World War 3, Gun Control Front: Anti-guns laws fail to prevent multiple stabbings in United States!

29 April 2013 (20:43 UTC-07 Tango 28 April 2013)/18 Jumada t-Tania 1434/09 Ordibehest 1391/20 Bing-Chen (3rd month) 4711

In the Saint Jude Thaddeus Catholic church in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man attacked four people….with a knife.

The man in his 20s was tackled by other church goers.  Apparently none of the victims are seriously hurt.  Church members say the man is not from their church.

He is in jail, and police say they don’t know why he did it, although witnesses say he yelled “Fake preacher” before attacking.  This just adds to the growing list of mass violence in the U.S. that apparently has no motive.

Then in California, an 8 years old girl was stabbed to death.  The residents of Valley Springs have been told to lock their doors and be on the lookout for the suspect. Police are conducting a manhunt.  The victim’s brother said a stranger broke into the house, stabbed his little sister and fled.  Just like in New Mexico,  there doesn’t seem to be a motive.