2013, there will be Martial Law in the United States! Source: Police

“Things are going down hill very quickly…..they’re [government forces] looking for it [martial law/civil collapse] to happen….they’re training to take us [U.S. citizens] down.”-Lt McCoy, police officer from North Carolina

On 28 December 2012, a Lieutenant McCoy claiming to be with a police department in the state of North Carolina called into a Christian radio show, called Call to Decision, and gave details of how martial law training is taking place in the Old North State/Tar Heel State.

McCoy believes a Martial (military) Law event will take place in the next two to three months, possibly directly related to economic collapse.  He stated that “…they’ll start to move and they’ll start picking out certain people, making confiscations and arrests…..be prepared, defend yourself and your family……from the information I’ve been able to gather, it’s [orchestrated economic collapse/Martial Law] kinda gonna come in altogether at one time, so they can’t blame the government but they can blame us [local police].”

McCoy says the info he’s relaying is not “hearsay” but information he was told directly.    You can hear the December radio program by clicking hear, the interview with McCoy is more than halfway through the show.

Butch Paugh, of the Call to Decision radio show, says he will do a full length interview with McCoy on 02 January 2013, and hopefully reveal more about what is happening in North Carolina, and the rest of the United States.