Cesium-137, watch out

A U.S. nuclear expert, in Japan, stated that no one should get to worried about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, until cesium starts showing up.

Cesium (aka Caesium) is the main reason people can not live near Chernobyl, even 25 years after that disaster. The expert said cesium was spread all over, and in […] Continue Reading…

Japanese Government creating task force for Long Term efforts to contain Nuclear Disaster

Cabinet Secretary Edano Yukio said they are putting together a task force, to focus on the LONG TERM care of workers fighting the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi.

They will also provide rest shelters, basically mobile homes, so the workers will have a place to live.

Edano also said they will have to begin replacing the […] Continue Reading…

Edano says Plutonium serious concern

Despite nuclear experts downplaying the detection of plutonium around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japanese Cabinet Secretary, Edano Yukio, says the situation is extremely serious.

Edano said that two of the samples showed a type of plutonium that could have only come from nuclear fuel rods. The Japanese government believes this is more proof that fuel […] Continue Reading…

Aid for Japan not being distributed fast enough, it’s all in the Logistics

International help is pouring into Japan, but, according to officials, distribution is slow because some of the help is not adequate for the needs, or, relief personnel are not prepared to accept the help.

The Foreign Ministry has accepted contributions of personnel, including rescue teams, from at least 21 nations, territories and international organizations. […] Continue Reading…

China bans radioactive ship from Japan

On 21 March, a ship of the Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd, arrived in Xiamen, China.  After inspection by port officials it was discovered that the ship had “abnormal” levels of radiation on the deck, and surface containers.

The ship, the MOL Presence, had passed within 67 nautical miles (124 km) of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear […] Continue Reading…

How serious is the food ban in Japan?

The economy of agriculture, in the areas affected directly by the radioactive food ban (Fukushima & Ibaraki Prefectures), is being hit hard.

One dairy farmer has dumped at least  3.5 tons of milk.

Spinach and Parsley farmers, who’ve spent 25 years or more growing their crops, have to let this year’s crops die, and maybe bury […] Continue Reading…

Japanese Prime Minister wants to nationalize nuclear power, can’t trust the corporations!

‘‘Since the state has been promoting nuclear energy as its policy, it is necessary for the state to ultimately take responsibility.’’-Gemba Koichiro, Minister of National Policy

There is speculation in the Japanese media that the government should take over the corporate run nuclear power plants. This is due to the fact that the Prime Minister […] Continue Reading…

Removing deadly water Priority at Fukushima Daiichi

Before anymore work can be done on the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the highly radioactive water that is leaking into turbine rooms must be removed.

Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission said the deadly water must not get into ground water, and it is a threat to the workers. It has become priority over all other work at […] Continue Reading…

National Guard units in U.S. activated for Japan

Operation Tomodachi, the name of the relief effort by the U.S. military, includes several state, and territorial, Army and Air National Guard units.

Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and U.S. Territory of Guam Guard units have been activated to take part in helping Japan deal with a series of disasters, and to help with the evacuation of […] Continue Reading…

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