It’s for real; Government tracked Bar Codes for Humans!

03 January 2017 (09:24 UTC-07 Tango 06) 14 Dey 1395/04 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1438/06 Ji Chou 4714

“Barcodes are being used to trace NHS patients and their treatments, manage medical supplies and monitor the effectiveness of equipment.”-United Kingdom government revelation

The British empire’s United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) announced it will start tracking humans in the ‘country’ of England with bar-codes, and it’ll cost taxpayers the equivalent of $14.76-million USD.

It’s known as project Scan4Safety.  The NHS claims it could save U.K. taxpayers $1.25-billion, partly by preventing the grossly under-reported cases of malpractice by incompetent healthcare personnel, however it’s a little more complicated than applying a bar-code to your body: “From the unique barcodes on wristbands patients receive when they enter hospital, to the barcodes used to record their medication and the equipment used in their treatment, each code can be scanned to show which member of staff administered each treatment, at what time and where.

By using barcodes, anything that might develop a fault years later, for example a screw used in a knee operation or breast implant, can be traced. The details, such as when it was used and the surgeon who carried out the procedure, can be found quickly and easily.-NHS