Terror attack in Germany, Swiss cops shoot migrants, Russian ambassador killed, U.S. embassy lock-down!

19 December 2016 (14:44 UTC-07 Tango 06) 29 Azar 1395/19 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1438/21 Geng Zi 4714

“All U.S. citizens should avoid area near Embassy compound until further notice….avoid travel to southeast Turkey and carefully consider the risks of travel to and throughout the country.”-U.S. Department of State tweet

A series of possibly connected events sweep across Türkiye and European Union.  First the Russian ambassador to Türkiye was assassinated, live on Turkish TV by an off-duty Turkish cop who was protesting Russian support of Syria.

Next, police in Switzerland chased a ‘suspect’ into a Zurich mosque and open fired.  At least three people wounded.  The mosque is used by African migrants. Zurich cops say the suspect caused an ‘incident’ at a train station.

Then in Deutschland, a semi-truck plowed into a Xmas Market in Berlin, killing at least nine people and wounding more than 50.  Cops say there were two people in the truck, they killed the passenger (officially they say the passenger “died at the scene”) and arrested the driver.  No pro-immigrant official is willing to call it terrorism.  The truck is owned by a Polska based company.  The administrators of that trucking company say they lost communications (around 16:00 hours) with the driver and that the truck was off course (apparently the load was going from Italia to Polska).   Many European news media calling the situation a “major crisis for Germany” and its pro-immigrant policy.  Berlin cops ordering millions of city residents to stay at home and stay off social media!

Now the U.S. embassy in Ankara, Türkiye, is under lock-down.

Today’s events took place after some other significant events: Syria retakes Aleppo from U.S.-EU backed rebels. Iran and Russia hold phone meeting to discuss countering further U.S.-EU support for foreign rebels in Syria. European Union then extends sanctions against Russia.