What Democracy? U.S. Main Stream Media say Idaho picks Mitt Romney, with 0% of polls reporting! More proof you wasted your time voting!

“These are party loyalists. We don’t get into the ‘faithless electors’ scenario.”-Ben Ysursa, Idaho’s Secretary of State, referring to Idaho’s Electors

The evening of 06 November 2012, with some people still voting in Idaho, and 0% of “polls” reporting, the U.S. main stream media confidently “projected” that Mitt Romney won the Gem State!

Could it be because Idaho is one of those states where the electors are made up of the dominant political party, and must vote accordingly?  Why yes!  So all you Idahoans who keep going to the polls, Presidential election after Presidential election, hoping to bring change with your vote, you’re all fools!

Do you know who Idaho’s Electors are?  Travis Hawkes, Republican who raised millions for Mitt Romney. Teresa Luna, Republican appointed to run Idaho’s Department of Administration.  Jason Risch, Republican attorney. Damond Watkins, Republican who gave Mitt Romney at least $1 million!

These Shadow Voters actually vote on 17 December 2012, weeks after the facade of the popular vote is over!

I’m not just targeting Republicans, the main stream media did the same for California and Hawaii, “projecting” that each of those states elected Democrat Obama, even though people are still voting as I write this!  (which was at approximately 21:00 hours Mountain Time, 06 November 2012)