“it just economically didn’t make sense”: U.S. government shenanigans, March 2017

Incomplete list of U.S. Federal/State/Local Government self-destruct announcements for March 2017:

California: Here’s more reason to let The Golden State become independent; “Brown pegs the ‘General Fund’ budget at $122.5 billion and $179.5 billion if special funds — such as those spent on highways — and bonds are included. But that’s less than half of the true budget, which includes federal funds — especially those for health and welfare services — and such things as the fees on college students and pension checks to retired public employees.

All in, spending totals $421.6 billion, although that figure doesn’t appear anywhere in the budget……

……The largest category is the $154.5 billion for health and welfare services, especially the $105.2 billion Medi-Cal program of health care for the poor that now covers more than a third of the 39 million Californians…….

The disparity explains why California politicians are very concerned about the fate of the Affordable Care Act and other federal health funds now that Republicans control Washington.”Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee

KABC reporting that Walter Reed Middle School is losing taxpayer funding because the student body is “too white”!  It turns out that since a 1970s court ruling the racist Los Angeles Unified School District must pay more money to schools that have a ‘white’ student population that is less than 30%!   At Fort Irwin-NTC, federal tax sucker Northrop Grumman issued a WARN, 462 jobs lost by mid-May!

Idaho: U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, of Idaho, (along with David Perdue of Georgia) reintroduced a bill that would make labor strikes at U.S. ports illegal, for the benefit of foreign companies: “By qualifying the ‘slowdown’ tactic as an unfair labor practice, this bill will ensure businesses can continue to import and export their goods…..:”

In Bannock County it was revealed that Idaho State Police have been investigating the now former Public Works Director, who suddenly ‘retired’ at the end of February.  The investigation began in 2016 when complaints were filed that the Public Works Director was using taxpayer funding for personal projects. Bannock County is currently struggling with a $600-thousand USD shortfall, which cannot be accounted for!

Illinois: The state prison system notified 124 nurses that their jobs were ending in June!  It’s probably in retaliation for the unionized nurses filing an unfair labor practice lawsuit against the state.  City of Danville considering laying off 16 fire fighters due to a contract dispute in which the city lost.

Michigan: Solar panel maker Suniva shutdown its Saginaw factory without warning,  just two years after being praised for creating jobs.  In February Suniva eliminated a shift, at least 60 remaining jobs lost with the sudden shutdown.  Local news media discovered that Suniva still owes Saginaw Township about $20-thousand in taxes!

Nebraska: Fast Cash shutting down its 20 years old Beatrice location, the owner blamed government saying “Currently, they have on paper 3-hundred pages of new regulations to be imposed in the near future and 90 percent of them would just wipe out the mom and pop shops……it just economically didn’t make sense for my family to stay invested in it.”

 New York: Country Valley Industries-ACHIEVE NY shutting down four employment service locations for disabled people, by the end of September.   More proof New York City is unAmerican;New York City is directly in the crosshairs of this budget proposal.   If this is the opening salvo from President Trump, I can tell you he’s about to meet with huge resistance….We’re not gonna take it lying down.”-Bill de Blasio, federal tax sucking Mayor of New York City

Oregon: The federal tax sucking state Department of Environmental Quality eliminating jobs due to lack of federal taxpayer funding.  Administrators blame Donald Trump’s proposed 31% cut in EPA funding.

Texas: Nearly 5-hundred prison employees becoming unemployed at the end of April due to taxpayer funded for-profit Core Civic (formerly known as the proven evil  Corrections Corporation of America) shutting down the Eden Detention Center.  Its the result of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation which proved that corporate run prisons violate human rights and don’t save taxpayers any money!

Washington: At nuke disaster site Hanford, tax sucking contractor CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation warned employees that 250 could lose their jobs because ‘key work’ at the disaster site was considered finished.  Also at Hanford, tax sucker Mission Support Alliance said it was laying off as many as 50 people.

Washington DC: Funded by donations from willing leftist 1% elitists (like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates) and funding forced out of cash strapped taxpayers, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and NPR (National Public Radio) declare war on Donald Trump saying his budget proposals would “collapse of the public media system itself and the end of this essential national service.”

West Virginia: Mainly state taxpayer funded West Virginia Public Broadcasting eliminating 20 jobs due to the govna’s proposal to halt all taxpayer funding to the leftist propaganda machine.  It happened here in in Idaho and not only did Idaho PTV survive without tax funding, but its gone further to the left!

WARN=Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification

Government Shenanigans February 2017: “EVERYTHING IS FINANCIAL”