Japan Makes Official International Request for Help to Avert Nuclear Catastrophy

NHK confirmed that Japan has asked for international help in averting a major nuclear catastrophe. They need help cooling the reactors.

It’s interesting that most nuclear “experts” being interviewed around the world keep saying this could not turn into another Chernobyl.  It sure looks like it’s possible to me.

Loud Bang heard inside Reactor 2

Officials are reporting that a loud bang was heard from inside reactor 2, at Fukushima nuclear plant 1.

It is believed that it is the “Separation Chamber” cracking (some reports call it “Suppression Pool”, some called it the “Pressure Suppression Room”).  Workers at the plant have been moved to “safer” positions, workers not directly involved […] Continue Reading…

Reactor 2 Critical, U.S. Navy says Aircrews exposed to Radiation

NHK reporting that reactor 2, at Fukushima plant 1, is no longer venting and attempts at cooling have failed.  The reactor’s vents closed automatically and can not be opened. Sprayers spraying water on the rods stopped working.

U.S. Navy says U.S. helicopters were hit by radioactive plume while flying over coast line of disaster area. […] Continue Reading…

Germany Closes Nuclear Plants, Cites Japan Event

Reuters is reporting that Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor,  has suspended an agreement that was meant to delay the closing of Germany’s older nuclear plants.

Merkel points to the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan as the reason. She has decided that Germany’s old nuclear plants need to be shut down, by their originally planned closure dates.  […] Continue Reading…

Japan Nuclear Reactor Safety Systems May Have Caused the Melt Down

NHK is presenting an official ‘explainer’ of why the nuclear safety and backup systems failed. I’ll try to put it simply.

1: Earthquake triggered automatic shut down procedures, which involves raising/exposing fuel rods. This still requires cooling of the rods.

2: Cooling of raised rods failed because main power supply cut. Back up generators came on, […] Continue Reading…

Japan Update: Reactor 2 Now Critical, More Quakes, Survivor’s Stories

200 plus aftershock/quakes greater than magnitude 5 have hit all over Japan (if I heard right, this was in a 24 hour period).  These are not just in the area of the main quake, but all over Japan, another sign of a major geological event.

At least half a million people are in emergency shelters. […] Continue Reading…

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