“circumstances beyond our control”: U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics layoffs, June 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Mining/Industrial/Logistics job loss/shutdown announcements made in June 2017.

Japan based deadly-failed-air-bag maker Takata filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States through its U.S. operations TK Holdings. 

 California:  What housing market recovery?  After 50 years flooring maker Royalty Carpet Mills suddenly and without warning began shutting down numerous operations across The Golden State “effective immediately”.  In official WARNs submitted to the state Royalty Carpet Mills stated that 412 jobs were being eliminated by August, no reason given!  Glass maker Corning shutdown its Union City operations.  Motion control technologies company Parker Hannifin shutting down its ops in Modesto, 362 jobs lost by mid-August!  Texas based Benchmark Electronics issued a shutdown WARN for its ops in Anaheim, 75 jobs gone by the end of September.  In Scotts Valley the hi-tech company that wanted to force you to turn your ‘dumb’ car into a trackable/controllable ‘smart’ car, Pearl Automation, is now dead, suddenly shutting down due to lack of funding.  Boeing continues with the monthly layoff WARNs, this time 87 people will become jobless by the end of August.  In Palo Alto, Space Systems-Loral suddenly laid off 173 people blaming lack of orders for satellites!

Florida: Offset printing company Central Florida Press eliminating 142 jobs in Orlando, by mid-August!

Illinois:  Light bulb maker Philips issued a shutdown WARN for its factory in Aurora, 201 jobs lost by the end of the year!  Oak Brook based metals supplier A.M. Castle now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to not being able to pay its debts.

Indiana: What automotive industry recovery? In Logansport, Carter Fuel Systems eliminating at least 90 jobs in August, “to better meet the current business climate.” 

Kansas: In Hesston, molding services company GVL Poly laying off 50 people at its three years old factory, due to crashing orders from a major buyer.  Also in Hesston, despite claiming three years of growth in lawn-care product sales Excel Industries suddenly canceled the third shift at its factory, eliminating 270 jobs!  What auto industry recovery?  General Motors (GM) canceling third shift at its Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas City, 1-thousand jobs gone due to continued crashing sales of Chevy Malibus!

Michigan:  What auto industry recovery?  General Motors (GM) canceling a shift at its factory in Warren, 3-hundred jobs gone due to continued crashing sales of passenger cars!  Local news media stated that since November 2016, GM has killed 5-thousand U.S. jobs!

Minnesota: Pontoon boat maker Premier Marine now chapter 11 bankrupt busted due to “…substantial losses in 2014, 2015 and 2016 attributable to the purchase and manufacture of the Palm Beach and Weeres brands….” which “….were discontinued in January 2017.”

Montana: Pennsylvania based coal company Talon Energy suddenly shutdown its office in Butte, company administrators claim the employees knew of the shutdown since April, it was news to the local news media.

New Jersey:  High-temp gasket maker Davlyn eliminating 115 jobs in Monroe, by the end of October!  Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics eliminating 63 jobs at Newark International Airport.   What automotive industry recovery? Fiat-Chrysler announced it is moving its Maserati HQ in Englewood Cliffs to Michigan, 32 jobs affected in August.

New York: Aerospace parts maker Triumph Structures issued a shutdown WARN for its Westbury ops, at least 88 jobs eventually gone due to consolidation.  Exel-DHL Supply Chain shutting down delivery ops in Tonawanda, 42 jobs gone by the end of September.  L&R Distributors consolidating two warehouses, at least 130 jobs gone by September!  Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority canceled its contract with Command Security, 34 jobs suddenly lost. 

North Carolina: Hollander Sleep Products shutting down its mattress factory in Gastonia, 60 jobs gone as a result of Hollander’s take-over of a competitor.

Ohio: Navistar issued a layoff WARN for its Truck Specialty Center in Springfield, 81 jobs gone in August.  Interestingly local news media said the layoffs were connected to a deal between Navistar and GM, that was supposed to create more jobs.

Oregon:  Beaverton based shoe maker Nike announced plans to kill 1-thousand-4-hundred jobs as part of operation Customer Direct Offense!  This comes a month after mom-n-pop shoe sellers reported that Nike canceled their orders without explanation.

Pennsylvania: Natural gas industry equipment maker Air Products and Chemical issued a shutdown WARN for its Wilkes-Barre factory, 156 jobs gone by August due to crashing sales!

South Carolina: Boeing announced it will layoff an undisclosed number of people in North Charleston, saying “competition is relentless”.

Tennessee: What auto industry recovery?  Auto parts maker International Automotive Components eliminating 160 jobs as it consolidates production at its Dayton operations!   Clothier Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH Corp) shutting down its warehouse and distribution center in Chattanooga, 85 jobs gone in July.

Texas: What construction industry recovery?  Vision Construction now chapter 11 bankrupt busted blaming “circumstances beyond our control.”

Vermont: The new Wisconsin based owner of Country Home Products-DR Power Equipment shutting down a factory in Winooski, eliminating 67 jobs by the end of the year.

Virginia: In Norfolk, British empire based U.S. tax-sucker BAE Systems laid off 3-hundred people!  Local news media said the layoffs are expected, but when you total the number of sub-contractor layoffs caused by BAE it’s actually about 1-thousand people who lost their jobs! 

Wisconsin:  Plastic packaging maker Bemis eliminating 3-hundred jobs and shutting down two factories this year in an effort to save $60-million USD, it’s blamed on crashing consumer demand!

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