand immigrants have arrived, but keep in mind the official population of Idaho is about 1.5-million, that’s a fraction of New York City’s population of just over 8-million! 

Idaho ‘christian’ officials mistreat girl, 5, raped by Muslim migrants

The Washington Post: In Twin Falls, Idaho, co-dependency of whites and immigrants faces a test


Reports say illegal immigration to The Gem State  skyrocketed 30% from 2009 to 2012, and is costing legal state taxpayers $187.4-million USD per year! 

Red Neck Fail: ‘Christian’ Texas home base for taxpayer funded Islamic extremist schools!

18 November 2016 (12:29 UTC-07 Tango 01) 28 Aban 1395/17 Safar 1438/19 Ji Hai 4714

“Among the issues in the complaint that were left aside by TEA include evidence of discrimination in hiring, pay, and promotion favoring Turkish males, preference for related Turkish vendors in major contracts, discrimination against English Language learners and Students with Disabilities, abuse of the H-1B visa program to bring in underqualified Turkish nationals for teaching and leadership positions, misuse of federal program funding for low socioeconomic students and students with special needs, and systematic overcharging of leases to Harmony schools by Harmony’s private real estate arm to siphon over $18 million of public funds out of the schools.”Gülen Investigation.com

President Bill Clinton praising lobbying efforts (bribing of U.S. politicians) by Muhammed Fethullah Gülen and his followers: 

The ‘christian’ dominated Texas Education Agency (TEA) has concluded yet another in-house investigation into a Turkish immigrant run U.S. taxpayer funded school system.  The latest accusations that the Houston based nationwide school system is really an Islamic Extremist recruitment system comes from NATO member Turkey. The TEA stated the claims were “unfounded” despite ‘mountains’ of publicly available evidence.

Retired U.S. general Michael T. Flynn, and posible advisor to President Trump, accuses Gülen of being a terrorist

This announcement by the TEA came as U.S. Presidential elect Donald Trump asked retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn to be his national security adviser.  Just days ago Flynn wrote “From Turkey’s point of view, Washington is harboring Turkey’s Osama bin Laden…..    ….To add insult to injury, American taxpayers are helping finance Gülen’s 160 charter schools in the United States. These schools have been granted more H1-B visas than Google.”  That ‘Osama bin Laden’ is Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, who has been protected by various U.S. presidents since 1997.  (is Flynn’s opposition to Gülen the real reason Obama fired him?)

2012 CBSNews 60 Minutes report, in which they were told Muhammed Fethullah Gülen does not speak to news media:

In 1997 Muhammed Fethullah Gülen was secretly rescued from Turkey by U.S. President Bill Clinton, after Gülen publicly ordered his minions to overthrow the Turkish government.  Since then he’s created an extensive taxpayer funded charter school system across the U.S.  NATO member Turkey claims that some of the Islamic Extremist insurgents they’ve captured came from the U.S. and attended those schools.

2014 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview with Muhammed Fethullah Gülen: 

It should be noted that Turkish immigrant teachers went public a couple of years ago and said that Gülen was intentionally laying off U.S. citizen teachers and replacing them with Turkish immigrants, because he was making money by forcing the immigrants to kickback 40% of their pay to his organization!

Former Gülen followers reveal the hidden extremist movement: 

A group called Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbying in Public Schools are tracking the Gülen school systems.  They identified hundreds of charter schools operating across the U.S., under different names (including in Mormon dominated Utah, under the name of Beehive which is one of the Masonic symbols of Mormonism), but directly linked to Harmony in Texas, and all under the direction of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen (who lives in Pennsylvania).

Pic published by Australian Catholic University showing Gulen meeting the Pope

Gülen run education management ops: Coral Education Corporation-Sonoran Schools-Accord Institute for Education Research,  Harmony Public Schools-Cosmos Foundation-Sky Foundation, Magnolia Foundation, Willow Education, Charter Educational Services & Resources-Grace Institute for Educational Research & Resources, Concept Schools, Pelican Educational Foundation, Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation, Apple Educational Services, Frontier Schools, iLearnSchools-North Jersey Arts and Science Charter Schools, Washington Educational Foundation, SST-Riverwalk Education Foundation.

Gülen run charter-concept schools:  Little Scholars of Arkansas, Magnolia Science Academy, Bay Area Technology School, Lotus School for Excellence, Harmony D.C. School of Excellence, Broward Math & Science School, Discovery Academy of Science, New Springs Elementary School, New Springs Middle School, Orlando Science, River City Science Academy, Stars Middle School, Fulton Science Academy-TEACH, Fulton Sunshine Academy, Chicago Math and Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Quest Charter Academy, Indiana Math and Science Academy, Kenilworth Science and Technology, Chesapeake Math and IT Academy South, Chesapeake Science Point, Pioneer Charter School of Science, Hampden Charter School of Science, Michigan Math and Science Academy, Minnesota Math and Science AcademyFrontier School of Excellence-Brookside-Frontier Math and Science School, Frontier School of Innovation, Frontier STEM, Gateway Science Academy, Coral Academy of Science, Central Jersey College PrepPaterson Charter School For Science And Technology, Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School, Bergen Arts and Science Charter School, Passaic Arts and Science Charter School, Paterson Arts and Science Charter School, Hudson Arts and Science Charter School, Albuquerque School of Excellence, Syracuse Academy of Science, Buffalo Academy of Science, Rochester Academy Charter School, Utica Academy of Science, Triad Math & Science Academy, Triangle Math & Science Academy, Queen City STEM, Horizon Science Academy, Noble Academy, Discovery School of Tulsa, Dove Science Academy, Truebright Science Academy, Young Scholars, Vision Academy,  Greenville Renewable Energy Education-GREEN, Memphis School of Excellence, Harmony School of Science, Harmony Science Academy, Harmony School of Excellence, Harmony School of Political Science & Communication,  Harmony School of Innovation, Harmony School of Business, Harmony School of Nature & Athletics, Harmony School of Endeavor, Harmony School of Advancement, Harmony School of Discovery, Harmony School of Exploration,  Harmony School of Ingenuity, School of Science and Technology, Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Milwaukee Math and Science Academy

The Guardian: Erdoğan calls on Obama to extradite ‘terrorist’ Fethullah Gülen to Turkey for trial – video


My Immigrant Idaho : Crimes skyrocket partly due to domestic and foreign migration!

23 June 2016 / 18:26 UTC-07 Tango 01 (04 Tir 1395/18 Ramadan 1437/20 Jia-Wu 4714)

I’ve lived in The Gem State for 20 years and since 2013 there’s been a crime wave like never seen before in Idaho (current official Idaho State Police records go up to 2013-14), yet most of our local news media won’t talk about it.  The crime wave coincides with skyrocketing immigration, from both domestic (from within the U.S.) and foreign (outside the U.S.) sources.

Between 2011 and 2013 immigration into the U.S. was actually declining (UNITED STATES IS NO LONGER THE PREFERED DESTINATION FOR IMMIGRANTS and MIGRANTS SEAKING WORK IN THE U.S. AT RECORD LOWS!).  2013 was the year the massive waves of economic migrants and war refugees began pouring out of North Africa and the Middle East, due to new U.S. and European Union instigated regime change wars.

As far as domestic migration into Idaho, 2011 is the year the U.S. Census Bureau first noticed U.S. citizens fleeing, literally in the hundreds of thousands, from metro areas on the east and west coasts of the country (CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ TURNED INTO HOTEL CALIFORNIA NIGHTMARE and NEW YORK & OBAMA’S HOMIE TOWN TOP CREATORS OF U.S. REFUGEES!), supposedly their destinations are more rural states like Idaho.

Idaho’s ‘christian’ lawmakers secretly welcome domestic and foreign migrants, mainly for the fact that since 2012 thousands of Idahoans fled The Gem State (IDAHO’S YOUTH GET THE HELL OUTTA DODGE! and THE UNEMPLOYED ARE LEAVING THE GEM STATE!  and 1400 PEOPLE LEAVE THE GEM STATE IN MARCH 2013!)  So many foreign migrants are being allowed into Idaho that the state Department of Education has created a special Migrant Education Program, which is at the insistence of the federal Department of Education and includes taxpayer funded grant money for college (ILLEGALS GET FREE U.S. COLLEGE! 43% U.S. CITIZENS CAN’T PAY STUDENT LOANS! and Community Council of Idaho provides education and federally funded healthcare to migrant workers while ‘yours truly’ taxpaying citizen since 1982 has been repeatedly denied free education and healthcare, even under Idaho’s version of ObamaCare, and not because my income wasn’t low enough, but because I’m a ‘white’ male [I was literally told that by an Idaho Department of Health & Welfare worker in 2001, and by an Arizona Department of Economic Security worker in 1996]!).  Idaho has even established a contractor (Jannus) run Office for Refugees. 

This mirrors the mass exodus of U.S. citizens from the United States (In 2015, ANOTHER RECORD RENOUNCE U.S. CITIZENSHIP! and ANOTHER 1.18 MILLION CITIZENS HAVE LEFT THE U.S. in 2013!), which is the true reason your ‘elected’ lawmakers don’t do anything about illegal immigration.

It starting to look like My Private Idaho heaven is becoming My Immigrant Idaho hell!

Incomplete list of recent news reports involving migrants in Idaho:

WFAA, Texas: Texas teen charged in Idaho locker room sexual assault

KIFI, Idaho Falls: Illegal alien sentenced to 30 months for threatening people with gun

Three people from New York caught in cell phone scam

KPVI, Pocatello: Bannock County requesting $300k to handle increase in murder cases

Bannock County warns of prison overcrowding after cash strapped taxpayers refuse to build a new county jail  (I must point out that it seems Bannock County is apparently [according to Idaho State Police] the only county dealing with prison overcrowding)

Court officials tell KPVI in the month of March, 162 people were issued arrest warrants….. Since January of 2016 the county has issued more than 400 arrests warrants

Female prisoners in Bannock County jail at max levels: “Women have really started committing a lot more violent crimes.”-Sheriff Lorin Nielsen

KIVI, Twin Falls: Witness claims five-year-old girl was covered in urine pleading for help

Families of boys involved in assault of 5-year-old served eviction notice

Alleged rape committed by boys of Iraqi/Sudanese descent

The Economist: In their report Twin Falls, a conservative city in Idaho, likes refugees, the LDS (Mormon) church is implicated in a massive immigrant/refugee operation going back to the 1970s, mainly to benefit Mormon farmers with cheap labor

Magicvalley.com: Saudi man runs over Twin Falls man

and from April 2015, College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Center is expecting an influx of Syrian refugees

Idaho Statesman, Boise: Uzbek migrant convicted of supporting terrorists drops his appeal

Charles Carroll Society: Patriots in Sandpoint, Idaho defeat muslim migration resolution

The Common Sense Show: “…Idaho has been seeking to hire an ebola coordinator…In part, the recent floods of immigrants into Idaho, are from West Africa!” 

American Immigration Council:  The Political and Economic Power of Immigrants, Latinos, and Asians in the Gem State, in 2013 more than 95-thousand people in Idaho were immigrants, and Idaho’s official population is only 1.5-million

The Washington Times: Barack Obama spares nearly 5 million living in the U.S. illegally, senator from Idaho Mike Crapo complained saying “The unilateral legal protections provided lawlessly to millions of illegal immigrants by the President…..pose a profound threat to our immigration system and rule of law.”

From December 2014, Boise State Public Radio: 46% of Idaho’s undocumented residents eligible for deportation protection under Obama’s executive action. A higher rate than any other state.

From March 2012, National Public Radio:  More than 4,000 refugees have found their way to Idaho….   “Three years ago, we were just seeing a few extreme cases of refugees that had consistent difficulty with integration, and then it really happened very suddenly, where there were 50, 60, 100 families really struggling.”-Marcia Munden, Catholic Charities of Idaho 


















Mormon university criminalizes rape victims!

26 April 2016 (10:31 UTC-07 Tango 01) 13 Ordibehesht 1395/18 Rajab 1437/20 Ren-Chen 4714

“They treated me in such an un-Christlike way, like I was some sinner. There was no forgiveness and mercy.”Brooke, rape victim at Brigham Young University who says when she reported being raped she got an official suspension letter stating that university administrators viewed the rape as “consensual sex” therefore violating the Mormon university’s official Honor Code.

BYU protesters say they’ve been shamed by Honor Code: The Salt Lake Tribune

Who’s the real christian god? “It’s for sale, someone can turn it into a restaurant if they want to.” : U.S. Christian job destruction 1st Q 2016 

LDS kills Mormon bookstore!

Mormon ‘Sheriff’ insists “our” Rape is “Consensual”! 

2 Idaho prisoners die in 1 day! Evil Mormon MTC involved? 

Idaho Walmart quietly settles discrimination lawsuits! Mormon managers accused of employing Whipping Boys?

25 November 2015, 19:06 UTC-07 Tango 01 (05 Azar 1394/13 Safar 1437/15 Ding-Hai 10th month 4713)

Here in Chubbuck, Idaho, the local Walmart has quietly settled discrimination lawsuits over the years, mostly about work environment connected to ethnic and religious discrimination.

Chubbuck, Idaho, Walmart

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the overwhelming majority of eastern Idahoans surveyed claim to be Mormons.  I’ve had problems maintaining steady employment here since 2006 (I moved here in 1996).  One day, around 2002, I was told by Jack-Mormon co-workers at the Pine Ridge Mall “You have no right to say anything bad about the Mormon Church”, even though they were constantly ‘bad mouthing’ the very same ‘Mormon Church’ they refused to attend!   That was when the mall was still under the original ownership of J. Price Realty.

For a short time in 2004 I worked at the Mormon owned Don Aslett’s Cleaning Center warehouse and was constantly asked about “Why don’t we see you at Ward?”  (for those who are not Mormon and never dealt with Mormons, Ward is their term for Church). Once I told them I wasn’t Mormon they literally cut my work schedual down to zero hours saying “we just don’t have the work to keep you busy”, but as the female Mormon manager was telling me this I could clearly see at least three new employees in loading dock area.

One of the current local former front line managers now suing Walmart told me he believed that non-white and non-mormon low level managers were being used as the old fashioned British empire whipping boys (Whipping boys were established in the English court during the monarchies of the 16th and 17th centuries).  In other words, all problems in the store were not only dumped on them but were also blamed on them.  He told me this before the lawsuit was filed.

But don’t take my word for these claims;  the Wal-Mart Litigation Project has documented at least 99 court judgements (final judgements in cases where the retailer did not settle out of court) against the retailer, but, according to Walmart defender Forbes the retailer is hit with an average of 5-thousand lawsuits every year!  That’s a lot of cases Walmart is settling out of court.

2015:  “The three plaintiffs all worked at Wal-Mart’s Chubbuck store. They allege that they were either fired or forced to quit due to the conduct of defendant Robert Pearson. Their complaint contains six counts against defendants Wal-Mart and Robert Pearson: (1) Race Discrimination; (2) Hostile Work Environment; (3) Retaliation; (4) Family Medical Leave Act Violation; (5) Wrongful Termination; and (6) Americans With Disabilities Act violation.”  In this case attorneys are citing examples involving the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

2014:  “Alleging racial and disability discrimination, violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act, retaliation and a hostile work environment, three former assistant managers at the Chubbuck Wal-Mart store have filed suit against the company and the store’s manager.

    Two of those former employees are also claiming constructive discharge or that conditions were made so intolerable that they were forced to quit.”

2013: (this isn’t about a lawsuit, but…)“If Walmart welcomes truck drivers they forgot to send that memo to the Idaho stores. None I been to in a 200 mile radius allows truck parking and have signs at all of them saying as much. The Pocatello/Chubbuck store has waged a war on trucks in their lots and have tow services on speed dial.”-‘Haight’ comment on Meet The Employee-Centered Company That Could Eventually Take Down Wal-Mart

2011: “A local man was awarded $1.6 million in his lawsuit against Wal-Mart last week after a jury found the retailer, and specifically its Chubbuck store, to be negligent for an incident that left him with a ‘significant physical impairment’”  

2010:  “Wal-Mart announced its agreement to settle In re: Wal-Mart Stores Inc Wage and Hour Litigation, a class action lawsuit filed in a California federal court. In the suit, thousands of former employees claimed Wal-Mart didn’t pay them vacation pay and wages as required by California law.”

2009: “Pamela and Donald Ahnemiller, of Florida, are filing suit against Wal-Mart, alleging she was hit in the leg by her shopping cart as a fight ensued in the store between security guards and a shoplifter.”

2004: (not about lawsuits, but low pay for employees affecting taxpayers) “Employment practices at Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest employer with relatively lower labor costs in the retail sector, cost California taxpayers about $86 million annually in public assistance to company workers, according to a study by a University of California-Berkeley research institute.”

(this one is about 25-thousand labor violations discovered by an in-house Walmart investigation, the investigation was done in 2000 but not made public until 2004) “An audit by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. of about 25,000 employees uncovered thousands of labor violations. detailed 1,371 violations of child-labor laws, including minors working too late, too many hours in a day or during school hours. On more than 60,000 occasions, workers missed breaks and on 16,000 they skipped meal times, in violation of most state labor regulations.”

2002:  “Several hundred current or former employees at 18 Oregon Wal-Marts claim they routinely were forced to work unpaid overtime….Managers knew of the unpaid overtime and even ‘edited’ employees’ timecards…” 

Mormon Martial Law: Fascist BYU Idaho bans men’s hairstyle! Proof of false Christians! 

Mormons are biggest ‘donors’ to Idaho politicians!

Amy’s-Gate: Mormon leaders of Idaho keep screwing over taxpayers!

Mormon dominated Idaho makes big money off Beer!

New deadlier anthrax spreads across the U.S. from Mormon Utah! 

Catholics, Mormons & Jews conspiring or is it just about the money? 

A History Lesson in Economic Decline: Pocatello’s Old Fred Meyer & Albertsons on Yellowstone Ave, did not close down in the 1990s

Mormon Martial Law: Fascist BYU Idaho bans men’s hairstyle! Proof of false Christians!

30 September 2015 (11:59 UTC-07 Tango 01)/08 Mehr 1394/16 Dhu l-Hijja 1436/18 Yi-You (8th month) 4713

The Church of Latter Day Saints controlled Brigham Young University Idaho has banned men from putting their hair in a bun!  This after there were reports that some students were ‘evily’ influenced by one of the actors in the popular Game of Thrones TV show.

In fact the fascist ‘Honor Code’ sounds more like the haircut regulations for the U.S. military: “Hairstyles should be clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles of colors and trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered. Sideburns should not extend below the earlobe or onto the cheek. Men are expected to be clean shaven, mustaches, if worn, should be neatly trimmed and may not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth. Beards are not appropriate.”

Iconic Mormon Jesus by Harry Anderson.

Even Mormon iconography depicting Jesus of Nazareth shows him with shoulder length hair and a beard!   Why is it that so many ‘christian’ groups, not just Mormons, hate long hair and beards on men?  (I can understand if they hate beards on women)

Very interesting, apparently the Mormons are not good at ancient history. There were never any Viking-Romans.

Even Mormon iconography depicting male personalities from their Book of Mormon show them with long hair (not counting baldies) and beards. Well, not all, some show ancient men as clean shaven.

Apparently these clean shaven and short haired ancient ‘Mormons’ lived in an ancient North America that has yet to be discovered. Even the Mesoamerican myths that mention Caucasians describe them as having long hair and beards.

Pokey Pavegate fallout: Taxpayers asked to clean up their own streets, while paying more taxes!

03 August 2015 (12:45 UTC-07 Tango 01)/11 Mordad 1394/16 Shawwal 1436/19 Jia-Shen 4713

For the past few weeks the Mormon dominated (74.5%) Gem State city of Pocatello has been running TV PSAs asking taxpaying residents to voluntarily clean out storm drains in their neighborhood streets.  This comes after revelations of “abuse of authority” at the hands of the city’s Mormon mayor (“Blad is clearly conservative, something his Mormon, southern Idaho upbringing certainly influenced…”-Tara A. Rowe, commenting on Blad’s suprise 2009 election win), and a new investigation by the state Attorney General for a trend that’s hitting cities across the U.S.: Pavegate.

Pocatello’s storm clean up campaign (led by mascots Drip and Drop) is also part of a growing trend across the country, as cities supposedly don’t have the tax funding to pay their own road crews to do the clean-up, but in Pocatello’s case Pavegate makes the public service campaign questionable.

Pocatello’s (aka Pokey) Pavegate started back in June 2014, when residents  noticed Pocatello road crews doing road work in other cities.  This pissed off Pokey taxpayers because for years they’ve been told there wasn’t enough funding to tackle all the road work needed in Pocatello.

When the city council was first questioned about it, they denied it was happening.  In July 2014, local TV station KPVI even questioned Pokey mayor Brian Blad about it, he actually denied knowing anything: “I don’t know if our crews were up there or not. I know our equipment was up there. We may have had crews up there. If we did, then there will be a swap where the County is doing the work for the City of Pocatello for us as well.” 

In that instance KPVI was asking about Pokey road crews doing work for the city of McCammon.  McCammon administrators indicated that Pokey administrators offered to save McCammon taxpayer money by doing needed road repairs for the cost of materials only, the labor was free (meaning Pokey taxpayers paid for the labor)!

By August 2014, city council members (who are part timers only) were concerned enough to pay for an independent investigation: “We’ve got to have the facts. We just don’t know at this point.”-Craig Cooper, council president

In September 2014, KPVI was basically told that what was to be called Pokey Pavegate was nothing more than semantics: “I’m confident that what they are looking at is not an invoice. What they are looking at is a work order……No we haven’t reimbursed the City of Pocatello for these costs.”-Kurk Bybee, attorney for the city

It is not uncommon for one city to hire-out its road crews to another city, and get paid for it.  But in this case it seemed that the full time mayor indeed knew about the farming out of Pokey road crews to other cities (after denying it on local TV news) but did not charge for the labor, and the part time city council members continued to claim they knew nothing.  Industrious taxpaying residents found out otherwise: “A large volume of documents secured by Pocatello resident Steven Medellin under a Freedom of Information request show numerous paving projects were done in Driggs and Teton County dating back to 2013 with no documentation showing payments to the city of Pocatello for the work.”Out-of-town Pocatello paving projects spur audit (even at this point the mayor feigned no knowledge of the Pavegate)

These Pavegate lies by Mormon dominated city administration are just the tip of the iceberg, as residents have publicly questioned the jacking up of property taxes, the hiring-on of 30 new city employees, “secretive” projects and the seemingly sudden disappearance of millions of taxpayer funds.

In January 2015, Deanton & Company made public the results of their Pavegate investigation:  “Although there appears to be an abuse of authority, because of the nature of fraud, no assurances can be given that fraud does not exist……..it became clear that various levels of management within the city of Pocatello do not fully understand their level of authority…….There was also a lack of supporting evidence of communication between management and….City Council.”

The quickly done investigation said Pokey taxpayers paid for at least $15,773 USD worth of labor costs, and in response the mayor adamantly stated that he would not seek reimbursement from the cities that benefitted from that labor: “…we’re going to move on and be done with it.”  

In February 2015, the city’s own Chief Financial Officer, Joyce Stroschein, revealed that they’re basically missing $1.5-million!  She blamed it on three ongoing projects in which there was no accountability in how the money was spent: “It’s all about cleaning house….. Cleaning up the project resolution because the projects have ended at this point.”

By April 2015, the Idaho Attorney General announced an investigation of his own.  The investigation was pushed for by a Pocatello grass roots committee Taxpayers for Honest Government: “Taxpayers for Honest Government has methodically investigated and reviewed public information…and found that the city of Pocatello is in serious trouble, both financially and ethically….most of the problems facing the city of Pocatello are because of the abuse of power created by Mayor Blad’s secretive, closed-door governing style.”– Helen Delahunt-Avila

The disappearance of millions of taxpayer dollars, confirmed by the city’s own treasurer in February, should be noted because the mayor continually stated the city wasn’t hurting for money.  Now Pokey tax payers are being asked to clean out the storm drains in their neighborhood streets.

In June 2015, despite missing millions in funding Pocatello created a new Public Information Officer job, hiring a former KPVI reporter as their new Public Information Officer.  The first order of business for that PIO was reporting that Pokey administrators suddenly ordered road crews to put fresh blacktop on dozens of city streets, and then claim it was done in a way that saved taxpayers money.  City administrators say they are now conducting an almost year long review of finances as “…a kind of review of how we look at ourselves.”

In July 2015,  CFO Joyce Stroschein proposed jacking up taxes and fees for Pokey residents, in order to fund the city’s 2016 fiscal year.

Pokey’s Martin Luther King Way project, despite no money

Pocatello considers fines for false fire alarms

Pocatello Fire Department responds to record number of calls

Pocatello considers moving money to fund connector project

Despite being broke, Pocatello Sanitation Department loans $2 million to Federal Aid Project

Pocatello Regional Transit gets free busses?

Massive Wellness Complex no cost to taxpayers?

Pokey’s South Valley Connector project 

Pocatello & Chubbuck consider merging Fire Departments

City Council OKs $1.04 million for vehicles

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Exceptional Failed State: Red State insurance agents sentenced for massive fraud in Mormon dominated east Idaho!

23 October 2013 (19:47 UTC-07 Tango 22 October 2013)/18 Dhu’l-Hijja 1434/01 Aban 1391/19 Ren-Xu (9th month) 4711

A father and son insurance brokerage, The Legacy Network, in LDS dominated Rexburg, Idaho, was the center of a massive health/life insurance scam.  Adrian Rand Robison and Adrian Russell Robison were just sentenced for their crimes, after pleading guilty back in June.

They were accused of falsifying tax filings and failing to rebate more than $400-thousand USD to their “high net-worth” elitist Mormon clients.

Adrian Rand Robison was sentenced to four months in prison, and to pay $1.3 million in restitution, plus 18 months of supervised release with eight months of home detention, and fined $20-thousand.

Adrian Russell Robison was sentenced to four months in prison plus 12 months of supervised release, the first eight months on home detention, fined $10-thousand, and ordered to pay the IRS $270,631.


Ann Romney pissing off U.S. women?

The following was posted in the Tuscola County Advertiser in Michigan:

Ann Romney made a concerted effort to paint a picture of her husband and herself as supporters of women in her talk at the Republican National Convention. She was definitely out of her element when she tried to show empathy for women and families struggling to pay bills, to buy gas and fuel, and coping with daily personal tensions.

Unlike most families with moms working outside the home, or a single parent without a partner to assist and support them, Ann has had cooks, maids and nannies. While her battles with cancer and M.S. were trying, she was able to afford top-notch treatment and emotional support.

She has neither the personal or professional authority to talk about the difficulties of poor, working class or even middle class Americans. Her remark about women doing more and doing it happily made many women cringe. She must not be aware that with working women making 80 percent of what men do, women have to do more just to break even. And her husband has been a proponent for such unfairness.

It’s important to know that the Romneys’ LDS church (Latter Day Saints or Mormon) opposed the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment which would have guaranteed women equal rights. In addition, the southern Bible Belt states plus those states with a strong Mormon presence (Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona) opposed the passage of the ERA amendment. The church even ex-communicated Sonia Johnson, a part-time school teacher and mother for her role in organizing Mormon support for this amendment.

The LDS is a male dominated hierarchy. Women are not allowed to hold the priesthood or serve as elders in their church. They cannot reach as high a ranking in heaven as their husbands. Mothers stay home and are primarily responsible for the nurturing of their children. Women’s “sacred” and “divinely” sanctioned job description as homemaker, wife and mother is heavily emphasized. Large families are encouraged.

Since LDS couples marry so young, women must forfeit their own education and careers. Without college degrees or marketable job skills, most women are financially dependent on their husbands, with few options should their marriage not last “into the eternities”. They believe only women who are married in a church temple will have eternal life and parents are unable to attend the ceremony if not Mormon. (Of course they believe any non-Mormon will go to hell.)

A majority of our population is not aware of the LDS church’s impact on its members. Their beliefs aren’t in agreement with what most women want and need. While living in Idaho among LDS neighbors, working in professional fields for seven years, and our sons attendance at Boise State University, our family learned about this church’s insidious domination of and influence on state government policies, public schools and lifestyles.

Don’t let Ann’s sweetness and charm overshadow the Romneys’ true beliefs and motives.

Bonnie Johnson