East Idaho Media Misleads on School Levy Issue

March 8, 2011, Chubbuck, Idaho.

Today I voted on our local school district’s supplemental levy.  The ballot clearly states “7,500,000 for 2011-2012 and 7,500,000 for 2012-2013″ school years. Do the math, that’s 15 million over two years.  I watched a local TV news live report, 5 & 6pm, on the voting.  In the 6pm newscast their live reporter clearly said that the levy for my district was “1.5 million”.   That’s one point five million, say what?  It is clearly stated on the ballot that it’s seven and a half million each year over two years, which equals fifteen million, not one point five million.  I checked the local TV station’s website, and even on their web site they have a story from the day before that says my district’s levy is: “Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 Supplemental Levy – $7.5 million per year for two years“.   Either their live reporter is deliberately misleading the audience (as well as the anchors because they did not correct her), or their reporter needs to go back to school and retake math (same for their anchors)!