Vaccine Fail: 156% increase in Australian ‘Horror Flu’! Experts falsely blame Super Spreader children!

04 OCT 2017 /10:46 UTC-07 Tango 06 (12 Mehr 1396/13 Muharram 1439/16 Geng-Xu 4715)

“The influenza vaccine doesn’t seem to be as effective this year as previous years, especially for elderly members of the community. Some years there are late seasonal changes, appearances of new strains or mutations. Depending on the type of strain and change, or lack thereof, there can be any number of end results in terms of vaccine effectiveness.”– Tony Bartone, Australian Medical Association

This year the British empire country of Australia is experiencing a 156% increase in flu infections, compared to last year.  Some people are calling it the Horror Flu.  So far 370 people have died, a little less than half being old people, H3N2 is the most common influenza.

However, despite admitting there might be a problem with vaccines, the leftist control-freak health ‘experts’ still blame everything on Australia’s typically low vaccination rate.  In fact they’re now blaming it on children who’re not vaccinated, calling them “super spreaders”!   Apparently, even with offering free flu shots, only 10% of Aussies get vaccinated, far fewer than number of people who get vaccinated in United States.

But here’s the real reason why I think the health czars’ scapegoating of unvaccinated children in the Commonwealth of Nations member is hyperbole; just last week the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) warned the Australian health system that its flu shots were not up-to-snuff, declaring this year’s vaccine to be “suboptimal”.

While blaming it on people who don’t get vaccinated Tony Bartone, vice president of the Australian Medical Association, admitted to a truth about viruses: “Basically, all creatures evolve and viruses are no different. They become prevalent because of their ability to rapidly evolve.”

Remember, this year’s vaccines are based on the previous year’s microbes.  In a complicated way the UN admitted they got it wrong when trying to guess what kind of influenza to prepare for with this year’s vaccine: “We essentially made a decision about changing the vaccine’s A(H3) strain for the 2018 season. About 60 to 65% of influenza in Australia was caused by the influenza A(H3) strain and the majority of the recent viruses didn’t react as well with the vaccine strain.”-Kanta Subbarao, WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza at the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Australia