Europeans Strike! Who Cares About Terrorism?

Europeans were told that a Mumbai style terrorist attack in Europe was foiled, do they care? Hell no! Why? Because, according to strikers in Latvia, people are dying because of the drastic measures undertaken by their government to deal with their crashing economy. In other words, Europeans are more afraid of their governments […] Continue Reading…

Lowe’s Defective Drywall, China Strikes Again

Anyone who bought drywall from Lowe’s prior to July 27, 2010, and it was defective causing damage or injury, could collect a settlement payment.

Lowe’s has made a settlement offer in a lawsuit, that will be heard for approval by a Georgia Superior Court on November 19th.

Faulty drywall can emit sulfur gas, which can damage […] Continue Reading…

Food Prices Up, Crop Yields Down

27 September 2010
Signs of a coming food crisis are everywhere. Most notably at the source, the farms that grow the basic crops. Here on the east side of Idaho, farmers had to deal with a spring that was too cool too long, resulting in crops being planted weeks late, and then a short summer […] Continue Reading…

Issues with the U.S. education system, and how to fix them -Opinion

The United States has been facing an education crisis for the past 10 years, getting worse, and worse.  Now, 2010, many are thinking of ways to fix the education system.  However, most arguments are for one of three probable issues; techers, students, or administration.


From my experience in school, more and more of the good […] Continue Reading…

LED street lights for Arlington County, VA

Over the next 6 years, Arlington County, Virginia, is planning to replace all 4,200 high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights owned by the county with LED street lights. Spending approximately $1.5 million just in 2010 to replace 1,800 fixtures with LED technology.

However, Dominion Power owns 12,000 street lights in Arlington County. The […] Continue Reading…

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