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Fluoride Wars: Petrifies your glands, interferes with sleep, dumbs down your baby?

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Having trouble sleeping? Maybe you should stop using fluoride.

Fluoride solidifies/calcifies (petrifies) your pineal gland which, among other things, regulates your sleep pattern, that’s according to Flouride.news.  The claim is based on unnamed studies that looked at the glands of dead people. 

An article by News Medical Life Sciences says “A pregnant female suffering from chronic fluorosis transfers a significant amount of fluoride to the fetus transplacentally. This increases the risk of fluoride poisoning. The accumulation of fluoride in the fetal brain has been shown to result in significant negative effects on the development of the neurons.”

PR Newswire: Fluoride During Pregnancy Endangers Babies Intelligence

In Massachusetts, U.S.A., the people of Edgartown “…overwhelmingly defeated an initiative to add fluoride to the town’s water, a rebuff to a controversial order issued by the board of health.”

Reports Healthcare: “….a good number of studies that show the long-term negative effects of fluoride on the body and many of the bodily processes existed before fluoride started being used as an additive.”

“In Canada, we tired of the constant barrage of ‘safe and effective’ so we asked Health Canada for safety studies. They refused. We then sought to find out about the studies they relied on for fluoridation under the Freedom of Information Act and, after 1.5 years, Health Canada got back to us and admitted that they had none. Not a single safety study was to be found!”-Robert C Dickson, community physician in Alberta, Canada

In India, fluoride poisoning is common: “People only notice the complications after having consumed the water for decades. Unfortunately, it is too late by then.”

hivisasa:  “People from Naivasha [Kenya, Africa] are sometimes identified by the colour of their teeth. This arises from the high levels of fluoride in the water consumed by residents causing teeth to turn brown.” 

“….fluoride accumulates in our bodies as we only excrete 50-60 per cent as adults, and 20 per cent as children. We are also exposed from many sources, including the one dumped in water hydrofluorosilicic acid – classification: Schedule 7 (dangerous poison) Hazchem Class 6 (acutely toxic ) & 8 (corrosive).

……dental fluorosis is ‘sometimes a mild discolouration of the enamel’. This sign of systemic toxicity is prevalent in 41 per cent of NZ [New Zealand] children according to the Ministry of Health.”-LUCY McDOUGALL

In New Zealand, the University of Otago is recruiting children for a new fluoride study, apparently to study how much toothpaste children use and how much fluoride is in the toothpaste. 

Here’s proof it’s all about money; Investor Opinion: Sodium Fluoride Market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving revenue growth and profitability.

Healthcare Journal: Fluoride Varnish market report covers the In-depth present scenario and the growth prospects (2018-2025) of the global Fluoride Varnish market. 

Truth Today: Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (AHF) report conveys company information, volume, the scope of the product, production price and cost, profit, demand and supply, import/export activities as well as consumption. 




Fluoride makes bacteria immune to antibiotics!

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“This ensures a robust response to fluoride toxicity over diverse cellular environments. This ensures survival.”-Qi Zhang, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

In July 2017 researchers published their latest findings (An excited state underlies gene regulation of a transcriptional riboswitch) regarding the recently discovered fact (but not publicized by the main stream ‘real-fake’ news media) that fluoride is actually making deadly bacteria stronger: “It turns out that encoding this ‘hidden’ layer of regulation empowers the fluoride riboswitch with an unexpected capability. This fleeting switch can effectively and efficiently execute ligand-dependent switching across a wide range of speeds of RNA polymerase copying DNA into RNA. This ensures a robust response to fluoride toxicity over diverse cellular environments. This ensures survival.”  

“If fluoride builds up to toxic levels for the bacteria in the cell, a fluoride riboswitch grabs the fluoride and then turns on genes that can overcome its effects.”-Ronald Breaker, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Yale University

It was in 2011 that Yale University scientists, researching how bacteria become immune to antibiotics, revealed that fluoride activated previously unknown RNA switches in the microbes: “Our findings indicate that most organisms are naturally exposed to toxic levels of fluoride and that many species use fluoride-sensing RNAs to control the expression of proteins that alleviate the deleterious effects of this anion.

Supposedly this discovery was accidental: “Interestingly, fluoride was on this short list of contaminants but none of us thought it was worth testing because we did not know that biology cared much about this ion.”

I say ‘supposedly’ because in 2010 another study (‘accepted’ in 2010, published in 2011) said this about fluoride and microbes: “….NosL tolerated fluorinated L-tryptophan as the substrate, allowing for production of a regiospecifically halogenated thiopeptide that has not been found among the more than 80 members of the naturally occurring thiopeptide family.-Radical-mediated enzymatic carbon chain fragmentation-recombination

In 2014 researchers from Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain published this statement: “…..we show that the Mg2+/F/phosphate/water cluster at the center of the fluoride riboswitch is stable by its own and, once assembled, does not rely on any additional factor from the overall RNA fold………..the cluster in the binding pocket of fluoride-inhibited pyrophosphatase suggest that the peculiarity of fluoride is in its ability to establish much stronger metal-halide bonds.”

Despite this latest research showing a strong connection between fluoride and antibiotic resistance bacteria, many cities in the United States recently decided to continue adding the mind destroying nuclear industry by-product to their water supply.


Fluoride Wars: Studies show your pets are being poisoned by fluoridated water & Grapes!

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“A recently published Harvard study concluded that there was a seven-fold risk in osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, among young boys after exposure to fluoridated water………..Dogs have a significantly higher rate of osteosarcoma than humans. Researchers at Colorado State University recently conducted a large study on osteosarcoma and dogs. In their abstract they state that the osteosarcoma rate in dogs is 8 in 100,000, approximately 8 times greater than that in humans.”Linda Joy, WA Action for Safe Water

“Fluoride is a Class 2 environmental toxin, second only to arsenic in its danger as a biochemically reactive poison. Fluoride’s primary use is as a rat and cockroach poison and it is a known carcinogen. Historically, fluoride was also used in Nazi Germany ghettos and prison camps to sterilize the human inmates…..98% of Europe is now free of fluoridated water…..Racetracks in Southern CA such as Santa Anita, Del Mar and Hollywood Park have reported significant rises in bone breakage in horses….Since the San Diego Wild Animal Park began using fluoridated water, the elephant show has been permanently cancelled with one animal reportedly having mental derangement. Their zebras were also isolated in a separate pen for sudden and unusually aggressive behavior. The Australian state of Victoria announced the recent euthanization of hundreds of Kangaroos due to acute fluoride poisoning……Municipalities throughout North America are practicing medicine without a license by injecting this toxic substance into the public water supply without the consent of the people drinking the water.“-Joanne Suresh, DogsNaturally magazine

“.….rare occurrences of ‘grape poisoning’ have resulted from pets consuming an unusually large number of grapes or raisins……Grapes are one of the plants that concentrate fluoride, which can originate from the soil or the air. And today’s environment is much richer in fluoride than that of the past due to fluoride-based chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides), factory emissions (e.g. coal burning and metal production), and the use of fluoridated water for irrigation and rinsing of newly purchased produce…….The deaths in these rare cases of grape or raisin intoxication can be easily explained as fluoride intoxication……fluoride is also a cumulative toxin and over time can cause serious problems such as thyroid dysfunction and bone cancer when long-term exposure is excessive…..there is nothing innately wrong with the grapes or raisins themselves………[but] they concentrate fluoride…”John B. Symes, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

“….a study of 10 brands of manufactured dog foods analyzed for fluoride content. Eight had levels that could put dogs at risk from developing bone cancer, thyroid disease and other health problems……contain ground bone that is the source of fluoride that farmed animals accumulate……Cats may also be at risk from chronic fluoride poisoning when similar cheap ingredients are included in their manufactured dry and canned foods……Cooking with fluoridated water simply concentrates fluoride in the food….”Michael W. Fox, DSc, PhD, BVet Med

7th Heaven Animal Trust, in the Bilderberg British empire territory of occupied northern Ireland, has a list of studies, going back to the early 1990s, concerning the effects of fluoride on animals.

Do your own research, there is a plethora of studies concerning the effects of fluoride on farm animals and pets, and they’re not good.  And if your live in the United States or Canada, you’re drinking and eating it!

Fluoride is poison!

Fluoride Update, 24 September 2012: Portland officials ignore what the voters want! EPA and HHS admit too much fluoride is bad! Argentina says it causes diabetes! Japan says it causes cancer! China (and Harvard) says it reduces intelligence!

“Even if fluoridation reduced cavities, is tooth health more important than brain health? It’s time to put politics aside and stop artificial fluoridation everywhere!”-Paul Beeber, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation

By the year 2014, Portland, Oregon, will cease being the last major U.S. city without fluoridated water. On 12 September 2012, and in a unanimous decision that seemed to go against voter sentiment, the Portland city council approved fluoridation of the water supply.

Supporters of the plan claim that residents of Portland has a higher number of dental problems than other parts of Oregon.  However, a state study proved the reverse!

Most all of Oregon’s water supply already has naturally occurring fluoride.

To top that, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), have come out and admitted that too much fluoride can be bad for you!  Not only that, past fluoridation levels in the United States were too high!!!

But guess what? Those admissions came out at the beginning of 2011!  Where was the main stream media coverage?

HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, said fluoride levels should be no more than 0.7 parts per million (ppm) per liter of water (this is the level the city of Portland, Oregon, says it will use).  Up ’till 2011 municipalities were being told to use as much as 1.2 ppm per liter!

“The new EPA assessments of fluoride were undertaken in response to findings of the National Academies of Science (NAS).  At EPA’s request, in 2006 NAS reviewed new data on fluoride and issued a report recommending that EPA update its health and exposure assessments to take into account bone and dental effects and to consider all sources of fluoride.”-joint EPA/HHS statement, 07 January 2011

Fluoride is claimed to protect your teeth, but according to HHS, too much fluoride actually does the reverse, causing tooth decay, as well as bone fractures,  and skeletal fluorosis.  Is this why the state study in Oregon showed higher dental problems in areas with fluoridated water?

But wait, there’s more!  The EPA actually said stop using sulfuryl fluoride. Sulfuryl fluoride is used as an insecticide (’cause it’s a fumigant neurotoxin), and cities have been using it to fluoridate their water!

Portland, Oregon, isn’t the only U.S. state obviously in the pockets of the fluoride industry.  Right now in Pinellas County, Florida, the issue of fluoridation has got a local dentist threatening to run for public office, to force fluoridation of the water.  One of his campaign billboards reads: “Want Fluoride…..?”

A in the pockets of the fluoride industry Florida newspaper (The Daytona Beach Journal) published an opinion piece on 20 September, applauding cities that add fluoride to their water.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is even giving out awards to cities, it’s called Water Fluoridation Quality Award.

But wait, there’s more!

A study in Argentina (done at the Rosario National University in Santa Fe, Rosario) concluded that ‘artificial’ fluoride use causes insulin resistance, leading to type 2 diabetes!  Gee, isn’t the United States suffering from a high rate of diabetes?

What’s really significant, relating to the new fluoride levels issued by HHS, is that the Argentine study shows that the onset of type 2 diabetes occurrs regardless of the amount of fluoride. Even at a fraction of a ppm, after 60 days insulin resistance is the result!

A study out of Japan (by the University of Tokyo) shows that fluoride use increases the rate of cancers of the “….oral cavity and pharynx, colon and rectum, hepato-biliary and urinary organs.”  Gee, doesn’t the United States have a problem with increased cancers?

The Japanese researchers looked at cancer rates in the United States in comparison with fluoridated water supplies, from 1978 to 1992.  They found that two thirds of the people with cancer lived in areas with lots of fluoridated water.  In the majority of the sites studied, they concluded that 64% of them had a direct connection between cancer and fluoride!

Another study from the Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua, China, backs up a Harvard study released earlier this year.  Fluoride makes ‘mericans dumber than a stump!  Gee, isn’t the United States suffering from too much of that!!!

The Chinese study found that the higher the dose rate of fluoride, the dumber you get.  Back in July, 2012, Harvard University published the results of their study, it not good: “Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature.”

But this info was known before these latest studies.  I’ve posted how a study in India blamed idiocy on fluoride, and that was based on naturally occurring fluoride.  But here’s what the National Research Council (NRC) stated in 2006, about ‘artificial’ fluoride: “It’s apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”




Voter Incompetence & Government Evil: Indiana County officials demand city leaders put fluoride in their water! Oregon mayor wants fluoridation! Study contradicts pro-fluoride claims! Arizona residents fire officials who ended fluoridation!

09 September 2012, the controversy over unnatural nuclear industry based fluoride (as opposed to the naturally occurring kind, which can also be bad in large amounts) continues in Arizona, Indiana and Oregon.

A Saint Joseph County Health Officer, in Indiana, is lambasting three cities for their ending of fluoridation of drinking water.

Walkerton town stopped fluoridation because of increased evidence that it is actually causing harm.  President of the town council, Karol Jackson, pointed out that people are already exposed to enough fluoride: “It’s also in toothpaste, and some naturally occurs in the groundwater….”

The cities of Lakeville and North Liberty cited the growing financial burden on local taxpayers.  By ending fluoridation of drinking water the two towns, combined, will save $2,000 per year: “I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but we’re a small town and we’re trying to keep our rates low.”-Martha Tyler, Lakeville Town Council President

The Saint Joseph County Health Officer is ignorant, firstly because it turns out the local school district/corporation is still adding fluoride to the drinking water in the schools!  Secondly, the health official claims that studies show fluoride protects childrens’ teeth. Tell that to the officials who got surprising results from their own study in Oregon!

In Portland, Oregon, city officials are trying to convince the voters to accept fluoridation of their drinking water.  Portland is the largest city in the United States that, so far, refuses to fluoridate their water supply!

The dumb (and probably in the pockets of the fluoride industry) mayor, along with some city councilpersons, are trying to get residents of Portland to approve the fluoridation of their water.  They’re claiming that the children of Portland suffer from dental problems.

The problem with that claim is that a 2007 study by the Oregon Department of Human Services shows the opposite.  The study looked at dental problems of children in Portland and compared them to children outside of Portland.

The rate of urgent dental care in children outside of Portland was 1 in every 17.  What about inside Portland, where fluoride is not used in the water supply?  Only 1 in 100 needed urgent dental care!!!  “Portland has better teeth!”-Kim Kaminski, member of anti-fluoridation group

Some non-white/European residents of Portland claim the city leaders’ closed door meetings on the issue smacks of racism: “I don’t appreciate you trying to alleviate your white guilt by putting toxins in our water!”-Frances Quaempts-Miller

But despite the mountains of eveidence that fluoridation is bad (remember, it’s mainly the English speaking countries that add the radioactive chemical to water, most other industrialized countries refused after their own research) residents of one Arizona town have fired two officials for stopping the use of fluoride!

The people of Gilbert has force the Public Works director to retire, and got the Water Manager fired.  This after the officials decided to end the use of fluoride in the local water supply.

The end came when the fluoridation system was found to be so corroded that it need to be replaced.  That was in July 2011, and it still hasn’t been replaced.

Get this, the Gilbert fluoridation system had been leaking for three years prior.  It got so bad that a white powder was building up on the equipment, and Public Works employees were complaining of extreme irritation to the skin, nose and eyes.  And this is the stuff you’re drinking!

The guttsy Water Manager explained the decision that got him fired: “It was my call to stop fluoridation until the issues with the room were resolved. Fluoride comes into the plant on the raw side naturally, so it’s not like there is no fluoride in the water.”-Chris Ochs

Don’t blame city officials for the nuclear industry fluoridation of Gilbert’s water supply, the dumb voters approved it by 54%, in the 2000 elections.


Government Incompetence: Fluoridated water blamed for Dumbing Down Americans and causing chronic unexplained pain, blame the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry

“We have been suffering from various diseases for consuming water with fluoride content. We are desperately in need of pure drinking water.”-residents of Jagalur, India

Yet another study proves that fluoridated water makes you stupid, and can cause a life time of pain!

The latest study was conducted in India, and just published in the Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences.

Rats were used, and the results were neurodegenerative and morphological alterations in the neocortex, hippocampus and cerebellum areas of the brain, and in the spinal cord and sciatic nerve.

Neurodegenerative is the progressive loss of neurons, and “morphological alterations” basically means physical mutations.

Researchers say the negative affects with intelligence and pain take place before physical mutations appear: “High levels of fluoride in drinking water (1-12 parts per million) affect central nervous system directly without first causing the physical deformities of skeletal fluorosis.”-K. Pratap Reddy, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

This is not the first study to say fluoride is bad for you.  Over the decades dozens and dozens of studies across the world have resulted in the same conclusion.  According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), there are now 25 studies showing that fluoride makes you stupid.

Studies have also shown a link between arthritis pain, back pain, joint and muscle pains. The research in India was motivated after people in a village named Jagalur, were found to be suffering from all kinds of diseases and chronic conditions. Investigations blamed the fluoridated water.

It’s not just Jagalur.  Joint pains, teeth problems, muscular pains, stomach pain and headaches are common among people in Gollaratti, Rajnatti, Gidnatti, Bullolli, Machikere, Marajanmatti, Kechhanahalli, Devikere, Chadaragolla, Gowripura, Kyasanahalli and many other villages who’s water has fluoride in it.

However, the problem in India comes from naturally occurring fluoride in their well water.  Here in the United States local and state governments purposely add fluoride to the water.

It turns out that currently, only the English speaking countries add fluoride to public drinking water.  In the book The Fluoride Deception, author Christopher Bryson revealed how the push for fluoride use in the U.S. is directly related to the U.S. nuclear program and the pharmaceutical industry.

It turns out there have been many anti-fluoride lawsuits against local municipalities in the United States, however most have not been successful.

Now lets see, English speaking countries are the only ones that intentionally add fluoride to the drinking water, and there’s been a huge increase in chronic pain, and the use of pain killers, among the people of those English speaking countries. Also, there’s been a huge decrease in the overall level of intelligence, no matter how much taxpayer money has been thrown at education programs. And, have you also noticed that the political, business, social and religious leaders of those English speaking countries seem to be making decisions that are more and more irrational? Mmmm, could it be something in the water?