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Global Economic War: China could cut Rare Earth mineral exports, expect prices for high tech devices to go up

China is THE biggest supplier of rare earth minerals, which are absolutely necessary for today’s high tech computer devices, like your cell phone that’s almost permanently attached to your ear while you’re driving (stop that, damn it!).

How big? China supplies 90% of the world’s rare earth metals!

Chinese officials say they will try to meet their 2012 quota, but because of new environmental regulations going into effect they expect delays from the mining industry.

China’s Commerce Ministry has granted export quotas of nearly 24,900 tons to 31 companies. That’s only 80% of what they said they would export for all of 2012.  At least 20 other mining companies are having problems meeting the new environmental standards.  If those companies can not meet the new standards, then China will fail to meet their stated 2012 goal of exporting more than 30,000 tons of rare earth metals.



Asteroid 2005 YU 55 will come close to Earth, closer than the Moon

NASA says on November 8, asteroid 2005 YU 55 will come very close to the Earth.

The asteroid is 400 meters (1,312 feet) in diameter, and at the closest point will be only 320,000 kilometers (198,000 miles) from Earth, that’s within the orbit of the Moon.

This isn’t a rare occasion; the last time such a close encounter happened was 35 years ago.

Knocked on Uranus. Proof the ancient Sumerians were right?

“The standard planet formation theory assumes that Uranus, Neptune and the cores of Jupiter and Saturn formed by accreting only small objects in the proto-planetary disk. They should have suffered no giant collisions. The fact that Uranus was hit at least twice suggests that significant impacts were typical in the formation of giant planets. So, the standard theory has to be revised.”-Alessandro Morbidelli, Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur in Nice, France

Growing evidence of how the planets in our outer solar system formed, might bring some legitimacy to an ancient Sumerian “myth”.

Past ideas about how the outer planets were formed suggested that nothing major happened, no big impacts with other celestial bodies, things like that.

But remember when Jupiter got hit by that big comet (Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9)?  Now scientists think they’ve figured out why Uranus spins on its side, with its axis almost horizontal to the rest of the planets: It suffered major impacts, at least twice.

There is an ancient Sumerian myth which predates Hebrew writings by thousands of years.  It talks of what I call a Ronin (masterless) Planet, named Nibiru.  While Nibiru might be the cause of the cyclic catastrophes on Earth, the myth indicates that most of its orbits take it through what we call the outer solar system.

The sixth dynastic king of a unified Nibiru, EnShar (Master of the Shar), focused on trying to find out why their planet’s atmosphere was thinning, causing terrible climate change.

EnShar realized that Nibiru’s orbit takes it into the path of the inner and outer planets circling the Sun, but mainly the outer planets:  “To remedy the afflictions ways he sought; of Nibiru heavenly circuit [orbit] he made much study.  In its loop, of the Sun’s family five members it embraced [outer solar system], planets of dazzling beauty.  For cures to the afflictions, their atmospheres he caused to be examined.  To each he gave a name, ancestral forefathers he honored; as heavenly couples he them considered.  An and Antu [Uranus & Neptune], the twin like planets, he called the first two to be encountered.  Beyond in Nibiru’s circuit were Anshar and Kishar [Saturn & Jupiter], in their size the largest.  As a messenger Gaga [Pluto] among the others coursed, sometimes first Nibiru to meet.”

It’s clear in the myth that Nibiru came close enough to the outer planets, often enough, that it was possible for their scientists to get good data about those planets.  The myth explains that at the time of EnShar it was rare for Nibiru to pass through the inner solar system, and even more difficult to study the inner planets: “Beyond, like a boundary, the Hammered Bracelet [asteroid belt, which might have been more spread out back then] the Sun encircled: As a guardian of the heaven’s forbidden region [inner solar system] with havoc it protected. Other children of the Sun, four in number [Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars], from intrusion the bracelet shielded.”

The ancient myth does suggest that when Nibiru passes through the outer solar system it occasionally knocks into the big gas planets.  But more clearly, when Nibiru passes through the inner solar system it almost always wreaks havoc.

The asteroid belt, and the Earth were the result of Nibiru smashing into a much larger planet and its eleven moons/smaller planets: “Face to face they came, Tiamat [proto-earth] and Nibiru; against each other they were advancing.  They for battle approached, they pressed on for single combat.  The Lord [Nibiru] spread his net [gravitational field], to encompass her he cast it.  With fury Tiamat cried out, like one possessed she lost her senses.  The Evil Wind [electromagnetic radiation?], which had been behind him, Nibiru drove forward, in her face he let it loose. She opened her mouth [giant breach in Tiamat’s magnetic field, Earth suffered one in 2007] the Evil Wind to swallow, but could not close her lips.  The Evil Wind charged her belly, into her innards it made its way.  Her innards were howling, her body was distended, her mouth was open wide.  Through the opening Nibiru shot a brilliant arrow a lightning most divine.  It pierced her innards, her belly it tore apart, it tore into her womb, it split apart her heart.”

Nibiru finishes the job on its return orbit: “To Tiamat, whom he had subdued, the Lord Nibiru then returned.  He made his way to her, paused to view her lifeless body.  To artfully divide the monster in his heart lie was planning.
Then, as a mussel, into two parts he split her, her chest from her lower parts he separated.  Her inner channels he cut apart, her golden veins he beheld with wonder.” Also: “With his mace the hinder part he smashed to bits and pieces,
Then strung them together as a band to form a Hammered Bracelet.  Locking them together, as watchmen he stationed them, a Firmament to divide the waters [upper water/outer solar system] from the waters [water below/inner solar system].” Also: “He gazed upon Tiamat’s wounded half, to her Upper Part he gave attention: The waters of life, her bounty, from the wounds were still pouring….By Firm Land let her be called Ki, henceforth her name to be!
Apsu [celestial water(dark matter/dark energy/space)/god/sun] to the words of Nibiru gave heed: Let the Earth join my family, Ki, Firm Land of the Below [meaning terrestrial planet of the water below/inner solar system], let Earth her name henceforth be! By her turning let there day and night be; in the days my healing rays to her I shall provide.  Let Kingu [a proto-planet/moon of Tiamat] be a creature of the night, to shine at night I shall appoint him Earth’s companion, the Moon forever to be!”

This myth is supposedly older than any other found so far.  Sumerian clay cylinder seals clearly show all the planets of our solar system, plus Nibiru.  How did they know?  The ancient Sumerian writings were translated in the 1960s & 1970s, now astronomers are finding more evidence that suggests these ancient myths might not be myths at all, almost like gettin’ knocked on Uranus.

Here’s a link to an OK (some grammatical & spelling errors) pdf posting of The Lost Book of Enki.

North Pole Ozone Hole bigger than ever, proof that Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, is it proof that someone is out there?

Researchers from eight countries are reporting that the hole in the ozone layer above the North Pole is now as big as the hole over the South Pole.

The North Pole hole now covers an area about 3,000 kilometers (1864.113 miles) long and 1,000 km (621.371 miles) wide.

Of course environmentalists are blaming it on man made pollution.  Never mind all the volcanic activity, and record number of forest fires, in the past decade.  Also, never mind the fact that the Earth’s magnetic field has being weakening, seemingly at the same time that the holes in the ozone layers have been forming.

It is a fact that the North and South Poles of the magnetic field have gotten much weaker.  In fact, in 2003, PBS NOVA produced a newer program on the fact that the poles of our magnetic field are about to flip.  You can go to the a PBS NOVA web site to use their interactive programs to see how they think our magnetic field works.

In 2009, famed physics professor Michio Kaku, warned that the solar flares, from the Sun’s expected 2012 pole flip, are going to be much worse than first thought, by a “factor of 20″.  He called it a “tsunami of radiation”, which is not good when you realize our atmosphere and magnetic field has weakened.

I believe the real reason for the holes in the ozone layer is because of the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field.  The magnetic field weakening and the intensity of the Sun’s solar flares, could be caused by extrasolar planetary encounters.   There is an ancient story of another plant that experienced a similar “breaching” of their atmosphere.  The story is thousands of years older than any other written stories found so far.

In the ancient story the founders of Earth’s human civilization notice changes to their planet, changes that we currently call “climate change”: “…the fields diminished their yields, fruits and grains lost abundance. From circuit to circuit [orbits], nearing the Sun heat grew stronger; in the faraway abode, coolness was more biting.”

Earth’s magnetic field is directly caused by the spinning molten core.  The people of this ancient story noticed their atmosphere was thinning, and their volcanoes were growing dormant: “In the atmosphere a breaching [ozone hole] has occurred; that was their finding. Volcanoes, the atmosphere, forebear, less belching were spitting up! Nibiru’s air has thinner been made, the protective shield has been diminished!”

While most of these ancient alien people thought their volcanoes were the cause of the strength of their atmosphere, others pointed out a more astronomical cause: “It has happened before, some gave an answer: Nibiru in the past colder or warmer has grown. A destiny it is, in the Circuit [orbit] of Nibiru embedded!”

Eventually the ancients realized that their planet’s atmospheric depletion was the result of millennia of near impacts, and actual impacts, with the planets in a more stable orbit around the Sun.  The most devastating impact created the Earth, and stopped the Moon’s progress to becoming a full blown planet itself.  Later, a near impact slowed the spinning molten core of Mars, and stripped off the atmosphere.

This ancient planet, according to the translations done in the 1960s and 1970s, orbits against the grain of Earth and the other Solar bodies, and takes several hundreds of thousands of years to make one orbit (which is about the time line for major catastrophic events that take place on Earth).

The ancient planet (and its “companions”) approaches from our South Pole.  In the past few decades, dozens of astronomical observatories have been established on Antarctica.  Recently Japanese astronomers discovered at least ten large dense (with very strong magnetic fields) planets approaching from the south.  They stated that the planets ‘lived’ independent of the Sun.  They called them “floating planets”, I call them Ronin Planets.

Here’s a link to an OK (some grammatical & spelling errors) pdf posting of The Lost Book of Enki.

Bolivia about to pass historic law, multi-national corporations won’t like it

The Law of Mother Earth.  If it passes, it will be historic.  Bolivia’s legislature is debating the new bill, which many believe will be passed.

The proposed law states: “Mother Earth is a living dynamic system made up of the undivided community of all living beings, who are all interconnected, interdependent and complementary, sharing a common destiny.”
It is based on Sumaj Kawsay, a native phrase for living in harmony.
Basically the law requires a transition from non-renewable to renewable energy; to  assess the ecological impact of all economic activity; ecological audits of all private and state companies;  reduce greenhouse gas emissions;  policies of food and renewable energy sovereignty; require all companies and individuals to be accountable for environmental contamination.
Of course there is opposition to the proposed law, mainly from large corporate mining and farming operations.  Corporate soy farmers say the law “will make the productive sector inviable.”
Even government agencies say the law would not be enforceable because it would be a logistical nightmare.
Supporters say something has to be done about the exploitation by multi-national corporations: “We need to pull together peoples, researchers, and communities to develop real concrete alternatives so that the dominant systems of exploitation don’t just continue by default. This is not an easy task, but I believe with international solidarity, we can and must succeed.”-Raul Prada, adviser to Pacto de Unidad

Japan Disaster Predicted, More to Come for Rest of World!

13 March 2011

In February there were several reports that a massive geological event was beginning under Japan. This was driven by the sudden increase in volcanic and quake activity south of Japan. It’s all tied to the increasing activity of the Pacific Plate, and surrounding tectonic plates. It’s also believed that disasters will resonate around the world.

13 March, a report in a Wales newspaper says the Japan event was part of a larger event that changed the tilt of the Earth on its axis. The tilt was changed by 10cm. The article also says Japanese professors claim that events will occur around the world on “…faults that are already on the brink of a tectonic upheaval.”  They also say this event in Japan happens every 1000 years.

Another report says that the speed of Earth’s rotation has increased, as a result of the Japan event. It was increased by 1.6 microseconds.  The speed was also increased after last years big Chile quake. But after the big 2004 Sumatra quake/tsunami the Earth was slowed down by 6.8 microseconds.  The point is that these events are not just ‘normal’ quake events.  They are deep events affecting the very rotation of the planet.

For the past few years there have been growing events of quakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean.  There’s a reason it’s called the Pacific Ring of Fire: An event on one side of the Pacific will result in an event on the other side.  The intervals of events have been getting closer together.  So far this year we had New Zealand quake event, then volcanic event in Hawaii, now Japan. There was also a moderate quake off Chile the same day as the big Japan quake.  It looks like the Pacific Ring of Fire events are intensifying.

Be prepared.