Tokyo Electric joins with Government calling for evacuation preparations

TEPCo officials are echoing the Japanese government’s calls for people to prepare to evacuate.  TEPCo officials now say there is no short term chance that they can stop the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant from emitting radiation.

Also, some media are reporting that work on reactor’s 1 & 2 has been stopped because of highly contaminated […] Continue Reading…

Reactor 3 severe damage, people need to voluntarily evacuate

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, that were rushed to the hospital after being exposed to 10,000 times the normal radiation levels, might have been exposed due to previously unknown damage in reactor 3.

The workers were in the basement of reactor 3’s turbine building, trying to reconnect electricity.  The basement was flooded with […] Continue Reading…

Japanese companies say main reason for shutdown is damage to buildings

A survey of Japanese businesses that shut down, or reduced production, because of the 9.0 quake/tsunami, shows that at least half blame it on damage to their buildings.

The next biggest reason is destroyed infrastructure: Lack of electricity, destroyed roads/rails.

Japanese Government telling people outside current evacuation area to prepare to Evacuate

Cabinet Secretary, Edano Yukio, has told Japanese living outside the current 20km (12.4 miles) evacuation zone, to prepare for mandatory evacuations.

Edano has also told people, that if they wish, they should voluntarily evacuate now.  The concern is that it looks like efforts to get the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant under control, are […] Continue Reading…

Did you ever think to check your mail for radiation? Taiwan is

Taiwan is checking mail from Japan for radiation.

They are also testing imported goods such as electric appliances and household utensils.

Taiwan started monitoring radiation levels on farm produce, marine products and processed food from Japan on March 15th.

So far no abnormal radioactive material has been detected.

Vietnam gives Japan a spray pump for Fukushima Daiichi

A spray pump, that was about to be shipped off to Vietnam, is instead being used at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The Vietnamese company that bought the pump, gave Japan permission to use the pump to help fight the nuclear disaster.

The pump is designed to pour concrete for construction of high rise buildings. It is […] Continue Reading…

TEPCO still struggling with Nuclear Disaster, using sea water causing problems

Tokyo Electric officials admit they are having trouble controlling temperatures and pressures in the reactors.

The problem is the salty sea water.  While it cools down the reactor, it also increases the pressure in the containment chambers. That’s not good, in fact it’s almost as bad as high temperatures. They are looking into ways to […] Continue Reading…

New problem in Japan: Why keep paying for a house no longer there? Why pay employees when your business is gone?

Attorneys in Japan are dealing with disaster survivors asking for advice concerning paying debts, and even paying employees.

Those asking for advise have lost everything; jobs, homes, businesses, etc.

Apparently there are no legal parameters in Japan for dealing with legal issues that will arise from a catastrophic event.

One attorney, who is also a disaster survivor, […] Continue Reading…

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