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‘Microwave’ beam weapon aiming to heat you up!

11APR2018 /21:15 UTC-07 Tango 06  (23 Farvardin 1397/26 Rajab 1439/27 Bing-Chen 4716)

From 19 to 22 March 2018 the so called Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate revealed their latest so called non-lethal weapons in Washington DC.  They included Laser-Induced Plasma Effect (a so called non-lethal laser beam to shoot you with), electronic devices that can shutdown your vehicle (what I call vehicle electro-cutioners) and Solid-State Active Denial Technology (SSADT) which is essentially a microwave weapon that can ‘burn’ the surface of your skin.

Detailed official promotional video:


History of military computers since WW2, birth of the internet!

Not many users of today’s hi-tech internet/social media know that it originated with the U.S. military during the Cold War.

The first ‘internet’ was called arpanet.  The U.S. Air Force explains in this video:

Fukushima – WIPP – Radiation Fallout: Daiichi floods Pacific after typhoon! ‘Black’ copters return to California! U.S. will increase radiation contamination limits!

11 September 2015 (20:02 UTC-07 Tango 01, 10 September 2015)/20 Shahrivar 1394/27 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1436/29 Yi-You 4713

United States: “The change is being pushed by a group of pro-nuclear fanatics — there is really no other way to describe them. If implemented, the hormesis model would result in needless death and misery.”-Michael Mariotte,  Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)

Washington DCU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants to eliminate the Linear No-Threshold (LNT) basis of radiation protection.  In other words they want to greatly increase the amount of radiation exposure per person before the government would consider it officially as ‘contamination’!

Kansas: Speaking of exposure, local news reports say about a dozen University of Tulsa’s North Campus researchers were bused to Burlington to be tested for radiation exposure, caused by a cesium 137 spill that occurred last year!

California: Once again, helicopters were seen flying low over the San Francisco bay area, and yes it was confirmed they were checking the air for radiation levels. 

UC San Francisco: Genetic Makeup May Make Radiation Riskier for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Idaho: The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigating a company called International Isotopes after an employee was sent to an Idaho Falls hospital for being exposed to more than a years worth of radiation.  Reports say contaminated items fell out of their protective container and the employee picked up the items thus contaminating himself.

The city of Hailey unanimously adopted a resolution opposing anymore nuke waste shipments to Idaho.  Gov’na Butch Otter, with the support of Senators, is waving an agreement between the state and federal Department of Energy banning nuclear waste shipments to The Gem State, in the name of making money (about $20-million USD) for the economically strapped state: “I think Senator Risch’s opinion was, and appears to be, that the economics of the INL [Idaho National Laboratory] are more important than the removal of dangerous nuclear waste that could contaminate the East Snake Aquifer.”-Fritz Haemmerle, mayor

Missouri: “Radiation from the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton has spread to neighboring properties. That’s according to reports released on Thursday by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster.”

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (evil DARPA) unveiled a new crowd sourcing radiation detector.  

Texas: Researchers with Chrysalis BioTherapeutics claim their new drug Chrysalis can stop radiation poisoning: “Because radiation-induced damage to the intestines plays such a key role in how well a person recovers from radiation exposure, it’s crucial to develop novel medications capable of preventing GI damage.”-Darrell Carney, University of Texas Medical Branch and ceo of Chrysalis BioTherapeutics

New Mexico:  NASA has, in a round-a-bout way admitted that they really don’t know how much radiation you’re exposed to when you fly on an airliner.  At Fort Sumner, NASA launch a high altitude balloon to test just how much radiation you’re exposed to when flying around the world. 

The shenanigans at WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Project) continue.  There was debate on whether three tonnes (metric tons) of weapons grade plutonium should be stored at the disaster site, until it was revealed that “The reality is that about 3 metric tons of down-blended weapons grade plutonium has already been disposed of at WIPP. As Bill Richardson knows, because it was completed while he was Secretary of Energy.”, according to Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway.

DOE names field office manager at WIPP

More DOE bungling at WIPP

Radiation presentation at WIPP town hall

Critics blame mismanagement for WIPP delay

New York: I’ve got relatives who went through radiation treatment for their cancers, only to have the tumors get bigger, which backs up my argument that treating cancer with radiation is like treating a gunshot wound by pumping a few more bullets into it.  Now there’s yet another study that backs me up.  “…radiotherapy may actually be making it easier for some skin cancer tumors to return and prosper. This may happen, they found, because the applied radiation causes a suppression of the immune system in the area being targeted.”

Japan: In Fukushima Prefecture two tropical storms caused record level rain, flooding hundreds of tons of radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster reactors into the Pacific Ocean, according to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCo).

The flooding also damaged thousands of homes and apartments across eastern Japan, which comes at a time when a new study admits that the people forced to flee their homes after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi explosions were not given adequate temporary housing, and that there still isn’t enough temp housing (four years on) for the people who cannot return to their homes due to radiation levels.

Radioactive forest bursts into flames

Siberian fires prove North America blanketed with Japanese radiation!

U.S. Job Losses & Store Closings, 15 January 2015: “They are ruining families’ lives!” Oil industry layoffs planned when oil was $97 per barrel! Obamacare kills tech & education jobs! DARPA kills jobs!

Incomplete list of publicly announced layoffs & shutdowns:

British empire Canada based aircraft maker Bombardier laid off 380 people in Mexico, and 620 people in Kansas U.S.A.!  Company administrators have halted production of the new larger Learjet 85 due to lack of sales.

Alabama: In Huntsville, Synapse Wireless laid off 25 people.  It’s blamed on healthcare industry changes caused by Obama Care: “Synapse is altering its focus in its healthcare business and redeploying many of its engineers……While there will be cutbacks in the healthcare division, it is still an important part of our business.”

California: What automotive industry recovery? In Canoga park, Vista Ford car dealer issued a WARN saying they are shutting down in March, at least 11 jobs lost.  In San Francisco, internet dating service Zooks laid off at least 25 people.  Company administrators have also delayed their IPO, data shows the dating service has seen declining revenues since 2013.  Foothill Ranch based female clothing store Wet Seal officially chapter 11 bankrupt busted, this after already announcing plans to kill off 3-thousand jobs under operation Store Project!  In El Segundo, evil taxsucking Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contractor Leidos issued a WARN saying 80 people will be laid off in March.  Also in El Segundo, British empire Canada based U.S. taxsucker spacecraft contractor COM DEV issued a WARN saying 53 people will be laid off in March.  A WARN says the Arcadia Vons Pavillion SuperStore will shutdown on 18 March 2015, at least 168 jobs lost!  Raybern Foods issues several WARNS saying they are shutting down in Hayward and Oakland, by May, at least 158 jobs lost!  In Fullerton, Walt Disney Parks-Resorts issued a WARN saying they will eliminate 85 costume maker jobs in May.

Connecticut: In Meridian, God refuses to stop the shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Stanislaus School.  In Pomfret, after nine years Celebrations Gallery announced it will shutdown in February. In Norwich, after six years Chacer’s Bar & Grill shutdown, the co-owner blaming the suck ass economy not only for shutting them down but for destroying his marriage: “It wasn’t easy at all, and it took a toll on our marriage. It stinks because we had a lot of fun in that business.”-Geoffrey Chase

Illinois: In Mount Vernon, after 31 years the owners of Office Furniture Warehouse announced they were shutting down by March.  It sounds like they were made a big money offer they couldn’t refuse by competitor Midwest Office Supply.

Iowa: In West Des Moines, clothing stores Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids shutdown.

Maryland: Labinal Power Systems joins the corporate stagnation tax sucking shell game, shutting down their Salisbury factory and moving to Texas by 2016.  Salisbury to lose at least 650 jobs!  Employees say company administrators outright lied to them: “It just feels so underhanded, especially after they told us our jobs were safe two weeks ago.  My girlfriend, her brother, father and uncle all work here. They are ruining families’ lives!”-Chris Bowers

Michigan: Inhumanely the state Department of Human Services announced it will eliminate 100 jobs and shutdown two offices in February!  Their operating budget was slashed by $7.5-million USD!

Minnesota: Less than one year after officially opening its first stores in Canada, Minneapolis based retailer Target threw in the towel, basically saying the Canadian economy sucks ass! All 133 stores to shutdown and 17-thousand 6-hundred Canadians will become jobless! 

Missouri: The Casino Queen laid off 20 people and reduced operating hours by two per day. Casino administrators report a 4.6% drop in revenue from December 2013 to December 2014, they blame too much competition.  In Saint Louis, popular Star Clipper comic book store shutdown.  The owner, who is also a tax attorney, says the economy is just to volatile: “The last couple of years, though business has been good, have been difficult to predict. And it just seemed like a good time.”-Benjamin Trujillo

Nebraska: Obama Care forcing CHI Health to kill off a minimum of 156 jobs: “As the landscape of the health care industry changes, how health care systems are organized changes as well. In an effort to bring healthcare costs down, across the country, expense reductions are being made and staffing is being restructured. CHI Health is no different, and will be reducing its workforce across the organization. Many of the reductions will be accomplished through attrition, and not filling open positions. However, the plan also includes the elimination of 156 active positions, about 1 percent of its workforce.”-company statement

New Mexico:  Yates Petroleum revealed they have already eliminated 15 of their local oil jobs.  Company administrators say they’ve been preparing for layoffs since September 2014, apparently the price of oil was too low back then even though it averaged $97 per barrel for West Texas Intermediate.  In Sante Fe, clothing store J Crew shutdown.  Also, clothing store Eileen Fisher shutdown.

New York:  In Buffalo, Fenner Precision amended their WARN saying their shutdown has been moved to March, at least 60 jobs lost. In NYC, Rivington House amended their WARN saying The Nicholas A. Rango Healthcare Facility will now shutdown in February, at least 214 jobs lost!  Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University amended their WARN saying the shutdown of their  Substance Abuse Treatment Centers is now on hold.  Montefiore Medical Center is supposed to be taking over the substance abuse operations.

North Carolina: New Obama Care taxes forcing Illinois based drug and medical device maker Hospria to shutdown their Clayton factory by the 2nd half of 2015, at least 250 jobs lost!  Iconic fruit supplier Chiquita announced it is pulling its HQ out of Charlotte, causing 320 jobs to be in limbo! Apparently company administrators don’t think the millions in taxpayer funded incentives are enough (they promised to pay back all the taxpayer funded incentives they got).  Chiquita was taken over by Brazilian venture capitalists. A local politician had an epiphany about the unAmerican corporate America taxsucking shell game: “You can’t expect loyalty from any company if you’re paying them to move. Government was basically prostituting themselves to get them here. … Nobody falls in love with a prostitute.”-Bill James, Mecklenburg County commissioner

Ohio: Owens Community College eliminated 50 occupied and vacant positions, as well as cut wages and salaries.  They also proposed new taxes, blaming increased employment costs caused mainly by higher insurance and retirement rates mandated by Obama Care!

Pennsylvania:  A fundraising company that raises money for schools by selling food, Market Day, announced they would layoff 43 people in Cranberry Township by March. It’s blamed on crashing sales.  In Upper Allen Township, after 39 years the owners of Gehman & Co furniture store announced they are being forced to shutdown in March.  The greedy property owner refuses to renew the lease.

Washington: Iconic Starbucks announced it will layoff a “small number” of employees at its Seattle HQ.  British empire Australia based heavy engineering company Bradken is shutting down their foundry in Chehalis, 91 jobs lost.   Bradken reported their profits crashed 64% in the last half of 2014!

Wyoming: The Wyoming Medical Center laid off five administrators, directly blaming Obama Care: “In response to rapid and challenging changes in the healthcare market, Wyoming Medical Center regretfully announced today the elimination of five leadership positions. Other management positions will be realigned in order to streamline operations and become more efficient in the way we deliver care.”

13-14-January-2015: proof oil job losses are not due to oil prices!

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) doesn’t count the hundreds of layoffs involving less than 50 people each, in its mass layoff reports. It also doesn’t count all the little ‘mom & pop’ businesses that shutdown. It doesn’t count people who get a severance for being laid off.

Government/Corporate Evil: DARPA director joining Google, more proof that Google is spying on you, PRODIGAL to be civilianized?

Regina is a technical pioneer who brought the future of technology to the military during her time at DARPA.  She will be a real asset to Google, and we are thrilled she is joining the team.”-Google statement

Regina Dugan is leaving the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a new job at Google.

Dugan helped create all kinds of new weapons for the so called war on terror, including internet programs to spy on our own soldiers. In December 2011, it was revealed that DARPA will spend $9 million to spy on the emails of U.S. personnel!

It’s called Proactive Discovery of Insider Threats Using Graph Analysis and Learning, or PRODIGAL.

Isn’t it interesting that three months later one of the DARPA officials behind it is now going to work for Google?

And don’t forget Regina Dugan’s own company, RedXDefense.  It’s a company totally dependent on military contracts, and totally about control freakism.


World War 3: Pentagon to kill computer hackers, pushing for cyber weapons

A 12 page U.S. Department of Defense report, given to Congress, says all options are on the table for dealing with computer hackers: “When warranted, we will respond to hostile attacks in cyberspace as we would to any other threat to our country. We reserve the right to use all necessary means; diplomatic, informational, military and economic, to defend our nation, our allies, our partners and our interests.”

The President of the United States would make the ultimate call. But analysts say the policy could open a can of worms, after all, if China was able to trace a hack back to the U.S. who’s to say they wouldn’t be legally justified in attacking the U.S. hacker?

Back at the beginning of November, Pentagon officials revealed they are pushing for offensive cyber weapon systems: “We are shifting our investments to activities that promise more convergence with the threat and that recognize the needs of the Department of Defense. Malicious cyber attacks are not merely an existential threat to our bits and bytes. They are a real threat to our physical systems, including our military systems.”-Regina Dugan, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

The irony is that most of the destructive computer hacks, and/or virus attacks, seem to be coming from the United States!  Does that mean our own military is going to start bombing our own computer geeks?