Japanese government gives confusing warning over tap water

People living in parts of Fukushima Prefecture have been told not to drink tap water.  Japanese officials say the radiation levels in the water are now higher that government safety limits.

The confusion comes from Japanese officials also saying that there is no immediate health risk from drinking the water.

Get ready for Oil prices to Jump, Economist say it could destroy Economy

Already, oil trading in Europe has seen oil prices jump $2.00 per barrel since Friday.

It is due to the attacks on Libya.

In a CNNMoney survey  16 out 23 leading economists say rising oil prices are the number one threat to any economic recovery.

Interestingly The Federal Reserve showed little concern over rising oil/fuel prices during […] Continue Reading…

U.S. Army has evidence of Trophy Killing by U.S. Troops

The German magazine Der Spiegel has published photos that show U.S. troops in Afghanistan taking part in “trophy killing” of Afghans.

“The guys in my group have murdered an innocent Afghan. He was my age. They planned everything out. I knew about it, but didn’t believe that it would actually happen. Almost everyone in […] Continue Reading…

Who are Anti-Libyan coalition members?

Belgium (even though Belgium has been without an operating government for months now), Canada, Denmark, France, Italy (the main user of Libyan oil), Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and Norway have announced their direct military action against Libya (in the form of actual attacks, or providing military support).

Arab League member Qatar said they […] Continue Reading…

Arab League regrets supporting UN resolution against Libya. Emergency meeting called

“What we want is civilians’ protection not shelling more civilians.” said Amr Moussa, the head of the Arab League.

Moussa said international military actions have gone beyond any so called no fly zone, and are actually causing more civilian deaths.  This is exactly what critics of the resolution warned of.

French president Sarkozy […] Continue Reading…

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