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New War on Drugs: Proof your government is behind drug addiction, ‘Drug Take Back Day’!

11FEB2018 / 18:31 UTC-07 Tango 06  (23 Bahman 1396/26 Jumada l-Ula 1439/27 Ren-Yin 4715)

“Every year, since we’ve been doing the National Take Back, the DEA and the National Guard have worked side-by-side with collection and transportation of the prescriptions. The National Guard is a huge help in collecting a lot of pills in a short amount of time and then getting them to the destruction point.”– Timothy McMahon, DEA

Ever notice that local police, and now National Guard, conduct “drug take back” days?  The problem with this phrase, Prescription Drug Take Back Day, and the fact that it is conducted by government law enforcers, implies your doctor issued prescription drugs came from the government.

Prescription Drug Take Back Day is an operation of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).   As an example of how much prescription drugs are out there, in October 2017, under the guidance of the DEA the New Jersey National Guard Counterdrug Task Force incinerated seven tons of prescription drugs during a Drug Take Back op!

Ohio National Guard conducts Drug Take Back Day, 01May2017

You don’t have to take my word that government and corporations (employees of at least) are involved in drugs dealing, read the following Real News sources from the past month.

Maritime Herald: The US Coast Guard is Operating Floating Prisons in the Pacific

PennLive.com: Lycoming County Prison guard admits providing drugs to an inmate

Boing Boing:  Elite Baltimore police unit robbed with impunity, sold guns and drugs

The Times: “a company-sponsored party where drugs were being done” in Silicon Valley

TheNation: The Pentagon Sent $500 Million Abroad for International Drug Wars

AllAfrica.com: Drugs….. Focus of U.S.-Led Multinational Marine Exercise in Seychelles

amNY: NYC jails’ security flaws remain as undercover investigators smuggle drugs

MassLive.com: Inmate and guard overdose on fentanyl

Cleveland.com: Cuyahoga County jail guard arrested with drugs 

The Albany Herald: Calhoun State Prison guard sentenced for smuggling drugs

WWL: Orleans Parish jail guard allegedly smuggled in drugs

Pacific Daily News: Department of Public Works employee pleaded guilty to illegal drug possession

Courier-Gazette & Camden Herald: Federal judge excludes drug test on fishing boat captain facing manslaughter charges

In December 2017 Hanscom Air Force Base, in Massachusetts,  became the first U.S. Air Force installation to arm its police with naloxone, in an attempt to prevent opioid overdoses.

Also towards the end of 2017, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Chemical and Biological Technologies Department began research on a new, potentially weaponized, opioid drug threat called carfentanil.  One poppy seed sized amount of carfentanil (aka Elephant Tranquilizer) can potentially kill you.  The U.S. Department of Defense is so sure that carfentanil is being weaponized (they didn’t say by whom) that efforts are being made to find antidotes for military personnel, and eventually silly-vilians.

Official video attempting to explain why Nevada National Guard Counterdrug Task Force was sent to Kingdom of Tonga:

Another sign of the growing prescription drug problem is that the military health insurance TriCare just jacked up the out-of-pocket cost of drugs for military families.  USAF Lieutenant t. Colonel Ann McManis, of the Defense Health Agency Pharmacy Operations Division, revealed it’s part of a plan to force military families to do their drugs shopping solely on military based: “Military pharmacies and TriCare Pharmacy Home Delivery will remain the lowest cost pharmacy option for TriCare beneficiaries.”

02FEB2018, signing a pledge not to drink booze while watching the Super Bowl

Even drinking booze has apparently become a major problem for the military (despite decades of taxpayer funded anti-booze policies) as before Super Bowl weekend the Naval Medical Center San Diego intimidated personnel to sign a pledge promising they wouldn’t drink booze on Super Bowl Sunday!

Last month Cristina Howe, with the Marine Corps’ Substance Abuse Counseling Center, intimated an increase in cases saying “We have a lot of command referrals that come in, but we also have a lot of self-referrals….”

It was also revealed, at the end of January, that the Defense Logistics Agency has connections with about 1-thousand manufacturers/distributors of more than 25-thousand types of drugs: “If we can’t get drugs to our overseas bases, then it affects our ability to project air power, deploy forces….The fact that they have the ability to push our vendors to make things happen is critical to the warfighting mission….”-Major Rohin Kasudia, USAF Misawa Air Base, Nippon

Militarizing the Police; official National Guard Counterdrug Schools for cops video which claims that drugs cause violence (not people, kinda like the anti-gun argument that guns, and not people, kill people) and that drug dealers are better armed than local cops (after decades of hearing that claim I have yet to see evidence of that, I remember in Junior High in late 1970s southern California we got a visit from a San Bernardino County Sheriff deputy who opened the trunk of his cop-car to reveal a footlocker type box filled with shotguns, M16s, ammo, and various types of grenades, for a short time in the 1980s my father was a San Bernardino County Reserve Sheriff deputy and confirmed that the cops, at least in San Bernardino County, out-gun any criminals or silly-vilians), where even cops from Boise, Idaho, learn how to bash in your door:

Counterdrugs schools operators (usually a local college, with counterdrugs program names varying from region to region) claims to offer free counterdrugs training to local law enforcers across the country.  Specifically it is ‘free’ to local law enforcement agencies because it is 100% funded by your taxes paid to the federal government.  Such counterdrugs schools are overwatched by the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Guard Bureau.

Last year it was revealed that the National Guard Western Regional Counterdrug Training Center, in Washington state, began training foreign cops in cooperation with U.S. Southern Command (SouthComm).  The report did not say who was paying to train-up the police coming from South American countries.