Japan now on “Maximum Alert”!

The situation at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant now has Japan officially on maximum alert.

To give an idea of just how much highly contaminated water they must try to remove before any more work can continue on the damage plant: Just one of the tunnel/trenches under the reactors holds 6,000 cubic meters of contaminated water, […] Continue Reading…

Set back for Toyota, telling dealers to make in house repairs

Due to continued parts supply shortages caused by the 11 March disasters, Toyota is now telling dealers NOT to replace damaged parts.

Toyota wants dealer auto shops to make in-house repairs of damaged parts, when possible.  Toyota says there could be at least 233 parts that are not available. They did not specify which parts, […] Continue Reading…

Honda steps up production cut backs, parts shortage will now affect Auto Mechanics

Starting March 30, Honda will cut back on production within Canada and the United States.

Honda officials say the cut backs are due to prolonged shut down of parts suppliers in Japan. They do not know how long their production cut backs will last.

Honda has also warned car dealers that parts for their auto repair […] Continue Reading…

In one Japanese town evidence that Tsunami was 30 meters high (almost 100 feet)

A joint research team from Yokohama National University, and University of Tokyo, surveyed the city of Ofunato, in Iwate Prefecture.

Things like fishing gear and remains of boats were found on a cliff.  The only way the stuff could have gotten to the top of the cliff was if the Tsunami was at least 29.6 […] Continue Reading…

Gaddafi was right, U.S. Admiral says al Qeada involved with “peaceful” Libyan Rebels

Remember when Gaddafi told international media that al Qaeda was behind some of the “peaceful” militant protesters? Even if you don’t, the U.S. media, and our government, laughed his claims off, saying it was proof he was crazy.

Guess what the U.S. commander of NATO said? Admiral James Stavridis said there were “flickers” of al […] Continue Reading…

Obama says U.S. will no longer be in charge of Odyssey Dawn, Yet who runs NATO? More Lies

Operation Odyssey Dawn is, according to President Barack Obama, going to be handed over to NATO on Thursday, April 1 (don’t be surprised if it’s an April Fools prank [heh, April Fools, Thursday is actually March 31]),  so that the United States will no longer be in charge of attacking Libya.  But who is […] Continue Reading…

Idaho not reporting any Radiation from Japan

As of 28 March 2011, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is not reporting any increase in radiation levels in Idaho, on their RadNet site.

Also, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare believes that currently the risk of high radiation levels, from Japan, is still low.

The IDHW has a Japan situation page that lets […] Continue Reading…

Reactor turbine rooms like Radiators on a Car, and it’s time to change the fluid

Officials are struggling with the latest set back at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant; flooded turbine rooms.

The turbine rooms are where the coolant is cooled, basically giant heat exchangers, or radiators. The problem is that the rooms have flooded with water that has mixed with fuel rods in the reactor cores, making the water […] Continue Reading…

“Grand Vision” reconstruction of Japan will rely on Clean Green Energy

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano, says the “Grand Vision” of reconstructing Japan will include clean energy.

Edano made it clear that reconstruction planning is on the back burner due to the current disaster, but that clean energy will be one of the “pillars” of the plan.

He mentioned bio-fuels and solar power, as being examples […] Continue Reading…

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