“market turndown, industry-wide”: U.S. Industrial/Mining/Logistics layoffs, September 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in September 2017.

Denmark based Lego killing 1-thousand-4-hundred manufacturing/distribution/sales jobs in Europe and the United States due to crashing sales (supposedly Lego’s big sales boom is happening only in China)!

Arkansas: Alton Bean Trucking now bankrupt busted with debts as high as $10-million USD.

 California: Silgan Containers issued a temporary layoff WARN, 162 people in Riverbank jobless by Thanksgiving!  Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs for Huntington and El Segundo, 33 jobs gone by Thanksgiving.  Graphic Packaging International issued a shutdown WARN for its Santa Clara operations, 127 jobs gone by Xmas!  Trio Engineered Products issued a shutdown WARN for its Adelanto ops, 30 jobs gone after Halloween.

Connecticut: Kaman Aerospace/Composites issued a shutdown WARN for its Bloomfield location, 40 jobs gone starting in November.

Florida: Transdev On Demand issued a WARN for its Saint Petersburg location, 39 jobs gone by November.

Indiana: What automotive industry recovery? California based Vance & Hines eliminating 70 jobs at its motorcycle parts factory in Brownburg, by Xmas.  The company said it was moving production elsewhere but didn’t say where.  Harman Professional-Crown International laying off 115 audio equipment makers in Elkhart by June 2018, as part of consolidation operations!  Matthews International’s killed 40 jobs at its casket factory in Aurora, as part of its take-over of Aurora Casket in 2015.

Maryland: Triumph Thermal Systems-Electronics Control eliminating 96 jobs between December 2017 and August 2018.  Lutech Resources suddenly eliminated 36 jobs back in August.  McArdle Printing  eliminated 77 jobs.  What housing construction industry recovery? Fibrwrap Construction Services eliminating 31 jobs.

Massachusetts: Turners Falls Paper Company-Southworth Paper shutdown two aged mills without warning at the end of August, at least 120 people suddenly unemployed and without final paychecks!  By the end September the company finally filed for bankruptcy, and the employees filed a lawsuit.

Michigan: What automotive industry recovery? Reports say that a worker strike at one of General Motor’s (GM) Canadian factories will result in layoffs at its parts factory in Flint.

Missouri: Venator (Huntsman Pigments & Additives) shutting down its factory in Lemay, 50 jobs lost to consolidation operations. 

New York: Ever wonder who makes those public toilet partitions? After 66 years of guarding your privacy in the loo Knickerbocker Partition suddenly sold-out to a competitor, 58 jobs gone by December.   In Batavia, shoe maker P.W. Minor eliminated at least 18 jobs in an attempt “to remain solvent”, the company president claims he’s been spending his personal money to keep the shoe factory running.   Remington Arms suddenly laid off 55 people in Ilion “due to market turndown, industry-wide”.  Local news media say it’s the second round of layoffs this year for the gun maker.  Trump’s favorite HVAC company Carrier eliminating an unspecified number of jobs at its research ops in Dewitt.  Cascades Containerboard Packaging issued a shutdown WARN for its Maspeth location, 148 jobs gone between November 2017 and December 2018!

North Carolina: What housing construction industry recovery?  British empire Australia based BlueScope Buildings North America suddenly shutdown its factory in Laurinburg, despite recently getting taxpayer incentives to expand, 76 jobs gone due to consolidation ops caused by low sales.

Ohio:  What automotive industry recovery?  Ford is extending its furlough (temporary layoff) of 140 people involved with F-650, F-750 production due to continued low sales!  The new owners of automotive liquids/paint can maker Bway shutting down its factory in Hubbard, at least 55 jobs gone in November, no reason given.

Oklahoma: Samson Resources II issued a shutdown WARN for its Samson Lone Star ops in Longview, 60 jobs gone by Xmas.   Crosby Group suddenly laid off 51 people as a “result of the sale of the facility and related assets”.

Oregon: Corporate shoe maker (now a suspect in basketball corruption) Nike continues a new round of layoffs as part of its plan to kill 1-thousand-4-hundred jobs: “In June 2017, we announced that we will be shifting to the Consumer Direct Offense, a new company alignment that allows Nike to better serve the consumer personally, at scale. As part of that restructuring, Nike undertook workforce reductions in July and is now implementing an additional round of workforce separations.”

Pennsylvania:   Dura-Bond eliminating 180 jobs at its steel factory in Steelton, blaming it on cheap steel imported from India and Canada, as well as crashing demand for steel pipes for the oil industry!  Venator (Huntsman Pigments & Additives) shutting down its factory in Easton, 80 jobs lost to consolidation ops.  Supposedly employee owned paper maker Appvion (Appleton Papers) outsourcing its distribution ops to a cheapo paying contractor.

Tennessee:  What automotive industry recovery?  General Motors (GM) furloughing at least 280 people at its mid-sized SUV factory in Spring Hill, due to crashing sales!  Local news media reported that the affected third shift at the factory normally employs 1-thousand people!  The local news report did not indicate if this was in connection to the GM worker strike in Canada, other reports say that the worker strike at one of General Motor’s (GM) Canadian factories will result in layoffs at its engine parts factory in Spring Hill.  Caterpillar shutting down its assembly line in Dyersburg, affecting 155 jobs at two locations!

Texas:  Maker of work clothes Ironclad Performance Wear now chapter 11 bankrupt busted and for sale.  In Beaumont, industrial construction company CB&I blaming Hurricane Harvey for forcing it to end 455 local jobs!  Damage to the factory by Harvey is such that production has to be moved elsewhere.  Fluor Enterprises suddenly laid off 274 people from its M&G Resins factory, apparently on temporary orders from M&G Chemicals!  Offshore oil driller Seadrill now chapter 11 bankrupt busted.  It’s biggest creditor, Germany’s Deutsche Bank, is owed $1.74-billion USD.

Washington: Turners Falls Paper Company-Southworth Paper, the 178 years old paper maker that shutdown its Seattle greeting card maker Madison Park Group without warning or final paychecks last month, finally filed for bankruptcy protection.  30 jobs were suddenly killed.  According to court documents the company administrators asked the federal court to use what remaining assets there are to pay the former employees their back-due wages.  Associated Materials issued a shutdown WARN for its Bothell location, 87 jobs gone after Thanksgiving.   Boeing issued yet more layoff WARNs for Puget Sound, 18 jobs gone by Thanksgiving.

West Virginia:  ERP Environmental Fund laid off 59 coal miners in Marion County, blaming the ‘market’ and the condition of the mine.

Wisconsin: Supposedly employee owned paper maker Appvion (Appleton Papers) outsourcing its warehouse ops in Appleton to a cheapo paying contractor.  Pioneer Metal Finishing shutting down its ops in Oshkosh, 52 jobs gone in time for Thanksgiving due to consolidation to other U.S. and Mexican factories.  Ryder shutting down its fleet service ops in Beaver Dam, 1-hundred jobs gone in time for Xmas!

Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, August 2017: “GUT-WRENCHING DECISIONS”