Beat the Food Crisis, Go Native. Free Seeds?

Our civilized society has taken too many things for granted, like where our food comes from.  Mass produced by big farms, using lots of chemicals, and even genetic modification.  Those chemicals and modifications are supposed to help our traditional crops produce more, and handle extreme weather.

Mother Nature already has plants that can do that, […] Continue Reading…

Idaho part of Growing Concern over Unemployment Fraud commited by Employers, Or are they?

The use of third party administrators (law firms) by employers, to challenge unemployment claims, is not only on the rise, but,  just like the mortgage fiasco, is starting to look like many cases are fraudulent.

Early this year, the Idaho Department of Labor sent a letter of complaint to one of the biggest third party […] Continue Reading…

Pay for Local East Idaho County Officials a Rip Off

If pay for Pocatello and Chubbuck officials is a bargain, then we’re getting ripped off from Bannock County officials.

According to the League of Women Voters, Bannock County Commissioners, and Officers, make $60,000 + per year.  The one exception is the County Coroner who makes only $23,195 per year.

Let’s put that in perspective.  According to […] Continue Reading…

Pay for Local East Idaho City Officials a Bargain

My critical attitude towards local City officials was tempered, a little, after reading the amount of pay they get.

To make it clear what a bargain the officials of Chubbuck, Idaho, are, I’ll remind you that Allstate announced the planned opening of a call center here, with a starting annual salary of $27,000.

According to the […] Continue Reading…

Bad Loans, Mortgage Notes, Foreclosures all part of possibly the biggest Scam in U.S. History

A mortgage Note is the document that proves who holds the mortgage on the home that’s being bought.  There’s more and more evidence that the big banks can’t find those notes.  That includes Notes on homes that have already been foreclosed.  Another problem is that, in states that require court involvement, the judges never […] Continue Reading…

Food Crisis: Drought, Floods, now Locust in Australia

Australia is struggling to keep it’s lucrative agriculture industry booming.  Some areas of Australia are dealing with the worst drought on record.  Other areas are dealing with floods, and now Locust.

Parkes, Australia, dealing with drought.
Wangaratta, Australia, dealing with floods.

This is a major threat to Australia’s economy.  Their economy is based mainly on service […] Continue Reading…

Senate Passes Retirement Reforms People say Strikes will Continue

The French Senate passed the controversial bill to increase the retirement age, as well as other rules.  At last count there were 250 amendments to the bill.  President Sarkozy issued a directive which allowed the Senate to vote without further deliberation.

Most university students, and union members, voted to continue strikes.

Part of the reforms include […] Continue Reading…

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