Flavored edible spoons kick-ass over plastic, the new savior of your sacred cow!

04 January 2017 (11:23 UTC-07 Tango 06) 15 Dey 1395/05 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1438/07 Ji Chou 4714

I’m not religious, and I’ll eat your sacred cow any day, but this time I’m with those Hindu bovine lovers.

In the predominantly Hindu areas of British empire member India (they never went independent, it’s called the Commonwealth of Nations and the Queen of England is the boss) you can’t touch a cow, they roam here and there eating whatever, even in the metro areas. But it’s been revealed that many people in those cow worshiping areas are massive litter bugs, especially in the food service parts of town where thousands of plastic eating utensils (and anything else plastic) end up on the ground and then in the multi-chambered gut of those sacred cows.

Yep, those dumb cows have been gulping down any petro-oil based plastic item for decades, and now the Prime Minister is on a campaign to stop it because eating plastic is killing the cows and making their milk toxic.  But an extremely low-tech company has found a way to get rid of those high-tech utensils.

A sacred cow undergoing surgery to remove a mass of plastic from its gut

A company in the southern part of India (Bakey Foods) is making edible eating utensils out of wheat and rice flour, using a process that keeps them from disintegrating while you use them.   The process is similar to making homemade play-dough, which is then baked in ovens.    The top sellers are the edible utensils that have flavoring, and even sugar, in them.

The president of Bakey Foods hopes that over the next five years if enough Hindus use his edible utensils that five million tonnes (metric tons) of plastic would be kept off the streets.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m a cow eating carnivore but who want’s to eat a cow made of plastic?