Japan Nuclear Disaster Update, it’s Bad Bad Bad

As of 1600 Mountain Time, March 13, here is what Japan’s NHK is reporting on the status of Fukushima nuclear plants.

Plant 1:

Reactor 2 coolant levels low. Pressure and gas build up. Use of external generators failed.

Reactor 3 possible explosion imminent. Pressure and gas build up. Relief valves malfunctioning. Coolant levels dropping. Sea water having […] Continue Reading…

Iodide Not Iodine

Once again the U.S. media has been getting it wrong; saying that people in Japan are being issued “Iodine” pills. No, it’s “Iodide” pills!

Iodine and Iodide are related, but are different. Both can be good for you, and bad for you. It depends on the form, dosage and how they are used.

Many people think […] Continue Reading…

Japan Tsunami Much Higher than Officially Stated!

Japan’s NHK has interviewed survivors on the coast of North East Honshu.

Survivors in one coastal town say they have been told that the official tsunami height was put at 4 meters, for their area.  They say that can not be, because sea wall tsunami barriers are built 10 meters high, and the tsunami easily […] Continue Reading…

Japan Disaster Predicted, More to Come for Rest of World!

13 March 2011

In February there were several reports that a massive geological event was beginning under Japan. This was driven by the sudden increase in volcanic and quake activity south of Japan. It’s all tied to the increasing activity of the Pacific Plate, and surrounding tectonic plates. It’s also believed that disasters will resonate […] Continue Reading…

Japan Modern Day Atlantis round 3 Quake Upgraded 10,000+ Dead

13 March 2011

Nuclear power plant officials admit that reactor 1 at Fukushima plant 1 exploded due to hydrogen gas build up. Many western observers had already made this statement, but Japanese officials downplayed it for almost a day. This is becoming standard of Japanese officials, they have been downplaying the severity of the situation […] Continue Reading…

Japan Modern Day Atlantis round 2

12 March 2011

Part of the myth of Atlantis is that the people of Atlantis had become extremely arrogant because of their technological advances. Some Atlantis myths say they were destroyed for their arrogance. The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan is a modern day example.

The Fukushima nuclear plant was built with many safe guards and […] Continue Reading…

Japan Modern Day Atlantis

12 March 2011

“A potentially catastrophic disaster,” said President Obama. Hello, can you say understatement?

Aside from the looming nuclear disaster, it is starting to look to me that there is a major catastrophic geological event taking place under Japan. There are now reports that suggest that the big 8.9 quake set off chain reaction quakes […] Continue Reading…

Japan Quake = No Economic Recovery

11 March 2011.

Japan’s huge earthquake, Tsunami and huge aftershocks, are not only devastating for the people of Japan, but are devastating to Japan’s economic recovery, as well as the world’s economic recovery.

Infrastructure for densely populated areas of Japan, hit by the flooding, are destroyed. Nuclear power plants are shut down. One nuclear power plant […] Continue Reading…

Economy About to Crash? What Happened to Recovery? 10 Reasons

March 10, 2011.

“I think this is the beginning of something severe.” said chief investment strategist at Windham Financial Services, Paul Mendelsohn. He’s referring to the more than 220 point drop in the DOW, which got little to no mention in national TV news coverage on March 10. There’s a lot of legitimate […] Continue Reading…

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