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Harvey: VET=Veterinary Emergency Team, helping animals is good for you!

“It’s our responsibility to make sure that these members of people’s families are well taken care of. We call it puppy therapy just because it makes us feel good. I actually had one soldier tell me that pets make him feel at home.”-Jennifer G. Gauntt, Texas A&M University VET

Animal care at Ford Arena in Beaumont, Texas, 09 SEP 2017

VET means Veterinary Emergency Team and National Guard personnel from dozens of states have been doing their part, and feeling the love in return: “It can be kind of therapeutic to Soldiers and people. It takes the heartbreak down, takes the blood pressure down.”-Debra L. Zoran, Small Animal Science professor at Texas A&M University

VET volunteers and National Guard personnel treat cows injured by the flood, 09 SEP 2017

Jefferson County, Texas, 07 SEP 2017

Video, Operation Hay Haul near Austin, Texas, 12 SEP 2017:

Near Port Arthur, Texas, 30 AUG 2017

Starving dog scarfs down MRE in Orange, Texas, 05 SEP 2017

Another dog rescue in Orange, Texas, 05 SEP 2017