What Economic Recovery? Updated list of U.S. job losses & store closings, 08-11 January 2013. Hobby shops closing up! No soup for you, California! Thousands more out-o-work, factories continue being moved to other countries! More of god’s christian churches shut down! Blame the landlords!

11 January 2013

Blockbuster video store closed in Greensburg, Indiana.

Ironically, Illinois Department of Employment Security announced they are closing seven offices and laying off 192 people!

SAC Capital closing its Chicago, Illinois, office.  Company officials said it didn’t make sense to maintain an office in Chicago. (I have no pity for investment companies or their employees).

Abercrombie and Fitch closing store in Charlston, West Virginia.  Last day is 26 January 2013.

Cobham Composite Products (after three years in business) closing factory in Suffolk, Virginia. 50 people out-o-work.

GearWorld North America (Italian owned) will close its Virginia Beach, Virginia, operation. 70 people out-o-work.

In the midst of viral outbreaks and epidemics, the Orleans Community Health hospital, in Medina, New York, is laying off or cutting the hours of 25 people. Hospital officials blamed federal government cuts in Medicaid and Medicare.

Hudson Valley Community College, in New York, cutting 28 jobs.  college officials said that since 2009 there was an uptick in enrollment, but since last year enrollment is way down due to the increased cost of financing a college education.

Rumors continue about upper management layoffs at the New York Times.  It’s being blamed on declining revenues.

American Eagle clothing store in DeWitt, New York.

Good Times party store (after 18 months in business) in Potsdam, New York.

The Maine-Endwell school district, in New York, cut nine jobs. They blame a $3.8 million USD budget deficit!

Accent Marketing Services call center in Zephyrhills, Florida. About 54 jobs lost.

Campbell Soup’s closing its oldest factory in Sacramento, California.  290 jobs lost by 01 February 2013.  That’s just from Phase 1 of the soup factory shut down, by the time the factory is closed this summer at least 760 people will be out-o-work!  The Sacramento factory has been in operation since 1947. Work is being moved to North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.

Zacky Farms, in California, is no more, or is it?  The company was supposedly being liquidated after filing bankruptcy.  Employees even got a notice, saying layoffs will begin 31 January.  The latest news is that the chicken processor will remain under the control of the Zacky family, even though it’s being sold for $31.6 million USD.  That’s because it was the Zacky Family Trust that made the highest bid during the bankruptcy sale!  Isn’t big business wonderful?  They go bankrupt, layoff employees then buy their own company during the bankruptcy sale!

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts store in Glendale, California. Will be replaced with 166 apartments!

Bret Harte Union High School District Board of Education, California, announced planned layoffs.  How many people will lose their jobs was not revealed, but the school district officials blame a huge drop in local property tax revenues.

Kaplan’s Furniture (after 100 years in business) in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Current 3rd gen owner says profits keep falling, and his sons do not want to take over business.

Flair Fashions in York, Pennsylvania. Owner doesn’t have a clue: “It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I don’t know if it’s the spot we’re in. I have no clue. It just doesn’t seem to be working for us down here.”-Andrea Giuffrida

James R.D. Oldham School in Riverside, Rhode Island, is being considered for closure.  Declining enrollment blamed.

School District 11 proposing to close down three Colorado Springs schools. They blame a district wide decline in student enrollment.

Ohio‘s Lorain County Children Services to layoff 14 employees.  Blame lack of government funding.

Williams-Sonoma high-end houseware and cookware store closed in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Brooks Brothers clothing store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Apex Tool Group announced it’s closing its Gaston, North Carolina, factory in June. 220 jobs lost.  Shifting work to Texas and China.

The $8.5 billion settlement involving Bank of America, Wells Fargo and eight other companies, has resulted in several hundreds of employees, with North Carolina‘s Promontory Financial Group, losing their jobs. Turns out the jobs were temporarily created as part of the federal government’s investigation in to the crimes of the too big to fail banks.

Travelers Insurance claim center closing in Jackson, Mississippi. 52 jobs lost. Company officials said the call center “….doesn’t align with our current business model.”

JE Dunn Construction shutting down Bellevue, Washington, office.  Some of the 20 employees will be let go. Consolidating operations.

Kinetic Concepts hospital bed factory being closed in San Antonio, Texas.  95 people out-o-work.  The move comes after the company was taken over by Swiss company Getinge Group. The new Swiss owners are moving production to Poland and China.

Zimmer Spine closing its Austin, Texas, operations. About 100 employees affected. Moving to Minnesota and Tennessee.

Boeing announced 160 layoffs at their El Paso, Texas, factory. The cuts will take place through the end of 2014.  Boeing blames federal government spending cuts.

Bloomberg Government, an internet subscription news service, laid off 20 people.

Oxford Networks, fiber optic company, laying off 12 people across the U.S.

EBSCO Industries laying off 12 people at its Alabama HQ.

10 January 2013

The New York based company, American Express, announced that it will lay off 5,400 people in 2013!  Company officials said most of the cuts will affect positions that do not directly make money for the company.

New York based magazine company, Time Incorporated, announced they will lay off 700 people by the end of February!  They blame declining sales on internet competitors (how ’bout the fact that most people just don’t have the money to pay for niceties like magazines?).

Barnes & Noble closing their Union Station, New York, store.   They blame the landlord: “An agreement was reached….but prior to having the agreement fully executed the landlord changed their mind.”

After 57 years in business McHarris gift store closing in Utica, New York. The owner is focusing on the restaurant business.

After 91 years preaching god’s word, the Episcopal Church in Totowa, New Jersey, is closed. Church officials blame lack of attendance, which equates to lack of money.

20 East Cleveland, Ohio, cops and dispatchers were told they are unemployed. City officials blame a $8 million budget shortfall.

Superior Fibers closing their factory in Fairfield County, Ohio.  Moving to Mexico. 100 employees out-o-work.

After 21 years in business a Minneapolis, Minnesota, Neiman Marcus store will close in February.

Too big to fail Chase bank closing loan processing center in Louisville, Kentucky.  Operations will be moved to Illinois, Delaware and the country of India.

After almost 53 years of business, Martin’s Jewelers in Fort Payne, Alabama is closed.

GT Advanced Technologies, a solar power company, will close it’s Hazelwood, Missouri, factory. 35 people out-o-work. They are moving production to their New Hampshire factory.

Missouri based bankrupt Bakers Footwear failed to save the rest of its stores by selling them off.  The result is all remaining 56 stores will close.  In 2012, the inventory of 151 Bakers stores were sold off.  The company started selling women’s shoes in 1924.

The nonprofit Delaware Hospice in Wilmington, Delaware, let go 52 employees. They blame a reduction in federal Medicaid and Medicare payments.

Jefferson County, Illinois, will lay off 28 people at the County jail.  They blame a drop in the immigrant prisoner population, which means a reduction in federal funds. (you see, prisons are a for profit operation in the United States)

Too big to fail Bank of America closing a branch office in Evanston, Illinois.

In Tennessee, the Wok Hay restaurant chain will close.  A victim of parent company Ruby Tuesday.

In Tennessee, the Marlin & Ray’s restaurant chain is closed.  A victim of parent company Ruby Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood in Tusla, Oklahoma, closed after the State Department of Health terminated its WIC contract.

Oklahoma‘s SandyRidge Energy laid off employees after it sold off a big chunk of assets to a Texas company.  No details as to exactly how many people will lose their jobs.

110 people were laid off at the Lockheed Martin factory in Fort Worth, Texas.  The layoffs were announced back in November 2012.  Ken Ross, a company official, said “…we want to make sure we remain competitive.”

In Georgia, the merger of RedPrairie and JDA Software will result in at least 400 RedPrairie employees losing their jobs.

Publix, a Florida based grocery store chain, is closing its stores in Georgia. Plublix website claims they are the fastest growing grocery store chain in the U.S., but apparently not in Georgia: “We have been meeting with the community and talking with our customers about it so we are not able to turn this ship around. We have been working very hard to try to do that but we were not successful.”-Brenda Reid, Publix spokeswoman

After 19 years in business Traz Snow and Skate Shop is closing.  The owner say sales at the Grand Junction, Colorado, business just don’t cut it anymore: “Merchandise that used to be exclusive to this type of industry is now everywhere and people have just kind of forgotten about us. We just can’t generate enough income to stay in business anymore.”-Tom Levalley

Chairworks in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Owner wants to pursue other interests.

Dunn Quilting in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  Owner moving to home based business.

Monsterland Bar & Grill closing in Mesa, Arizona.  Reports say the owners have financial problems.

Strasbaugh, a high-tech manufacturing business based in San Luis Obispo, California, let go eight employees in an effort to remain financially sound.

Riverside County, California, will lay off ten code enforcement officers.  County officials blame a drop of $200 million in county revenues since 2007.

Premier Color Graphics, a printing company in California, closed for good with little notice to its employees.

09 January 2013

At least 200 jobs lost as Tesoro closes down its Oahu, Hawaii, fuel refinery. State officials say it was inevitable as Hawaii has been making efforts to get off petroleum fuels.

After 32 years Sunflower Books in Oregon will close: “I thought, there’s a lot of responsibility and the economy is turning and there are changes in the way people read books. I didn’t feel like I had the energy and expertise I needed. I tried for two years to find someone who had the interest in doing these things, but it didn’t work out.”-Lani Schroeder, owner

After 67 years in business Dave’s Hobby Central in Santa Barbara, California, is closed down: “It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I must to tell you that today we have closed the doors for good! After a long and fruitless year I have no choice but to fold up the doors.”-store statement on Facebook

East Beach Wine Company in Santa Barbara, California, closed after 13 years in business.

Santa Barbara Outfitters closed after ten years of operations in California.

An employee with the San Francisco Weekly revealed that multi-layoffs will occur since the California based weekly newspaper was sold to the San Francisco Newspaper Company.

California based CODA electric car maker (heard of them?) announced more layoffs.  In December 2012 they laid off 15% of its staff.  Then “On Friday, January 4th, CODA furloughed a number of employees as the Company takes necessary action to bolster its financing and better position the business going forward.”-CODA statement

In New Mexico, BHP Billiton announced plans to lay off 100 people at their Navajo coal mine.  This is in advance of the pending sale to the Navajo nation.  But BHP is blaming the job cuts on the Arizona Public Service Company, who will shut down three of five power generators.  That’s because of federal government rules requiring some coal fired power plants to shut down.

Facebook’s Spruce Media laying off 20 employees. Spruce Media officials blame new advertising policies at Facebook.

Israel based Teva Pharmaceuticals will lay off employees around the world. They have operations in New Jersey, and already canceled a $300 million project in Pennsylvania.

Michigan based Dow Corning announced 500 layoffs, worldwide.    Most of the cuts will be in upper management: “Dow Corning has added significant professional capability and resources in support of expected and sustained growth in recent years. Since that growth didn’t materialize as expected, it was necessary to re-evaluate those investment decisions given the state of the global economy.”-Robert D. Hansen, president and CEO

Chittenango School District, in New York, say they have to close at least one school to cut costs.

Too big to fail New York bank Morgan Stanley planning 1,600 layoffs!  At least 800 of those layoffs will be in the United States.

Supervalu wants to lay off 117 employees in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. It’s the result of their closing a distribution center by March, which is blamed on huge sales losses.

Old Navy clothing store closing in Springfield, Ohio.

Charlotte Russe clothing store in Springfield, Ohio.

Clark’s Bar & Grill to be turned into new Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) home in Coshocton, Ohio.

The city of Springfield, Illinois, will cut 33 jobs under a proposed budget.

Blockbuster video store in Normal, Illinois.

Sassy Lady clothing store in Peoria Heights, Illinois.  Owners say they want out of the business.

Big Y Foods closing its Newton Street grocery store in South Hadley, Massachusetts.  They blame increasing competition, including competition from other Big Y Foods stores!

The Gloucester Community Arts Charter School, in Massachusetts, unexpectedly closed down. School officials admitted they are broke and can’t even pay the teachers!

Pennsylvania to close two prisons. The Greensburg and Cresson state prisons will be closed six months from now. The prisoners will be moved to a new prison that is actually too small for the estimated 2,400 inmates. Officially it’s part of the governor’s corrections reforms, and the expectation that less people will be sent to prison!

Ace Hardware in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, closed. Landlord says R&H Holdings, owner of the Ace Hardware, failed to pay rent!  Everything was sold off at a bank auction.

Quad Graphics announced Wednesday it is closing its Dubuque, Iowa, printing facility. Work will be moved to other facilities. 215 jobs lost in Dubuque!  Since May 2012 Quad Graphics had already laid off several dozens of people.  Company officials blame internet competition.

Georgia‘s nuclear power plant project, Plant Vogtle, will see a reduction in construction workers.  The contractor, The Shaw Group, said they’re “…making a reduction in force on our Vogtle project, which is necessary to adjust the project staff to better align with our current scope of operation.”

After 70 years in business, Fair’s Shoes in Wichita, Kansas, to close.  Corporate owners say sales weren’t good enough.

The Leopard Lily florist and home decor store in Tuttle, Oklahoma, closed.

After 45 years John’s Best Pizza closing in Westport, Connecticut.  Owner blames the landlord: “I’ve been on a month-to-month lease for about a year but now the landlord wants to increase the rent, and I cannot afford it. Business is slow but I could survive if it stayed at the old rent.”-Dino Avellino

Snack food maker Mondelez Global International closing its San Antonio, Texas, factory. 102 people out-o-work!  They blame new third party management.

Zazios Italian Restaurant closing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Zumba Mexican Grille has closed in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kilwin’s Chocolates has closed in Birmingham, Alabama.

08 January 2013

Payless Shoes HQ in Topeka, Kansas, will lay off 45 people.  Also, they will not fill 97 current vacant positions. New owners of Payless say the job cuts are an effort to keep the company operating.

A New Hampshire Community Action Program will lay off three employees. A trustee appointed to run the program said it was necessary to keep the program financially sound.

The Visiting Nurse Association in Texas will lay off 400 personnel! Company officials say they’ve been losing money at an accelerating pace for the past three years.  Last year they lost $2.46 million, and they blame it on changes to state and federal government funding.  (thank you Obama/Romney Care?)

Macy’s announced they will begin laying off Texans in March.  At least 105 people will lose their jobs in Houston, Texas.

In California, the San Diego Workforce Partnership is cutting eight jobs: “Our economic realities compel us to make challenging and proactive decisions in order to best invest in helping the maximum number of job seekers across our region.”-Alan Kneale, SDWP

Too big to fail bank JP Morgan Chase laid off 300 people in Florence, South Carolina.

EMI music laid off employees.  Some reports say it was only nine people, others say as many as 60, including ten people in Nashville, Tennessee.  It’s the result of new ownership.

Internet news source, Politico, laid off several staff. Despite rumors that more lay offs are in the works, owners say they expect to expand their operations by the end of 2013.

Lockheed Martin closing down Sarasota, Florida, gyrocam factory. 57 people out-o-work.  A military contract expires in March.

A Thirstees Little Bling Shoppe will close in Lakewood, Ohio.

Value City Furniture closing in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Gap and GapKids clothing stores closing in Pennsylvania.

Chelsea boutique in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

A Tangled Skein yarn store in Hyattsville, Maryland.

After almost 40 years in business, a Fred Meyer hypermarket in Spokane, Washington will close.  Fred Meyer officials say the store is one of their most successful, but the landlord jacked up the rent too high to justify continued operations there.

Eddie Bauer in Union Gap, Washington, is closing.

Zephyr Books in Reno, Nevada, is closing in June.  The owners are retiring (lucky).

Professional Transportation (PTI) will end its Bismark, North Dakota, operations. The owner of the building where PTI operated out of said it was “shocking” news.  At least 31 people out-o-work.  Company officials said the dispatch office was “redundant”.

U.S. Postal Service began notifying employees at the Kinston processing plant in North Carolina, that the plant will be shut down. At least 87 employees affected.

New Jersey based videogame maker, Majesco, shut down its Foxborough, Massachusetts operation.

Kimberly-Clark announced it will close its Belmont Mill, in Michigan, by June. 180 people out-o-work!

School District of Ypsilanti, Michigan, will lay off at least four teachers.  The district is dealing with a $2 million deficit.

After 100 years in business, Eads News & Smoke Shop closed in Boulder, Colorado.  Last year the owners put the shop up for sale, there were no takers.

Wayside Theater in Middletown, Virginia, says it will have to close if it can not raise $90,000 in the next 90 days.  Operators say before the economic recession/depression they would get bus loads of customers, not anymore.

The City of New York says they will close 17 schools, and more schools could be added to the closure list.  Since Bloomberg became mayor in 2002, 140 schools have already been closed, but don’t feel too bad for the teachers, most are still collecting their salaries!

Faxton Saint Luke’s Healthcare, in New York, laid off ten employees and will not fill 27 vacant positions. They blame cuts to federal Medicaid and Medicare programs.