South Korea agrees to send Boric Acid to Japan

South Korea is willing to send Japan 53 tons of Boric Acid to Japan, to help fight the nuclear disaster.

That amount of boric acid is almost all that South Korea has.

Boric acid is an antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant, and it’s used in nuclear power plants to control the fission rate of uranium.

TEPCO officials want […] Continue Reading…

Airlines adjusting to Japan disaster

Airlines from around the world are adjusting to the situation in Japan.

Many airlines are shifting to airports that are further away from Tokyo.

A photographer who flew to Tokyo from London said “I’ve never been on such an empty flight. It was a (300-seat Boeing) 777 with barely 20 people on board.”

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Official says Japan’s Economic situation now a matter of National Security

NHK interviewed an economic official (analyst?) who said the economic situation in Japan is now a matter of national security, as a result of the Fukushima disaster.

Some Japanese companies have announced plans to re-start operations, but that is contingent upon the ongoing situation with aftershocks, infrastructure issues and nuclear problems.

Toyota announced that its Japanese […] Continue Reading…

Foreign Embassies Closing or Moving away from Tokyo

A number of countries are closing their embassies in Tokyo, due to fears of radiation exposure.  Other countries are moving their embassy staff away from the Tokyo area.  Travel bans and warnings have also been issued.

Iraq, Bahrain and Angola are closing their embassies.  Austria and Panama are moving their staff.

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JSDF stops helicopter water drops, U.S. sending water trucks

Japanese Self Defense Forces stopped dropping water by helicopter because radiation levels above the plant are too high, exceeding 50 millisieverts.

The United States military said it was sending two water trucks to help spray water on the reactors from the ground.

Can Not Cool 514 Spent Fuel Rods

NHK reporting that Fukushima Daiichi officials say 514 spent fuel rods at reactor 3 overheated, and they can not cool them down.  This is why they asked the JSDF  to use helicopters to dump water on them.

Plant officials said they would prefer to pump sea water from the ground, but they do not have […] Continue Reading…

GE sending gas turbine generators to Fukushima

General Electric is sending gas turbine generators to help provide power to the Fukushima nuclear plants.

GE stands to lose $1 billion in sales, due to the fact that GE designed the Fukushima reactors. Three General Electric scientists resigned from their jobs, 35 years ago, because they realized the nuclear reactor design (used at Fukushima […] Continue Reading…

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