Sex & Drugs = The American Way! : U.S. government shenanigans, January 2018

Incomplete (i-e ‘Tip of the Iceberg’) list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for January 2018:

Ironic, isn’t it?

Alaska: State senator David Wilson in trouble not only for alleged sexual harassment, but for ‘retaliation’.

Alabama: After years of complaints and no action by the state Department of Public Health and Department of Environmental Management, researchers with Auburn University have declared the wellwater under Fruithurst in excess of federal EPA limits for radon and heavy metals.  It was noted that there are several illegal trash dumps in the area.   The state Attorney General ramping up training of law enforcers in how to deal with opioid overdoses.  

Arizona: State representative Don Shooter facing censure, and possible expulsion, over accusations of sexual harassment.  As a result of sexual harassment claims, state lawmakers are considering banning the consumption of alcohol within the state House.  The state militia is being attacked by the Regular Army!   The Arizona National Guard’s 1-285th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion is being shutdown by the end of 2018.

California:  Cities in the leftist liberal fascist Golden State have been passing anti-homeless people laws under the guise of fighting the Hep A outbreak.  The laws ban people from publicly sharing food!  In El Cajon 12 people were ticketed by cops for feeding homeless people! One man, interviewed by a San Diego TV station, asked the logical question ‘why doesn’t the city clean up the parks where the homeless live, instead of banning people from feeding them?’  The unAmerican Golden State will now automatically register illegal residents for the purpose of allowing them to vote, supposedly under a court order regarding driver’s licenses. Attorneys for illegal residents say anybody living in California, including those who got there illegally, are automatically “Californians”.  As many as 90% of students in the Twin Rivers Unified School District are living in poverty, now the federal government charging three taxpayer funded school workers with stealing taxpayer funded USDA food meant for those poor students!   In Orangevale, iconic Wild Sports shutting down, the owners forced to retire due to ‘big box’ and online competition coupled with California’s police-state anti-gun laws.

Colorado: Tax-sucker Northrop Grumman eliminating an additional 38 jobs (on top of the 1-hundred) due to losing a contract at Schriever Air Force Base.  In Denver, after 16 years Mile High Doggie Daycare shutdown and unable to refund money to customers who ‘pre-paid’ for services, the owners blame the lack of sales on the city’s ‘gentrification’ of the area.

This prophetic video proves the taxpayer funded War on Drugs failed a long time ago:

Delaware:  An independent review found that taxpayer funded Vaughn Correctional Center is a potential time bomb as there are not enough guards to manage the prisoners.  The prison guard union said guards are tired of working constant overtime and don’t feel safe.   New Castle County paid $1.4-million USD in overtime for emergency response calls, mainly due to opiod drug overdoses.

Florida:  The Sunshine State allows child marriages, but a new bill could stop that.  The bill was influenced by a woman who was forced to get married at age eleven!   And child marriage isn’t even one of many reasons why Florida is now considered The Worst State in the U.S.

Georgia:  Mother Earth more powerful than taxpayer funded government as a rare winter storm shutdown state government offices, and local schools, across the southern Peach State.

Idaho: ‘Christian’ Gem State lawmakers supporting a bill that will expand the use of taxpayer funded prisoners in the agriculture industry!  According to Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture federal taxpayer subsidies to Idaho farmers fell by 44% in 2017.  A study by Blue Review reveals that migrant farm workers in southwestern Idaho have a hard time getting food for their families, despite the high value of some of the crops they harvest. It also reveals Idaho’s true population growth (as I’ve been saying in other articles) is coming from migrant farm workers, U.S. citizens are actually leaving the state!  After resigning last year due to a sex crimes investigation, former state politician Brandon Hixon killed himself.

Illinois: Cook County laid off 328 people and eliminated more than 1-thousand vacant positions due to the new county budget!  As more stores are covertly shutdown under the guise of property redevelopment, dying Sears Holdings demands state taxpayers fork-over $14-million in corporate welfare ‘credits’!

Indiana: After getting $7-million USD in state tax incentives Trump’s buddy Carrier continues killing jobs, this time 215!  Supposedly it’s the last round of layoffs connected to Carrier moving some production to Mexico.

Iowa: The state Auditor and the Iowa League of Cities sounding an alarm over local government corruption and fraud affecting taxpayers in 942 cities!  

Maryland: A new survey says the piddly weekend federal government shutdown revealed that the people of Maryland are the second most dependent upon federal taxpayers.

Michigan:  West Shoreline Correctional Facility shutting down in March, 174 jobs gone due to a “significant decline in the prison population statewide”!  The implication is that either crime is way down in the economically depressed and corruptly run state, and/or residents are ‘getting the hell outta Dodge’.    In already-proven-in-court-to-be-run-by-criminals Flint“The Flint Community High School athletic department and upper level management does not have the students’ nor the student-athletes’ best interests in mind. Specifically, in the athletic department there has been criminal neglect and incompetence on multiple occasions.   I demand that … the entire Flint administration step down immediately for the greater good of Flint schools.”-Trace Fisher, high school football coach

Minnesota:  In Wadena, after 18 years Cyber Cafe shutdown.  It was revealed that only subsidies (funding) from the local community, and government, kept it in operation, sales alone are not enough to cover operating cost. The owner also revealed competition from ever advancing social media technology played a major role in killing them off.

Mississippi: Mother Earth more powerful than taxpayer funded government as a rare winter storm shutdown state government offices, and local schools, across the normally hot and humid Magnolia State.

Missouri: Taxpayers demanding ‘the swamp’ of their own state government to be drained. There’s growing momentum behind an organization called Clean Missouri, which is pushing for the creation of a law banning lobbyist ‘gifts’ to lawmakers that are more than $5 in value.

Montana: Gov’na Steve Bullock issued an executive order creating a state level ‘net neutrality’ law regarding internet service. 

New Jersey: The city of Hackensack challenging the non-profit tax exempt status of Hackensack University Medical Center, in an attempt to impose $19-million USD in property taxes.  Since 2015 cash strapped cities have challenged the tax exempt status of more than 35 non-profit hospitals! In some cases judges ruled some non-profit hospitals are actually for-profit enterprises.

New York: State taxpayers raped of more than $10-million USD by their own state lawmakers in order to settle at least 88 cases of sex-crimes by the state government!  Does settling a sex-crimes lawsuit turn the ‘victim’ into a ‘prostitute': 

North Carolina: Taxpayer funded defense contractor ARMA Global eliminating 99 jobs by the end of March.   After getting $475-thousand local tax dollars in incentives Absolute Plastics issued a layoff WARN eliminating 1-hundred of its 150 jobs due to crashing sales! Local politicians claim they’re trying to get the money back.

Oklahoma: In Oklahoma City, Kaiser’s Grateful Bean Cafe shutdown due to the city’s $131-million USD public transportation project, which has killed 80% of the restaurant’s business.

Pennsylvania: More proof that Philadelphia’s job killing soda-pop tax is a failure; first year tax collections are $19-million USD below what was projected.   Capital Area Transit-Cumberland-Dauphin-Harrisburg Transit Authority laid off five people and is consolidating operations to cut costs.   The largest east coast refinery, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, now bankrupt busted due to federal government imposed Renewable Energy Credit (RIN) which cost the refinery $217-million USD in 2017.

Tennessee: Oak Ridge National Laboratory laying off at least 1-hundred people, this after 232 employees were convinced to voluntarily quit!

Texas:  In San Antonio a popular restaurant, Pollos Asados Los Nortenos, was shutdown by ass-hole health inspectors who said the smoke from the grill was polluting the air, even after the restaurant owner spent $250-thousand USD to upgrade the grill to be in compliance with state laws! 50 jobs gone due to the ass-holes TCEQ and the Attorney General’s Office.

Utah: In Lehi, after 47 years iconic Porter’s Place steak joint shutdown because the city is not willing to spend $30-thousand USD to repair corroded sewer lines (the restaurant was leasing the building)!

Virginia:  In Lynchburg, after more than 1-hundred years (surviving The Great Depressions and numerous recessions) Sheard’s Beauty Shopshutdown due to new city parking rules which drive away customers: “Why would they pay to park here when they can go to the mall?”-Mamie Branham, owner

Washington DC: Despite claiming to drain the swamp, under president Trump the federal government hired a net increase of 42-thousand people in 2017, no wonder government taxsuckers demand more money!  The U.S. Department of Labor also reported that state level governments, as a whole, actually reduced their number of workers by 19-thousand.  To back up the fact that federal employees are soaking U.S. taxpayers, a new survey says the piddly weekend federal government shutdown revealed that Washington DC is the most dependent upon federal taxpayers.

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification



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