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New Oil War: Trump deploys combat troops to Philippines? Facebook asked to help!

10 JUN 2017 (11:39 UTC-07 Tango 06) 20 Khordad 1396/15 Ramadan 1438/16 Bing Wu 4715

The admitted extrajudicial murderer and current president of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, begged Donald Trump for help in fighting so-called Islamic insurgents, and Trump complied.

U.S. supplied Vietnam era ‘Huey’ rotary wing about to land in Marawi.

At this point no details are being given about the U.S. involvement, but it sounds like the ‘christian’ Filipino military was getting their butts kicked in the fight to re-take Marawi City.

It should be noted that Marawi City has a checkered history.  It wasn’t until the 20th Century that it was officially named, by the government, an “Islamic City” in an attempt to attract investment from oil-rich Muslim countries.

‘Christian’ government troops patrol in front of one of the many Mosques in Marawi.

Initially main stream ‘real news’ media reports stated that U.S. “special forces” were sent in, but Filipino field commanders swear there are no U.S. boots on the ground, that it’s just “technical support”.  Interestingly the majority of Filipino losses were at the hands of their own air force (supposedly by mistake) on 01 JUN 2017!

Remember, this is a country where the president (not even a year into his presidency) recently declared martial law in Mindanao after months of boasting of murdering people by cop, under the guise of fighting a drugs war (“Hitler massacred three million Jews….there’s three million drug addicts…I’d be happy to slaughter them.”).  And, recently Duterte even demanded the U.S. military leave his country while openly considering a military alliance with China!   It should be noted that fighting between rebels and the Filipino government skyrocketed after Duterte declared martial law.

A rebel waving an ‘Islamic State’ flag.

Not only is the Philippines asking for help from the United States, but from Facebook as well.  Duterte says Facebook has 63 ‘fake news’ accounts linked to a new rebel group known as Maute, and he wants Facebook to shut-em down.  Facebook replied with “We will remove accounts and content that violate these policies when we are made aware of them.”

‘Muslim’ women flashing the V for Victory sign? Main stream news media said locals were told to wave the “peace sign” if they didn’t want to get shot by occupying ‘christian’ government troops.

The Philippine army claims they’ve killed the founders of the Maute group.  At the end of May, Duterte’s military commanders claimed they were “close” to re-taking the city.

A Polish made Filipino rotary wing brought down over Marawi.

Is anybody wondering why this seemingly sudden war in Mindanao? In 1960s the Sulu Sea, just off the west coast of Mindanao, was found to be full of petroleum. The Sulu Sea oil field (Sulu Sea Block) is part of the East Palawan Basin, which is connected to the West Palwan Basin, which is connected to the super oil rich South China Sea Basin. The Philippine Petroleum Resource Assessment Project estimates that the Philippines is sitting on nine billion barrels of fuel oil equivalent (bfoe), with the majority being in the West Palawan and Sulu Sea regions!

In 2009 ExxonMobil and BHP Billiton International Exploration began jointly exploring the possibility of getting at that oil. In 2010, ExxonMobil signed a security deal with the Philippine military, over concerns of terrorism and piracy.  The Philippines military promised to deploy surveillance aircraft and two patrol boats.  It was called a “No cash involved” deal, ExxonMobil would supply all the logistics needed by the Philippine military to patrol the area. The ExxonMobil security deal was also sanctioned by the U.S. Department of State, who saw it as part of the legally undeclared War on Terror.  Analysts with BMI Research praised the deal saying “This provision allows for increased military assistance to the Philippines and ensures that the country has access to external expertise in combating domestic insurgencies.”

The Philippines even established the WestMinCom (Western Mindanao Command) to establish control over the oil rich area.

However, in 2010 Australian oil company Tap Oil exited the Sulu Sea oil game, saying there really wasn’t enough oil to be had.  Then at the end of 2011, and after spending at least $400-million USD exploring, ExxonMobil also pulled out saying the amount of petroleum they found was not enough to justify full-blown production.

Seemingly in response, the Philippines Department of Energy claimed they found yet more oil sites and encouraged foreign oil companies to get involved.  In 2012, Philippines signed a deal with Chinese oil company Seng Hong Exploration-South Seas Petroleum to conduct drilling in Mindanao.  The site saw two earlier attempts to extract oil/natural gas but were abandoned in the 1990s, supposedly due to low oil prices. Government administrators admitted that oil needed to be above $50 per barrel to make Philippine petroleum a “commercially viable option” for oil companies. In 2013, French oil company Total and Malaysia’s Mitra Energy became the latest players in the Sulu Sea game.  Total is reported to have an exploration contract that’s good until 2020.

In 2015, the Malaysian military announced it was establishing a “forward operating base” in the Sulu Sea because “The oil platforms of petroleum companies on the high seas will be the first to face any threat out there, similar to that posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”   

In 2016, videos started popping up on YouTube showing that several farmers in Mindanao drilling for water hit natural gas instead!  At the end of 2016 Platts Marine reported “Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia are considering to establish a high security corridor along the Sulu Sea….   ….because billions of dollars worth of commodities move to and fro on commercial ships in the vicinity of the Sulu Sea….”

In March 2017, The Diplomat reported “…..coordinated trilateral patrols to tackle security challenges in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas…. ….would be inaugurated sometime in April or May….  …the Sulu Sea patrols are…..a more strategic attempt to replicate the network of patrols conducted by the littoral countries in the Malacca Straits, a critical waterway which carried more than one fourth of the world’s commerce and half its oil.”

Inquirer.net, 25 OCT 2016: “US troops are staying despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement that they should go and leave Mindanao.”

Pivot to Asia: Under operation Pacific Partnership, U.S. taxpayers are being forced to build-up the economies of Sri Lank, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Philippines (now under martial law) and Vietnam.  All countries surrounding oil rich South China Sea. 



East Idaho Wildfire 2012: Busy 30 minutes at Pocatello Airport, as fire fighting aircraft fly into action

The following pics (which you can make bigger by clicking on them) were taken within a thirty minute period, at the Pocatello Regional Airport, on 12 July 2012, between 11:30 hours and 12:00 hours.

Remember, these pics were taken within a 30 minute period.