Fluoride Wars: Petrifies your glands, interferes with sleep, dumbs down your baby?

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Having trouble sleeping? Maybe you should stop using fluoride.

Fluoride solidifies/calcifies (petrifies) your pineal gland which, among other things, regulates your sleep pattern, that’s according to Flouride.news.  The claim is based on unnamed studies that looked at the glands of dead people. 

An article by News Medical Life Sciences says “A pregnant female suffering from chronic fluorosis transfers a significant amount of fluoride to the fetus transplacentally. This increases the risk of fluoride poisoning. The accumulation of fluoride in the fetal brain has been shown to result in significant negative effects on the development of the neurons.”

PR Newswire: Fluoride During Pregnancy Endangers Babies Intelligence

In Massachusetts, U.S.A., the people of Edgartown “…overwhelmingly defeated an initiative to add fluoride to the town’s water, a rebuff to a controversial order issued by the board of health.”

Reports Healthcare: “….a good number of studies that show the long-term negative effects of fluoride on the body and many of the bodily processes existed before fluoride started being used as an additive.”

“In Canada, we tired of the constant barrage of ‘safe and effective’ so we asked Health Canada for safety studies. They refused. We then sought to find out about the studies they relied on for fluoridation under the Freedom of Information Act and, after 1.5 years, Health Canada got back to us and admitted that they had none. Not a single safety study was to be found!”-Robert C Dickson, community physician in Alberta, Canada

In India, fluoride poisoning is common: “People only notice the complications after having consumed the water for decades. Unfortunately, it is too late by then.”

hivisasa:  “People from Naivasha [Kenya, Africa] are sometimes identified by the colour of their teeth. This arises from the high levels of fluoride in the water consumed by residents causing teeth to turn brown.” 

“….fluoride accumulates in our bodies as we only excrete 50-60 per cent as adults, and 20 per cent as children. We are also exposed from many sources, including the one dumped in water hydrofluorosilicic acid – classification: Schedule 7 (dangerous poison) Hazchem Class 6 (acutely toxic ) & 8 (corrosive).

……dental fluorosis is ‘sometimes a mild discolouration of the enamel’. This sign of systemic toxicity is prevalent in 41 per cent of NZ [New Zealand] children according to the Ministry of Health.”-LUCY McDOUGALL

In New Zealand, the University of Otago is recruiting children for a new fluoride study, apparently to study how much toothpaste children use and how much fluoride is in the toothpaste. 

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