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MH370 False Flag update: The crash of new expensive U.S. Air Traffic Control computers revealed to be False Flag op!

06 May 2014 (00:07 UTC-07 Tango)/06 Rajab 1435/14 Ordibehesht 1393/08 Ji-Si 4712

Back at the end of April, air traffic controllers at Los Angeles International (LAX) airport reported that their computers were “fried”.  By 02 May, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration quietly revealed that it was an attack by our own USAF EW (electronic warfare) U-2/TR-1 aircraft!

It wasn’t just LAX that was attacked, other airports in California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona also lost air traffic control computers to a targeted ECM (electronic counter measure) attack.

Air traffic controllers reported that their computers were misinterpreting radar signals, showing the high altitude U-2/TR-1 in locations that it shouldn’t be in, and also “interrupted the computer’s other flight-processing functions”.   The result was hundreds of commercial flights were re-routed!

This is a typical ECM attack, part of what is called in the USAF/NATO a Wild Weasel attack, in which the ECM jams the enemy radar with “noise”, or false signals of approaching aircraft (MH370/CZ748 anyone?).    Of course, in a complete Wild Weasel attack the ECM attack would be followed up with a radar homing missile blowing up the ground based radars.

On 30 April, civilian radar showed the high altitude U-2/TR-1 was flying at low altitude, crossing the flight paths of commercial aircraft.  The U-2/TR-1 is not designed to fly at low altitude for long periods of time, it’s specifically a high altitude research/recon aircraft.

The U-2/TR-1 is armed only with electronic warfare equipment, not actual kinetic weapons.  So why was a high altitude U-2/TR-1 targeting the radar systems of major airports in the western United States?  Neither the U.S. FAA nor the USAF gave an explanation!

Here’s an interesting note: The computer system that failed is a brand new (2008) system called En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM).  Was this just an elaborate test?  If so the expensive taxpayer funded upgrade was a big fail!

World War 3, Iran: Obama regime allows Boeing & GE to avoid sanctions! Direct flights to resume after 35 years of sanctions?

30 April 2014 (12:31 UTC-07 Tango)/29 Jumada t-Tania 1435/10 Ordibehesht 1393/02 Wu-Chen(4th month) 4712

“Iranian airlines will be ready to buy 40 jets a year.”-Ali Reza Jahangirian, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization

Despite tough talk against Iran, the Obama regime is allowing some U.S. companies to violate the Obama regime’s own sanctions against Iran.

Today it’s been revealed that Boeing and GE will be allowed, by the Obama regime, to sell aircraft to Iranian airlines, and airlines will be able to resume direct flights between the U.S. and Iran!  Direct flights have been on hold (by the U.S. government) since the successful 1979 revolution against the U.S. puppet government in Iran.

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization hopes direct commercial flights can begin by 2025.

At the beginning of April it was quietly revealed that the U.S. Department of Treasury is allowing Boeing and General Electric (GE) to sell aircraft parts to Iran, under the guise of ensuring “safety” of international flights.  Some government officials even used the mysterious disappearance of MH370/CZ748 as an excuse for letting big U.S. corporations avoid Obama regime sanctions.

U.S. made aircraft parts have been blocked from being sold to Iran ever since the U.S. Reagan regime imposed sanctions in the early 1980s (and then Rumsfeld paid Iraq to invade Iran).

If you’ve been following the economic news you’d be able to figure out that the real reason for allowing Boeing and GE to do business with Iran is because they are losing their asses financially.  It looks like the crony U.S. capitalist system is such a failure that the U.S. government has to back off it’s tough rhetoric against ‘enemy’ countries.

Iranian airlines say they want to buy at least 400 Boeing made airliners, which could save the faltering company’s ass.

False Flag MH370 update: Obama first to say where plane went, last to offer condolences!

27 April 2014 (01:47 UTC-07 Tango)/26 Jumada t-Tania 1435/07 Ordibehesht 1393/28 Wu-Chen 4712

When Malaysian flight MH370 (CZ748) disappeared two months ago, from almost day one the Obama regime insisted the Boeing ended up in the Indian Ocean.  After several weeks all nations involved in the unprecedented search finally focused where the Obama regime was pointing.

Now two months later, Barack Obama, being the first U.S. President to visit Malaysia in almost 50 years, is the last government official to offer Malaysians condolences.

I’ve pointed out that it was strange that the U.S. insisted they knew where the plane went, without offering evidence.  But in an interview with malaysian news media Obama basically admitted the U.S. has always known, and will continue spending U.S. taxes on the false flag search: “The United States was one of the first countries to join in the search for the missing plane.  U.S. Navy ships, aircraft and personnel remain on the scene, assisting in the search.  Our FBI is working closely with Malaysia on the investigation into what caused the aircraft to disappear.  And we’ll continue to offer our support and assistance as the search and investigation continue.”

It’s also strange that ‘leaders’ like Obama find the false flag search for MH370/CZ748 to be a convenient exercise to “….continue improving aviation security. One thing is already clear, however, is that large international efforts like this search operation benefit from existing partnerships among nations.”


False Flag MH370 update: Expert says if there ain’t no wreckage then the plane ain’t there! It’s in Afghanistan?

15 April 2014 (23:32 UTC-07 Tango 14 April 2014)/14 Jumada t-Tania 1435/26 Farvardin 1393/16 Wu-Chen 4712

“Pilots are not guilty; the plane was hijacked by unknown terrorists. We know that the name of the terrorist who gave instructions to pilots is ‘Hitch’. The plane is in Afghanistan not far from Kandahar near the border with Pakistan.”-Unnamed Russia FSB agent

CNN interviewed an expert in deep ocean searches, he’s involved in about 30 research trips to the Titanic. Paul-Henry Nargeolet explained that there is no way a large plane hitting the rolling ocean  wouldn’t “explode” into smaller pieces, he stressed that he was “100% sure” on that.

He was then asked about the strange fact that, so far, no wreckage has been found.  Here’s his expert response based on his experience: “From my point of view, if we don’t see any debris, the plane is not there! It so simple, you know!” 

Nargeolet also explained that all airliner pingers are the same: “….all the pingers are the same. Same frequency, all the same signal, there is no distinction……”

Before Nargeolet’s interview with CNN, Russian FSB (Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii) announced they have reason to believe that MH370/CZ748 was hijacked and flown to a secret U.S. airbase in Afghanistan.

By the way, far more than $100-million of your tax dollars have been spent looking for this so called missing plane: “Search for MH370 to be most expensive in aviation history”Reuters

international race for control of ‘Black Boxes’

MH370 False Flag update: What is the true reason for international race for control of ‘Black Boxes’? Oil slick!

14 April 2014 (00:41 UTC-07 Tango)/13 Jumada t-Tania 1435/25 Farvardin 1393/15 Wu-Chen 4712

An oil slick was spotted 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) downwind of the Australian Defence ship Ocean Shield.  Samples have been taken to test where the oil came from.

More sonar devices are being employed in the ever shrinking MH370/CZ748 search area.  No pings have been heard since 08 April 2014.

Now something to spur conspiracy thoughts; there are behind closed door arguments over who actually controls the data recorders, if they’re ever found!

According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) the country from where the aircraft is registered has the responsibility to search for, and collect the wreckage of a downed aircraft.  In this case it would be Malaysia.  However, for some reason the Attorney General of Malaysia felt compelled to visit ICAO officials in United Kingdom to express concern: “The AG is in the U.K. discussing exactly that. The experts involved, including ICAO, are referring to international and domestic laws to determine the ownership of the black box once it is retrieved.”-Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein, Malaysian Defense Minister and Acting Transport Minister

Officials from Malaysia have arrived in Perth, Australia, to “assist” in search coordination.

they’ve found it (again?)

More pings heard!

MH370 False Flag update: Aussie PM says they’ve found it (again?)!

11 April 2014 (21:22 UTC-07 Tango 10 April 2014)/10 Jumada t-Tania 1435/22 Farvardin 1393/12 Wu-Chen 4712

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, has just reported that they are confident that the pinger signal heard during today’s search is from the missing MH370/CZ748.

False Flag MH370: More pings heard!

09 April 2014 (21:23 UTC-07 Tango 08 April 2014)/08 Jumada t-Tania 1435/20 Farvardin 1393/10 Wu-Chen 4712

Australian Defence ship Ocean Shield has heard pings on two more occasions, for a total of four times since 05 April.  The Chinese ship Haixun 01 picked up signals twice.

The signal is 33.331 kilohertz, at 1.106 second intervals, consistent with flight data recorders.

Search will now concentration on an area 75-thousand square kilometers (46,602 square miles) in size.  The ocean bottom in that area is known to be silty.  Silty sea bed actually absorbs sonar and other acoustic sound detection systems.   The silt could also be interfering with the data recorders’ pingers.

Satellite tracking data indicates MH370/CZ748 suffered engine flame out (due to running out of fuel) approaching the area of the pings.

The number of ships involved will be kept to a minimum because their props will generate noise that will interfere with the detection of pings.  Aircraft will be dropping sonobuoys.

No wreckage has been seen.

During the search for Air France flight 447, it took underwater vehicles 20 days after the pings were heard before the plane was found.

Fly By Wire hijacking?

More Fukushima WIPP Fallout: Radiation monitors at WIPP in doubt by EPA! Jamaican nuke monitoring part of false flag nuke attack? Beware belts & bras!

08 April 2014 (13:28 UTC-07 Tango)/07 Jumada t-Tania 1435/19 Farvardin 1393/09 Wu-Chen 4712

The U.S. EPA is installing more air samplers around the shutdown Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.  According to local news reports, the EPA now questions the reliability of air sampling radiation monitors around WIPP, so they are installing redundant monitors “to identify any needed improvements and ensure adequate monitoring.”

Click pics to make bigger

The special investigation team has made two descents into WIPP, and a third is planned for 10 April.  They set up a command base near the plutonium and americium leak, they claim they detected no high radiation levels.  Samples have been sent to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in eastern Idaho. The INL is also the site of the World’s first deadly nuclear reactor accident (EBR-1).

In Japan, Tokyo Electric Power Company has revealed that there is not enough storage space for all the nuclear waste that will be generated while ‘decommissioning’ the melted down Fukushima Daiichi!

TEPCo estimates 560-thousand cubic meters of waste over the next 13 years.  They plan to burn about 340-thousand cubic meters of the nuke waste!  But that will leave 220-thousand cubic meters with nowhere to go.  TEPCo says all the storage being built now will hold only 160-thousand cubic meters, or about 200 olympic sized swimming pools worth.

Japan’s fishermen have agreed to TEPCo’s plan to reroute groundwater into the ocean, but now they’ve issued demands.  The National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations is demanding an independent third party to monitor the water release, and that the national government of Japan must finally take responsibility for what happens to the fishing industry.

More investigation into the U.S. taxpayer funded Department of Energy (DoE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) radiation monitoring in Jamaica and Bahamas revealed that the program actually started between 2006-09, years before Fukushima Daiichi blew up!

At the Port of Kingston, in Jamaica, it is called the Radiation Detection Program, and it is actually part of the larger War on Terror known as Megaports Initiative: “President Obama has made an unprecedented commitment to preventing the threat of nuclear terrorism by securing dangerous nuclear and other radioactive materials and keeping those materials out of the hands of proliferators and terrorist organizations.  This cooperation increases our capability to identify illicit shipments of special nuclear and other radioactive materials and bolsters the worldwide effort to prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism.”-Ken Baker, NNSA

The Megaports Initiative involves at least 42 ports throughout Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  The NNSA came to life after President Bill Clinton reluctantly approved it at the end of his term as regime leader (more than one year prior to the 11 September 2001 terror attacks in the U.S.).

In 2013 the NNSA, along with the International Atomic Energy Agency, began training ‘first responders’ from Armenia, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, under the Radiological Assistance Program Training for Emergency Response (I-RAPTER): “….joint training to ensure that more first responders have the capability to locate, characterize, identify and control nuclear and radioactive material.”-Joseph Krol, NNSA

Clearly your fearless leaders are expecting a some kind of nuclear attack! (was it on the missing MH370?)

Already companies are producing new dubious products to protect you from radiation.

An Israeli company is marketing a belt they claim can protect your entire body from gamma radiation!  Company officials admitted that for their gamma radiation blocking material to really be effective they’d have to make a full body suit, however, it would weigh 200 kilos (441 pounds)!

The next dubious product is a bra made by a U.S. hazmat suit maker  in Florida.  They claim that by covering your boobs with their $69 bra your boobs are totally protected from radiation.  The rest of your body is screwed!  I guess vain women want their boobs to look good even if the rest of their body is ravaged by radiation contamination.  By the way, the company refuses to guarantee that your boobs will not be irradiated while wearing the expensive bra.

False Flag MH370: Fly By Wire hijacking?

08 April 2014 (00:25 UTC-07 Tango)/07 Jumada t-Tania 1435/19 Farvardin 1393/09 Wu-Chen 4712

“I want to raise a point that has not been much discussed in either the mainstream or alternative media, which is that the technology of autopilot has been in existence for a long time. Since September 11th, more sophisticated systems have been placed in all planes to avoid any hijackings. If there is a hijacking in progress it kicks in and flies to an airport to land safely. The system can be triggered by the pilot himself from the cockpit, or it can be triggered by ground control. And by ‘ground control’ I mean it can be operated from land, an AWAC plane, or a ship, by an entity that has the capability and technology to fly the plane remotely.

This plane is flying for six hours on its own. Who’s flying the plane? The entity flying the plane must be those with the technology that’s used now to pilot drones.

…..the one country that has the most sophisticated surveillance technology has remained mute.

…..I find it very odd that America has been reticent, conspicuously silent, about what their satellites have shown, if anything.

As MH370 reached the airspace of Vietnam it went north toward Thailand where the U.S.-run Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger military exercises were being held. Then, allegedly, the plane ended in the Indian Ocean……when a plane goes past Southern Thailand into the Indian Ocean, it has to fly past a very important landmark: Diego Garcia, a secretive U.S. military base. It was from this base that the U.S. launched bombers to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam before that. Surely this base has some of the most sophisticated surveillance technology. Any unidentified plane that flew in the direction of Diego Garcia would certainly be located and identified.

On 9-11, when planes struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, there were military exercises taking place, and NORAD and others were confused about whether the planes were part of the exercise or not.

On 7-7 in London, there was a bombing of underground stations, plus the bus in Tavistock Square. Surprise surprise……on that very day, there were terrorist bombing exercises at precisely the same four locations.

…….immediately after the hijacking [of MH370] the Times of Israel put out propaganda that the plane was hijacked by agents of Iran, then landed in Bangladesh to weaponize the plane to carry out a diabolical attack like September 11th.

We’ve been diverted to look for the black box. Bullshit! There are plenty of signals.

As long as the engine is running, they monitor it. If anything goes wrong with the engine for any reason, they land the plane and abort the flight. There have been a couple of instances when Rolls-Royce detected malfunctions and told the pilot to land as soon as possible due to the malfunction.  So for six hours or more, Rolls-Royce would have kept track of the pings. Rolls-Royce would know where the plane’s going. Now I’m told, rightly or wrongly, that in the protocol, Rolls-Royce may be prohibited from disclosing this information.

There is cyber war between these [larger] countries, and we small countries are caught in the middle. I think the passengers were collateral damage.”-Matthias Chang, former Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia

Detected something

False Flag MH370: Aussies “detected something”!

06 April 2014 (22:12 UTC-07 Tango 05 April 2014 )/05 Jumada t-Tania 1435/17 Farvardin 1393/07 Wu-Chen 4712

Retired Aussie Air Chief Marshal, Angus Houston, has just held a press conference stating that Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Shield has “detected something”, calling them “acoustic events”, but he said he could not give out any details, yet.

Houston also refused to comment on China’s claims of picking up ping signals.  He hinted that the signal was “fleeting” which raises doubts, but then in answering a reporter’s question admitted that the Chinese lead was the “most promising” so far.   That’s because the Chinese picked up the signal a second time, later in the day.

China finds pings