Farm animals & Pets left to Die in Japanese Radiation Zone!

“I’m sorry about your animals, but your life is more important.”-Kato Tokutaro, head of economics for Tamura City

Hundreds of farm animals, and pets, have been left to die by farmers, and families, who evacuated the radiation danger zone.  Turns out that radiation levels are much higher than officially reported, after one man had his […] Continue Reading…

Portable Generators sell out in Japan, another lesson to be learned

According to The Japan Times, portable generators are almost sold out, thanks to the 11 March 2011 disasters.  Also, because of power outages (ironic), and parts supply problems, producers will not be able to meet current (pun; electric generators) demand.

“We’re completely out. We ran out three days after the quake, but we’ve been receiving […] Continue Reading…

TEPCo will use Third Party for Radiation testing, after getting caught lying?

After it was revealed that Tokyo Electric Power Company’s radiation data was totally faulty, the company has now agreed to use third party monitoring of radiation levels.

Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency blasted TEPCo, twice, for untrustworthy data. TEPCo admits that the faulty radiation level readings, at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, were […] Continue Reading…

Testing for radiation in Japanese schools, finally!

Fukushima Prefecture is finally testing for radiation contamination at local elementary schools. Fukushima Prefecture is where the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is.

The tests will only run through Thursday.  It was demanded by parents.

It’s amazing to me that it wasn’t already being done, and it’s amazing that they’re only doing it until Thursday.  The […] Continue Reading…

al Qaeda taking advantage of Libyan civil war, taking Western supplied weapons for Rebels, for use againt the United States

Gaddafi said it, exclusive reports in some western media sources said it, and even the U.S. Admiral in charge of NATO said it: Al Qaeda is operating with the Libyan rebels we are supporting.  And now they are taking the weapons for the rebels, for later use against the West.

Reuters is reporting that Algerian […] Continue Reading…

Japan now blames Weathermen for lack of radiation data

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said the Japan Meteorological Agency delayed releasing info on radiation data.  He also said, that when the data was released it was so confusing that it has added to the problem of getting people out of harms way.

And as an example of overlapping authority, Meteorological Agency officials say they […] Continue Reading…

Honda & Nissan Big April production cuts

Nissan says its April production, in Japan, will be about 40% of what was planned before the 11 March 2011 disasters.

Honda says its Japanese production will be half what it was hoping for.

Nissan is actually getting help for its Japanese production, from its engine plant in the United States.

Russia offers Nuke Sub Cleaner to Japan

Russia is offering a ‘water cleaner’ used on decommissioned nuclear submarines, to Japan.

State-run Rosatom corporation, which is involved with taking apart old nuclear submarines, has a device that ‘cleans’ low level radiation from water.  TEPCo has to periodically release low level radioactive water into the ocean, to maintain operational safety at the damaged Fukushima […] Continue Reading…

Toyota to close ALL North American plants

Despite trying to be optimistic, Toyota has now admitted that the parts supply problem is so bad that it will have to close ALL its North American plants.

Toyota spokesman Mike Goss, said the shut downs will take place later in April. At least 25,000 employees will be affected. How long the shut downs last […] Continue Reading…

Just how much do we rely on Petroleum? No ink, no bleach, no tape, no Shonen Jump

You wouldn’t believe how much we use petroleum products (oil & natural gas) in our everyday lives. The people of Japan are finding out the hard way.

The 11 March 2011 quake/tsunami has resulted in several petroleum plants closing down, due to damage and power cuts. Those plants turn oil and natural gas into everyday […] Continue Reading…

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