“closing was the only option.”: Dumbing Down U.S.A., November 2017

Disappearing Students Syndrome (DSS): A phrase created by me to describe a phenomenon taking place across the United States, affecting both privately and publicly funded schools, from Kindergarten all the way through University levels.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

The nonprofit Center on Budget and Policy Priorities used federal data to compile a list showing that 29 U.S. states whose state taxpayer funding of education is still below their funding levels prior to the 2008 Recession.  However, cuts to education funding actually began before the Recession: “Your ability to invest in your schools is severely limited by those decisions of the past, before the recession hit. And it continues to have an important impact.”-Michael Leachman, interview with news media

Incomplete (i-e Tip-o-the-Iceberg) list of publicly announced education related layoffs, shutdowns and education crimes, November 2017:

Alaska:  Fairbanks North Star Borough School District suffering long term Disappearing Students Syndrome.  Local news media reported that enrollments are down for 2018.  In 1998 enrollments peaked at 16-thousand-431, today there are 13-thousand-643 students, which could force the district to shutdown schools.

California: In San Francisco, after 25 years Thidwick Books shutting down after Xmas.  Zuckerburg funded (partly) hi-tech driven, expensive private school AltSchool shutting down its Palo Alto campus, and more campuses could be shutdown due to the fact that administrators are spending more money than they’re taking in (just because you’re a hi-tech geek doesn’t mean you know how to handle money).  Parker School Uniforms issued shutdown WARNs for four locations, taking place right after Xmas. Non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Santa Ana campus, 29 jobs gone after Xmas.  The state Attorney General suing Ashford University-Bridgepoint Education, accusing them of illegal marketing, sales and debt collections.

Colorado: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Colorado Springs and Thornton, 53 jobs gone.

Connecticut:  A stranger rescued an autistic elementary student after he wandered off the campus of Vance Elementary School: “I just went out the front door.”-student to local news media

Florida: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Wyotech-Everest University campuses in Tampa, Ormond Beach and Orange Park, at least 306 jobs gone right after Xmas!

Georgia: Atlanta Metropolitan State College suddenly laid off 18 employees right before Thanksgiving.  Also, vacant positions will not be filled and equipment repairs/replacements will not be made, due to a 10% drop in enrollments from last school year.   California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Atlanta West campus.

Idaho: Enrollment in public schools is slowing down, except where immigrants/refugee populations are on the increase, like in Twin Falls and Boise areas.  Even with immigrant/refugees coming into the state, this school year’s total statewide enrollments were only 581 higher than last year.

Indiana: After 37 years of supporting Purdue University, University Spirit shutdown, the owners saying “With the retail and campus landscape changing on a national and local basis with Amazon and other internet options, closing was the only option.”  In Porter, non-profit Discovery Charter School discovered that $60-thousand USD in fundraising revenues and electronic transactions are now missing.  Local police say school administrators know who did it and efforts are being made to get justice.

Maryland: Carroll County School District halting field trips to Baltimore due to escalating city violence (this is the third year in a row that 3-hundred+ people have been murdered in the city).  Project Baltimore revealed that 13 schools in the city of Baltimore had not a single student that was considered proficient in math, and nine out of ten ‘black’ male children can’t read!   And Baltimore City Public Schools is warning that four more schools could be shutdown by the end of the school year, due to what I call DSS, and poor academic performance.  A volunteer sports trainer at Gwynn Park High School now facing criminal charges after sending a nude pic of himself to a female student.

Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Boston suddenly laid off 36 people the week before Thanksgiving, and reduced work hours for remaining employees due to ongoing “financial and operational challenges”.  In Taunton, a three years old was left on a preschool bus for several hours before anybody noticed.  It was only after the school called the parents to question why he was absent that they decided to check the bus! 

Michigan: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Southfield campus.

Missouri: Saint Louis Community College warning that their new budget could result in at least 95 jobs being eliminated, due to crashing enrollments and taxpayer funding.   The state government now facing two lawsuits for holding illegal closed door meetings in an apparent coup attempt, regarding leadership of the state education system.

Nevada: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Henderson campus.  Taxpayer funded Lyon County School District facing a lawsuit for blocking Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley from distributing religious material on taxpayer funded school property (in violation of the 1st Amendment).

New Jersey: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Plainfield campus, 41 jobs gone right after Xmas.  Westminster Choir College suddenly laid off 33 people and revealed the school might be transferred to the control of an ‘Asian’ institution, and if that fails then the 91 years old school will shutdown.

New York: New York ‘listed’ RYB Education New World Kindergarten was accused of drugging children in China, however, Chinese news media now says those parents who made the accusation have retracted their statements.  NYC Department of Education, Hicksville School District, and Rockville Centre School District, all suddenly canceled their taxpayer funded contracts with Baumann Bus Company, 232 jobs suddenly affected!

Ohio: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Gahanna campus, 31 jobs gone after Xmas.  Ontario Police Department accuses a high school band leader of rape, investigators say it does not involve students.   A mom, her daughter and goddaughter arrested after allegedly attacking a school official at Linden McKinley High School.  Two school bus drivers punished (unpaid suspension) for ‘making out’ in front of students getting on a school bus in Kettering City.

Oklahoma: God powerless to stop the sudden (without warning) shutdown of ‘his’ Saint Gregory’s University, supposedly due to a sudden change in federal taxpayer funding rules from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture): “The USDA came up with a new rule last week, never before heard of, to say, ‘Oh, you’re not eligible until the next census’.”-Michael Scaperlanda, university president

Oregon: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College-Tigard campus, 29 jobs gone right after Xmas.  The state Department of Education admits that Tribal Nations-Native American’s are graduating at lower rates, failing more exams and getting into more trouble than non-Native Americans. Native American Debbie Austin blames the U.S. education system which continues to outright lie about The First Nations: “Our children need to know that is not true. They need to know who they are and where they came from.”

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”-George Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair)

Pennsylvania: Students at Cheltenham High School apparently videoed themselves having sex, then shared it with junior high students on social media, school officials told local news media they haven’t seen the video despite many parents seeing it.  East Stroudsburg University warning of mass layoffs due to flat-lined enrollments and increasing operating costs, resulting in the university being short by at least $5.8-million USD.  California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its WyoTech-Blairsville campus, 73 jobs gone right after Xmas.  At least 45 teachers in Harrisburg quit in protest of escalating student violence, which prompted the superintendent to warn of a “different type of support that is needed.”

South Carolina:Berkeley County School District bus driver arrested after allegedly assaulting a ‘special needs’ student.

Texas: Hurricane Harvey directly affecting property tax payments across 60 counties, which in turn directly affects local taxpayer funding of schools.   After only three months on the job the state Special Education Director was suddenly fired, after complaining about the Texas Education Agency (TEA) awarding a no-bid contract to a company that ‘mines’ data on disabled students!  However, the TEA says they fired the Director for covering up sex crimes against disabled students!  A female Cy-Springs High School history teacher is accused of having sex with a student and doing drugs (ain’t that why it called High School?), according to the complaint the teach and the student would meet at a ‘christian’ Chick-Fil-A for their trysts.  A now former Director of School Finance Operations Region 16 Education Service Center pled guilty to a charge of possession of child porn.   California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its five campuses across The Lone Star State.  God powerless to stop ‘his’ Abilene Christian University from eliminating an undisclosed number of jobs as part of its attempt at “…lowering student debt and the cost of delivering a quality higher education, while increasing affordability…”  In Amarillo, after more than 60 years of supplying local teachers A&D Bookstore shutdown: “There are too many people using their computers and not buying things from stores. Therefore, we just don’t have enough business.”-Elnora Dennis, owner

Virginia:  California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Chesapeake and Woodbridge.

Washington: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its Altierus Career College campuses in Tacoma and Everett, 74 jobs gone right after Xmas.

Washington DC: A local TV station discovered that teenagers are allowed to graduate Ballou High School despite not attending for most of the year.   WJLA reports that students who had unexcused absences for more than three quarters of the school year were somehow able to graduate.  

Wisconsin: Appleton based Book World announced it is done, shutting down all 45 stores across seven U.S. states.  But get this, the administrators blame their brick-n-mortar operations demise on internet competition, despite the fact that Book World has a website (www.bookworldstores.com)!

Wyoming: California based non-profit Zenith Education Group shutting down its WyoTech campus in Laramie.

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