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Great Reneger: Off-shoring of U.S. jobs will continue until investor morale improves!

Incomplete list of off-shoring of U.S. jobs, and immigrant labor increases, since Donald Trump began his job as President of the United States on 20 JAN 2017.

“Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Not going to happen.”-Donald Trump, December 2016

“They’re taking our jobs. They’re taking our manufacturing jobs. They’re taking our money. They’re killing us.”-Donald Trump, July 2015 anti-immigrant worker statement


WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

A famous Malaysian businessman, Robert Kuok, reveals in his memoirs the true reason government elites around the world love immigrants, they’re willing to do anything for cheap; “Not only are these unsung heroes hungry, eager and willing to ‘eat bitterness’…”  they “…are simply the most amazing economic ants on Earth.”

December:  CD International Enterprises, a company focused on doing business with China and the U.S., is now chapter 7 bankrupt dead and being liquidated.

Connecticut based corporate ‘relocation’ service company Cartus asking U.S. employees to voluntarily quit as it “aligns its global workforce with business realities.” 

British empire New Zealand owned virtual reality company 8i eliminated at least 30 jobs in California, essentially admitting that the virtual reality ‘market’ is too hard to figure out.

Noble Americas Corporation laid off at least 67 people in Texas and 84 people Connecticut after Xmas, due to the company’s sale to Switzerland based Vitol.

Alstom Signaling eliminating 86 jobs in New York by July 2018, probably due to its take-over by Deutschland based Siemens.

  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts laid off 90 HQ employees in North Carolina, as part of a plan to move operations overseas.

British empire Canada based SunOpta shutting down its ‘organic’ food roasting ops in North Dakota35 jobs gone by July 2018 due to consolidation operations.

Switzerland based Nestlé issued a layoff WARN, 55 people in California jobless by February 2018.

The News&Observer reports California’s governor pardons immigrants with criminal records who were about to be deported!

This time blame Obama and Bush Jr! According to the Pew Research Center, from 2005 to 2015 there was a 25% increase in the number of immigrants coming from Central American countries. 

After promoting its electric vehicle plans for the United States, Ford suddenly decided to move production of its electric SUV from Michigan to Mexico

CNSnews; “Refugee admissions to the United States were down 83 percent in the first two months of fiscal 2018 (October and November) compared to the first two months of fiscal 2017.”

Quartz Media; With the Muslim part diluted, the Trump travel ban has finally gone into full effect

Evil government identification (ID) computer systems designer France owned, yet U.S. taxpayer fundedMorphoTrust USA (OT-Morpho) issued a shutdown WARN for one of its Illinois locations, 74 jobs gone in February 2018.

November: It’s been revealed that 1-hundred federal taxpayer funded government contractors are using their taxpayer funding to off-shore 10-thousand-269 U.S. jobs to other countries!  The top four offending taxpayer funded contractors are General Motors (GM), Boeing, Pfizer, and United Technologies (Carrier owner).

Texas based Jacobs Engineering Group opened a new office, in India News reports say the Jacobs office in India could employ as many as 2-thousand-2-hundred people!

Automotive interior parts maker FuturiS shutting down a factory in Tennessee140 jobs gone after Xmas possibly due to being taken over by Ireland based competitor Adient!

Dart Container Corporation shutting down a factory in Georgia160 jobs gone by 2019 as production is shifted to the British empire’s Canada!

Switzerland based measurement instruments maker Mettler-Toledo announced at least 69 layoffs at its Ohio Hi-Speed factory, starting July 2018.  The Hi-Speed factory will be shutdown by January 2019, in connection to moving production to new factories in Lutz, Florida, and a third new factory for Changzhou, China.

In Missouri, Switzerland based ABB shutting down its electrical transformer factory, 120 jobs gone!

China based Yanfeng Automotive Interiors issued a mass layoff WARN, 345 jobs in Michigan gone starting at the end of January 2018, due to lack of orders!

Japan owned tire maker Bridgestone issued a shutdown WARN for a re-tread operation in California65 jobs gone after Xmas.

Deutschland based electrical engineering giant Siemens announced it will eliminate 6-thousand-9-hundred jobs globally, including 1-thousand-8-hundred jobs in the United States!  Administrators blame “The power generation industry is experiencing disruption of unprecedented scope and speed. Renewables are putting other forms of power generation under increasing pressure.”

Microsoft increased the number of jobs being eliminated at its Oregon Surface Hub operations to 125! Microsoft is eventually shutting down its Oregon Surface Hub ops and moving most of the work to China.

British empire United Kingdom owned, U.S. taxpayer funded, Luxfer Magtech halting its manufacture of U.S. Department of Defense Meal Ready to Eat ‘flameless’ ration heaters at its factory in New York, 60 jobs gone by February 2018.

 India hitting Montana pea/lentil farmers with a 50% import tax!

France based food service contractor Sodexo issued a WARN, 30 people in Ohio jobless right after Xmas.

After 28 years in Idaho, it was revealed that restaurant Taquiera La Costa suddenly shutdown because the immigrant owner failed to become a legal resident/citizen and had to move back to Mexico.  He swears he’ll be back when his ‘paperwork’ is approved.

 British empire Canada based Saputo announced the shutdown of its Wisconsin cheese factory, 126 jobs gone by May 2018!

The evil Carlyle Group owned, and now schizophrenic, Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) laid off 12 InfoTech employees, and is laying off an undisclosed number of HR employees, as part of off-shoring of jobs to an unnamed European location, while at the same time claims to be hiring “hundreds” of new employees (apparently off-shore).

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says many violent gangs in the U.S. today are actually foreign insurgents (illegal immigrants), such as MS-13.

History.com: “…the United States’ ‘diversity’ visa lottery…..wasn’t originally intended to promote cultural and racial diversity in the U.S. Back when Congress introduced it in 1986, the goal was to ease immigration for Irish and Italian immigrants.”

The Nation: A Growing Lawyer ‘Army’ Is Banding Together to Protect Immigrants

A massive $10-million USD legal defense fund for illegal immigrants has been launched in Los Angeles, California It’s called the LA Justice Fund and is half funded with taxpayer money from City and County of Los Angeles! 

Also in Los Angeles County, an immigration attorney pled guilty to fraudulently selling ‘green cards’, for a profit of $50-million USD!  The immigration work visas were being sold to Asian ‘investors’ as part of some kind of money laundering scam.

An immigration attorney in Indiana pled guilty to 250 counts of filing fraudulent visa applications: “Individuals who commit immigration fraud undermine and abuse our generous immigration system, a system that lawfully admits more immigrants than any other country in the world, and put our public safety and national security at risk.”-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Also in Indiana, the final round of mass layoffs was announced at the very Carrier factory Donald Trump boasted of ‘saving’.  In January 2018, about 215 additional employees will become unemployed!  Trump claimed to have prevented the jobs from going to Mexico by giving Carrier a $7-million USD taxpayer funded deal, however, Carrier employees say U.S. jobs are not being saved: “Trump came in there to the factory last December and blew smoke up our asses! He wasn’t gonna save those jobs.”-Brenda Darlene Battle

Some federal government officials are now concerned the flood of immigrants and refugees will render future Census Bureau data invalid, not because the Census Bureau does not differentiate between legal-resident-citizens and non-citizen-illegals in their surveys, but because the illegal immigrant loving officials are afraid illegals won’t take part in the surveys! 

In Illinois, Switzerland owned hamburger bun maker Cloverhill Bakery, that is contracted by McDonald’s, was hit by an immigration raid.  At least 8-hundred illegal immigrants caught!  Company administrators swore they had no clue as their employees are actually hired by an unnamed employment service contractor.  The Switzerland owned bakery is now complaining that they have to raise wages for their new legal hires! 

In Tennessee, 20 illegal immigrants arrested as they worked for Washington state based Expeditors International.  The bust was led by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

In Texas, a repeat illegal immigrant now in jail for killing a girl on Thanksgiving while driving a car intoxicated.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce openly declares U.S. citizens to be worthless workers, praises ‘dreamers’! 

The American Immigration Council says immigrants have generated $107-million USD in 2015 for the state of Mississippi.

In Oklahoma, the city of Tulsa becoming addicted to cheap immigrant workers and foreign businesses, according to their own study!  A local newspaper even reported that immigrants were shocked at just how much the city-elite-leeches have latched onto immigrants as a source of tax revenues: “I never thought these numbers would be so high. At some point, though, it does make sense in the way that I’ve seen the city and its Hispanic community grow so much.”-Manuel Gomez, local owner of a Mexico based grocery store in Tulsa, who is also a ‘dreamer’ immigrant

Farmers in North Carolina revealed their addiction to cheap slave-wage migrant labor from Mexico by suing the Democrat governor and state Administrative Office of Courts over the new Farm Act of 2017 (Senate Bill 615).  Apparently farmers were deducting ‘union dues’ from migrant workers’ paychecks and supposedly the new pro-migrant worker law will stop that.

In Pennsylvania, the new Mexico based owner of Pittsburgh Glass Works announced it will shutdown the 130 years old Creighton factory in East Deer and consolidate production to Mexico, affecting nearly 2-hundred U.S. jobs! Mexico based Vitro bought Pittsburgh Glass Works, this year, for $310-million USD, however, the official reason for the shutdown is a “combination of difficult realities” .

The liberal-left-wing news media made a big deal about India’s tractor company Mahindra’s plan to open a small factory in Detroit, Michigan The reality is that at best about 2-hundred new jobs would be created, and there are two good reasons why the Indian company decided to set up shop in the U.S.; corporate tax breaks at U.S. taxpayer expense, and growing doubts about the current NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) situation, which could affect Mahindra’s factories in Canada and Mexico.

 An Arizona newspaper is making an incredible claim, it sounds good for job creation in the United States, but it’s a sad statement against U.S. based employers; “…there are 8,800 jobs in Arizona created by 244 Mexican companies doing business here.

These are companies which originated and operate in Mexico.

And if recent trends are any indication, the numbers will see a surge in the near future.”

Fortune.com: “Looking for a part-time job? Mexico has an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse.

…..it will pay $10,000 per month and cover all expenses of whoever gets the six-month job.”

Paradise Papers: “An investigative report this week by The New York Times, based on a leak of offshore financial records known as the Paradise Papers, revealed that dozens of wealthy [U.S.] college endowments use Caribbean islands as offshore tax havens for their investments.”

October: Idaho taxpayer funded France based public transportation contractor Transdev-Valley Regional Transit-ValleyRide issued a WARN, 102 Boise jobs gone in November!

British empire based Too Big to Jail RBS (Royal bank of Scotland) 43 jobs in Connecticut right before Xmas.

In California, South Africa based Swissport notified state employment officials that it is ending airport operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, 348 jobs gone in December!  France based clothier Louis Vuitton shutting down its store in Hollywood, right after Xmas.  St. John’s Knits issued another WARN, 72 California jobs outsourced to Mexico (on top of the 130 jobs already lost to Mexico during Summer).  Electric car maker Tesla suddenly laid off as many as 7-hundred Californians for lack of performance, or is it part of Tesla’s plan to focus on production in China?  Finland based Nokia issued a layoff WARN for its California operation, 72 jobs gone a few days before Xmas.  France owned Schneider Electric eliminating 15 jobs in California, right before Xmas.  California wildfires reveal more than 50-thousand illegal immigrants living in Napa and Sonoma counties, yet U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says they won’t be deported!  It’s been revealed that San Francisco based Too Big to Jail Wells Fargo’s massive layoffs of U.S. employees is part of a plan to shift banking jobs to Philippines!  TheCharlotteObserver: Wells Fargo seeks overseas call center workers as it slashes US jobs

Unnamed employees revealed Rockwell Collins plans to offshore at least 130 North Carolina jobs to the Philippines, it might be connected to the pending sale of Rockwell Collins to United Technologies!

 Italy based eyewear maker/distributor Luxottica Retail North America issued a mass layoff WARN, 208 jobs in Tennessee gone right after Xmas!

In West Virginia, Italy owned plastics maker M&G Polymers now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.

Germany owned Akustica issued a  shutdown WARN for its Pennsylvania location, 54 jobs gone by October 2018.

Japan owned but Switzerland based Metalor Technologies issued a shutdown WARN for its Pennsylvania location, 121 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Japan owned Oak-Mitsui issued a layoff WARN for 20 people in New York.

Netherlands owned Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) suddenly laid off 90 people in Louisiana, blaming a variety of things including Hurricane Harvey.

Brazil owned poultry processor Pilgrim’s Pride shutting down its new factory in Luverne, 2-hundred jobs gone between Thanksgiving and Xmas, due to Pilgrim’s Pride’s takeover of competitor GNP in January!

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems eliminating 55 jobs in Ohio as part of its plan to move jobs to Mexico.

U.S. Paper Converters shutting down its Wisconsin operations, 52 jobs gone by New Years due to state officials bringing in foreign operations with taxpayer money: For the third time in less than two months, the Paper Valley has been hit hard. At a time when the state is set to spend billions to lure a foreign company, our heritage and core industries are being gutted without explanation or without concern from our state leadership. This is not just about the loss of fifty jobs, but fifty families, men, women and children being thrust into difficult times and during the holiday season. It is high time we focus our time, resources and money on Wisconsin industry and Wisconsin jobs. Paper is our heritage, and it must be our future.”-Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive

 U.S. Congress is considering a tax bill that would reward corporations for sending jobs offshore, “Ending taxation of offshore profits would give multinational corporations an incentive to send jobs offshore, thereby lowering U.S. wages. It would also be a giant loophole for corporations to use accounting gimmicks to move their profits to tax havens, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars in tax revenue for the United States.”100 GROUPS OPPOSING A TERRITORIAL TAX SYSTEM 

Two ‘dreamers’ caught in separate incidents running human trafficking operations!  They were smuggling people from Mexico and Brazil into the United States.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection press release; Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agents Arrest Juvenile Smugglers

Mormon owned Deseret News: Muslim refugees to US outnumbered by Christians

More proof immigrants are about cheap labor as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement accused of using immigrant prisoners as forced labor.

Pennsylvania based clothier David’s Bridal revealed plans to shutdown U.S. stores and open new stores in Canada.

September: Pioneer Metal Finishing shutting down its ops in Oshkosh, 52 jobs gone due to consolidation of operations to other U.S. and Mexican factories.

For the past few years aircraft maker Boeing has killed thousands of U.S. jobs claiming tough competition from Europe’s Airbus.  In September Boeing officially broke-ground on a new $53-million USD factory, not in the United States, but in the British empire country of United Kingdom.  It’s part of Boeing’s decade-and-a-half long (starting in 2001) plan to move U.S. jobs out-of-country in order to take part in ‘globalization’.

In Tennessee, DISGRUNTLED ‘DREAMER’ SHOOTS-UP “multi-ethnic” CHURCH!

Politico: How Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Threatens to Choke Idaho’s Dairy Industry….  …Without them, a ‘Made in America’ success story would collapse.

Disney owned TV network ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) is working on a new illegal immigrant sitcom called Sanctuary Family.

The state if Iowa admitted it is using immigrants and refugees to make up for the huge exodus of taxpaying citizens!  Since 2010 about 40% of Iowa’s population growth was the result of immigrants!

It was revealed that in Pennsylvania “ineligible” immigrants were allowed to vote during the past decade!  State law says only U.S. citizens can vote.

Sacramento Bee: California becomes official sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, blames Trump

DaytonDailyNews: Dayton, Ohio, among top destinations for immigrants, which saw an almost 50% increase in its immigrant population

CBSNews: Detained immigrants paid $1 a day

San Diego Union-Tribune: Growing number of Chinese immigrants smuggled through San Diego

NYC based Too Big to Jail JPMorgan created 2-thousand-5-hundred new jobs, in Poland!  And New York state’s Westchester County issued an executive order protecting illegal immigrants saying “While we wait for Washington to get its act together, Westchester will continue to protect all of its residents.”

Chicago Tribune: Immigrant population in the city of Rockford skyrockets 64%, “to mitigate a net population loss of about 10,000″ citizens!

ValueWalk: “Despite bringing in over $1 billion in profits, AT&T….   …has become one of the worst job destroyers in recent years, relying more and more on offshoring….”

Bloomberg: Economist blames automation coupled with offshoring for killing the working class

Little India: Workers Rise in US Against Offshoring of Jobs

Center for Immigration Studies: Equifax and the National Security Threat of Offshoring

Drugs pusher Alexion Pharmaceuticals shutting down its factory in Rhode Island, 250 jobs gone due to offshoring work to Ireland!

Los Angeles Times: A good compromise will result in California becoming a ‘sanctuary state’

Washington Post: City council of College Park, Maryland, approved a new law allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

CNSNews.com: “Since April, the number of illegal aliens trying to get into the United States along the Southwest border has been steadily rising, reaching a total of 30,567 in August, a 22.5 percent increase from July and almost twice the 15,771 recorded in April, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.”

WHAS channel 11, Kentucky: “We have 30,000 open jobs in the city right now, 8,000 that require degrees, and we need people from all over the community filling those jobs right now.”-Bryan Warren, Louisville Office of Globalization

“The immigration and refugee population here in Kentucky has been growing a lot, and we have staffing needs just like every other company has.”-Larry Rosa, United Parcel Service

TheHill: “Communications Workers of America (CWA) say that AT&T has been cutting pay, laying off workers and offshoring jobs at an alarming rate.”

The Columbus Dispatch: “While the U.S. has been rapidly losing call center jobs, the amount of off-shore call center jobs servicing the U.S. has skyrocketed.”

U.S.News & World Report: “…gathered in the American Underground, a startup incubator, to take part in classes organized through Code the Dream, a program set up to steer people from immigrant, refugee and minority communities into computer programming jobs and tech careers.”

Marketplace: “…Nebraska couldn’t produce the billions of dollars in agricultural products they do now without the help of immigrant labor.”

Daily Mail: “Merck….raising drug prices and offshoring jobs after its black CEO quits White House manufacturing council…”

August:   General Electric (GE) shutting down its electronic board factory in New York, 145 jobs being affected by GE’s plan to off-shore production to China!  Fuel station operator Sunoco suddenly laid off 94 HQ employeesand many hundreds more employees will become unemployed as Sunoco sold its fuel station ops to Japan owned 7-Eleven!

People’s World: “I’m not looking to pick another fight with Donald Trump. I did plenty of that before I recently retired as president of the local union that fought to save Carrier jobs in Indiana.  But Carrier just delivered a new round of layoff notices to hundreds of workers — and President Trump could have stopped it. And that just ticks me off.”-Chuck Jones, former union boss

July:  Donald Trump’s favorite HVAC company Carrier going through with mass layoffs, 630 people will become jobless between now and the end of the year, due to Carrier shifting the jobs to Mexico!  Brooklyn-NYC based Vice Media laid off 60 people as part of its plan to focus on international markets.

June:  Despite the boasts/threats from Donald Trump, home improvement retailer Lowes is eliminating 120 Info-Tech jobs in North Carolina, those jobs are being off-shored to India!    In Texas, after 110 years R.H. Lackner’s Fine Jewelry shutdown, the owners blaming everything including “violence” from “Mexico”. 

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees:  “After 100 days in office, Trump continues to reward U.S. companies that offshore jobs.”

May: Despite earlier threats by Donald Trump, HVAC company Carrier suddenly began eliminating 3-hundred jobs!  Carrier also warned that more layoffs will take place later in the year as work is shifted to Mexico!  In Colorado, after 40 years Turley’s Kitchen shutdown due to the owners being unable to hire competent immigrant employees, (and being unable to find a buyer for the iconic ‘health food’ restaurant).  Despite record levels of legal immigration into the U.S., the owners say it’s gotten harder to find people who’re willing to do things like wash dishes!

April: Colorado based Ciber is now bankrupt busted and being sold-off to a French company.

CBS 60 Minutes reveals U.S. companies (including Disney) forcing U.S. employees to train their migrant replacements:

March:   Wisconsin based farm vehicle parts maker Rexnord shutting down its Indiana bearings factory and moving more than 3-hundred jobs to Mexico by the end of the year, despite threats by Donald Trump!  Massachusetts based Liberty Mutual eliminating 360 Info-Tech jobs across two U.S. states as part of a massive plan to  “….hire 25,000 people worldwide.”  

U.S. Senators from Idaho Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, along with David Perdue of Georgia, reintroduced a bill that would make labor strikes at U.S. ports illegal, for the benefit of foreign companies: “By qualifying the ‘slowdown’ tactic as an unfair labor practice, this bill will ensure businesses can continue to import and export their goods…..:”

February: Georgia based video game maker Kiz Studios confirmed it suddenly eliminated jobs, but refused to say how many.   Administrators said it was to restructure “…three of our gaming studios in order to focus on our new Global Services practice.”








It’s been revealed that Donald Trump (the presidential candidate that wants to end J-1 foreign student work visas) made big bucks using the very same J-1 student workers at the hotels he created. 



In California, Foothill Packing has been fined $235-thousand USD for falsely firing U.S. citizens and replacing them with H-1B migrants  and electric car maker Tesla was caught by the San Jose Mercury News directly importing illegal migrants to work in The Golden State!  

U.S. FEDERAL/STATE/LOCAL GOVERNMENT LAYOFFS JUNE 2016 : “WE’RE NOT TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE, THAT’S BULLSHIT!” as it’s been revealed that a taxpayer funded scholarship program known as DACA funds college education for ILLEGAL immigrants! Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proudly and openly supports it! DACA is in addition to any other financial aid: “I was able to get scholarships and grants through DACA.”-Clara Kim, Korean student at elitist Azusa Pacific University in California who admitted to Hillary Clinton that she was in the U.S. illegally, Hillary Clinton then ‘applauded’ Kim’s efforts, it was caught on video by CBSLos Angeles.