The Great Reneger: Obama will NOT withdraw U.S. combat troops from Afghanistan!

15 October 2015 (16:13 UTC-07 Tango 01)/23 Mehr 1394/31 Dhu l-Hijja 1436/03 Bing-Xu (9th month) 4713

It’s the right thing to do.  As Commander in Chief I will not allow Afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again.”-Barack ‘insane’ Obama, it should be noted that there has never been any evidence that would hold up in a U.S. court proving that any attacks upon the U.S. came from Afghanistan, in fact no Afghan has ever attacked the U.S. (prior to the U.S. invasion)

He’s done it again, reneged on yet another ‘promise’.  Nobel Peace prize winner Barack Obama has just announced he will not withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Afghanistan in 2016.

Obama is halting the drawdown of U.S. combat troops in the mineral resource rich Central Asian country, and basically leaving the mess for whomever becomes the next President of the United Failed States of ‘Merica.

It’s estimated that U.S. taxpayers will continue forking out $14.6- billion USD per year just to maintain U.S. troops and the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan.

This announcement comes one day after Obama ordered 3-hundred military personnel to indefinitely reconnoiter the oil rich African country Cameroon.

 NATO member says America not worth talking about!

Obama bombs Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan! 

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